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Endless Possibilities chapter three

Haley's POV

"…And this is Velvet Sky, but you can call her Jamie. Then, you said you already know Taylor." Christy finished.

"Hey Haley." she smiled at me.

"And that's her friend Angelina Love."

The taller blonde nodded at me.

"This is Traci's Brooks, our Knockout Law." the redhead explained.

"I think everyone else is still all over the place, as the taping isn't finished yet. I'm sure you'll meet the rest of the girls later. How about we go to the guys' locker room now?" Christy suggested.

"What? Uh, no, we don't-- We don't have to go. Like you said,, I'll probably meet everyone else later." I said quietly.

"Are you nervous?" Christy teased.

"No!" I said quickly.

"Because us girls can't afford to be shy. It gives them a sense of superiority, and we can't have that. You'll be dead meat within the first five minutes if you're shy. Now, you're not shy, right?" Christy asked in a manner that told you there was only right answer.

I laughed. "No, I'm not."

"Good." she smiled.

"Now, come on. Let's go before it gets all nasty smelling in there." Christy said, as she led me outside.

"It was nice to meet all of you." I said,

"Likewise." Angelina said kindly.

We walked for only a few seconds before I fell to the floor. I looked up at the person I collided with. Looking down at me, I saw one of my favorite TNA wrestler. The one and only, Christopher Daniels.

"I'm sorry." he apologized.

"It's no problem." I said.

"Oh, I'm sorry for being rude. Here, let me help you." he said as he extended his hand out to me.

I took his hand, and stood up. I brushed my jeans off and smiled. "You know, this might sound weird given the circumstances, but I'm a huge fan of yours." I said sheepishly.

"Really? No, it's not weird. It actually means a lot." he told me. I laughed, and he continued. "Well, it's a pleasure to met such a beautify lady like yourself." the former 'Fallen Angel' complimented.

"Thanks, you aren't too bad yourself." I teased, making him laugh.

Christy cleared her throat. "Christopher Daniels, meet Haley…what did you say your last name was?" she asked me.

"I didn' say, but it's Martinez." I told her.

"Nice last name." Chris complimented.

"Thanks." I said.

"So where are you two headed?" Christopher asked us.

"The guys' locker room." We told him.

"Great, then let's go." he said as he began to make his way there.

At the sight of two Knockouts, the guys in the room fell silent.

"Christ, who's this beautiful woman with you?" Tyson Tomko asked, a flirtatious edge in his voice.

"Not someone you want to get involved with. He's sweet and everything, but that's as far as it goes." Christy warned, while out loud, she said, "This is Haley Martinez, our newest Knockout."

"Ty, leave the poor girl alone. She just got here. I'm sure you'll get another chance to work your charm on her another time. Hey, I'm Jay." the blonde man otherwise known as Captain Charisma, said.

"Nice you meet you. I'm Haley" I smiled at him.

"So I heard." he joked.

"Forget him, he's like that, But, I'm sure you will find that out soon enough. I'm glad we have a new addition to our roster. I'm Alex Shelley." the young man grinned.

"Nice you meet you. I'm a really big fan." I told him.

"Awesome!" he exclaimed.

"Hey! What about me? We are a tag team, you know." his partner, and friend, Chris Sabin teased.

"Yeah, yeah, we know. Anyways, that man you see over there? The one doing squats in the corner, that's Kurt Angle."

I received a stiff nod from him.

"Then, this guys over there are Homicide and Hernandez. The man next to them is Hector Guerrero, their former manager."

I got waves from all three men who were in deep discussion.

"Booker's not here because he's in the Main Even Mafia, and considers himself in a higher position than the rest of us." the redhead explained.

"Don't you dare introduce us to her. We don't associate ourselves with five dollar bar sluts." Robert Roode threatened.

Suddenly, Jay bounced to our side; his face displacing a look of anger.

"Then I suggest you leave them alone." Jay said quietly.

"Jealous much?" Robert smirked.

"Of what? You? I don't think so. You and Storm are nothing but drunks who take up space and time here,"

Within a few seconds, James Storm and Jay were exchanging punches.

"Guys, stop it!" Christy pleaded, but to no avail.

Several people had to intervene, until Rhino and Samoa Joe managed to pull the two apart.

"Enough. I don't care if you two like each other or not. Where it's for jealousy or any other reason, it doesn't matter. But, you idiots should know better than to fight in here. You want to fight? Then talk to Jeff or Jim, get a match, and settle your score there, not in front of us, and especially in front of the ladies." Rhino growled.

Jay grunted as James Storm stormed out the room.

"Uh, all right guys, Haley net ya'll, so we'll ve going now." Christy said awkwardly.

"I hope you don't think of us too badly after what you saw. Not all of us are ill-tempered." Samoa smirked, making Jay scowl.

"I won't. I know what it's like to work with people who get you mad." I said.

"So how long have you been wrestling for?" he asked.

"Since I was 16. I had been doing kickboxing and mixed martial arts since I was six. I've watched wrestling since I was 10. At 16, I found this promotion called NYX, and they allowed me to train with them. Of course, everyone there was older, but they were kind enough to take me under their wing. Since then, I've wrestler again people like Alison Danger, Joy Giovanni, Ivory, Jazz, Raisha Saeed, and MsChif. I've worked for ROH, New Japan, and AWA to name some. I've been offered a contract but the WWE after Dusty Rhodes saw me wrestle, but I turned them down."

Bubba, Devon, Tomko, Jay, Kip, and Kurt, who had all worked in the WWE at one point or another, knew the great lengths they'd go to acquire a new superstar, especially someone as achieved as Haley. So, they were surprised with the young woman was telling them.

"How come?" Bubba asked.

"I don't like them. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of talented folks there, but all they're considered as right now, are rookies, or potential to become veterans in a few years, even if they've been there for a long time. Their company is still considering their shriveled up oldie their main player. Then there's the girls. Some are great. But WWE is hiring more models than they ate wit actual women who can fight. And I can't be in a place that will parade me around like I'm some kind of toy. I am not, and never will be Torrie Wilson." I explained.

Tomko smirked. "Impressive speech. But, I do have a question."

"I'm sure he does." Christy said loudly, making Tomko beet red.

"Shut up, Hemme." Tomko muttered.

Christy stuck out her tongue at him, making me laugh. "What is it?" I asked him.

"Who were you talking about when you said shriveled up old man?" he asked.

"My dear friend, Stephanie McMahon's dear husband." I responded.

"What did he ever do to you?"

"Since when did you become his defender?" Jay asked.

"Never you mind." I replied.

Tomko raised an eyebrow. "Oh?"

I sighed." Just forget it."

Too quietly so that I couldn't hear, he began mumbling to Jay.

"All right guys, I think we'll be going now. We don't want Haley think you're all deranged psychos who don't let her leave, do we?" Lance Rock teased, making Christy's grin fade.

"Again, it's nice to meet all of you." I said quietly.

"And, it's a pleasure to meet you, beautiful." Tomko went, and kissed my hand. At this, the guys began to howl with laughter.

But, as I made my way to the door, it was opened. Revealing none other than AJ Styles.