So I was re-reading the last book of Darren Shan Saga Cirque Du Freak for like…the 5th time. I got on page 176 I think and read the part where Evanna said something about the dragons. Well, basically, she had said she always wanted to ride on one. Well…I wondered why she would; I wondered if she meant two meanings to that, ya know? Here's my take of it.

Disclaimer: If I owned anything, I'd keep Crepsley alive!

When I looked back at Evanna, I saw that she was still staring up at the sky. "I wish I could have gone for a flight," she said, sounding curiously sad.

"On the dragon?" I asked.

"Yes. It has always been a wish of mine to fly on a dragon."

Why had Evanna said such a thing? It was so rare to hear such emotion in her voice, such sorrow and longing. It was normal for a woman, yes, but others had always thought of her as…something a little less than a woman; an Amazon woman, if you will.

One night long ago, she slept. It was just as rare for her to sleep so peacefully and deep. It was very…uncommon in a sense for her to dream! Earlier that night she had scratched Larten Crepsley's face. The poor naïve vampire had gotten a little drunk and obviously felt lust towards her since she was in her pretty form. When he tried to kiss her, she left a reminder on his face not to force a woman to do anything.

Tired from such a night, she fell into a deep slumber. In her dreams, she was flying on a dragon. She hadn't been in the realm that her father, Mr. Desmond Tiny AKA Des Tiny, had 'made'. She had never been there but she had read a lot about dragons, seen plenty of pictures, and even glimpsed at the future of the Dragon Age.

She could almost feel the chilly wind rush through her hair as she held up her arms, laughing. A huge smile was on her face as she rode fast and dangerously. The sun was shining brightly but it did not give off too much heat, thanks to the wind. For once in quite some time, she felt true happiness…

Then the sky darkened in her dreams. Mr. Tiny's scary face appeared in it and ate the sun. His laugh was cruel, scaring the dragon away. She fell off and fell…fell…fell…until she slammed into the ground.

A soft gasp left her lips as she shot up.

It took a week or so to realize what that dream meant. She grimaced every time she thought of dragons or dreams. This was why she rarely slept at times, why her sleep (when she did rest) was troubled.

She longed to ride on a dragon…and be free. To fly around like a bird without a cage, oh how she wished to do so one day! The cage was her blood, her gift, her curse, her…life. If she could rid herself of seeing the future, she could talk freely and befriend others. If she wasn't related to Mr. Tiny, she wouldn't have that future seeing power. She wouldn't be controlled like she was now by the rules of the Universe and her Father.

She would be free…like in her dreams, riding that dragon.