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Today is what you consider not to be Roxy's day. First, she had to come walking to TNA Impact's shooting zone. No, she wasn't one to complain, but after walking in the rain, for like three miles, she was soaking wet. To make matters worse, TNA had already started. Roxy was sure her best friend Michelle Gonzales, who was already there, would tell her. Roxy was looking forward to the surprise TNA said they had in store for tonight.

She knew she wouldn't trade seeing tonight's show, for the world. After reaching the arena, and insisting that the tickets were real, but just wet, Roxy made it inside. That is where she spotted Michelle, screaming as AJ Styles was beginning to get double-teamed by Kevin Nash and Christian Cage. Using this distraction to her advantage, Roxy decided to sneak up on her friend. She knew seeing Michelle's face would be priceless.

"Hey Michelle", Roxy said, as she patted her friend on the back. Then, she saw as Michelle jumped up in fright.

"Oh Roxy! You scared me. You do realize that that TNA started 55 minutes ago, right? Where were you? I thought you wanted to see it since the beginning. Oh my gosh! Roxy what happened? Are you alright? " Michelle suddenly went from upset to worried when she saw the state Roxy was in. They sat there comfortably for about 5 minutes until Roxy jumped out of her seat, and declared she had to go to the bathroom.

" What! Right now? This is when AJ needs help? What if someone comes and helps him? You will have missed it. Are you sure now is the best time?" Michelle asked.

"Yes, now is as good as ever. Plus, if someone does come and help him, it won't be the end of the world. They will only be doing the right thing. I mean, the man is being hit for no good reason," Roxy said, getting annoyed now.

"Well, unless you have any more reason why I can't go and do my business, I have to go," Roxy said, leaving her friend worried about her sudden rude attitude.

A.J Styless Point of View

I was in pain, no argument there. When Christian and Kevin came to inflict me pain, they reached their goal. I wanted the pain to end soon, although I doubted it would. I was stupid enough to think that if I called Christian out to come to the ring, Kevin Nash would not come. Then, without a warning, their attacks stopped. When, I lift up my head, I saw that a feminine body knocking out Christian and Kevin. Whoever this person was, they were avoiding looking at me for some reason. I let my mind wander as I tried to figure out who that lady was. Most of the fans like the Christian Coalition better the me, so it surprised me when she came to my aid. I still didn't know if she was a friend or foe. She was keeping her back on me, which was starting to bother me, because I wanted to thank my savior for the help she had given me. As if she knew what I was thinking, she grabbed a microphone, and still keeps her back on me.

"I know you are all probably wondering who I am, and why I helped A.J. Styles out, " she said.

I was slowly getting up, but wasn't very successful, because of my body being in pain. I was hesitant though, she might have helped me out, but for all I know, it might have been for her own personal gain. Not many people in this business help someone out, without wanting and expecting anything in return. I was beginning to doubt her because she didn't want to look at me. I know I am no John Cena, but still, I wasn't that ugly.

She suddenly went on talking, interrupting my train of thought.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, I was a man in need of help, and me being the good citizen that I am, decided to do something about it. I have seen A.J. Styles in his high and low points of his career. I saw Karen Angle come, and manipulate him. She did that for her husband. Only because it was convenient for Kurt Angle to have back-up at that time. My problem with that this, is that you didn't see A.J. seem him fight his way here. When he finally has the time to shine, Karen comes and messes that up. The time of that happening, is over. I will make sure no one messes with him again. Why, you ask? Because if you do, you will have to go through me, and over my dead body will anyone like the two scum bags like Kevin Nash and Christian Cage ever do something so atrocious to anyone, ever again. I will make sure of that, believe me. The Christian Coalition has gotten on my nerves anyway, so I saw a chance to stop them, and I did. Oh, and by the way guys, my name is Roxy, " the mysterious girl revealed.

I was beyond bewildered. First, I get attacked by Christian and his cronies, then some random lady called Roxy comes and helps me. For all I know, she can be an obsessed fan. Or to make matters worse. She could be a stalker who had liked me, and was following me. For example, she could be one of those psychos that know everything you can possibly imagine about whoever they like. Even private stuff no one else knows. According to her, her name is Roxy, and she didn't like the fact that I was being double-teamed. I didn't even know her, did I ? Her voice sounded a bit familiar, but I could not figure out from where. Now, if she would turn around, and I could see her now hidden face, maybe I could try to remember if I had ever met her before. She had blonde hair, and was as skinny as a stick. Slowly, as if something bad would happen if she did, Roxy turned around to look at me.

She looked so much like her, but that was not possible, as she wasn't talking to me, and I doubted she would come help me out. I made the decision to leave her, as soon as I had the opportunity to leave for a chance to be in TNA. TNA offered me the chance to come train with them, and I accepted. She didn't blame me though, no, she was very supportive of me. That was in the beginning. According to her, I changed. Little by little, her visits came less and less. Now, we had no absolute contact at all.

Suddenly, without looking at me for more than 3 seconds, Roxy left the ring without a second glance at me. I hadn't even gotten the chance at her properly. Now, I really needed to se her, and thank her. Never, during her whole time talking, did she bother to look at me. It was as if she was afraid of me. Or my reaction to her help .