The Adventures of Crash and Clix

The Adventures of Crash and Clix

Dont own Crash Bandicoot. This is my first story so be gentle

Bam Bam Bam

BRing BRing


Lights and alarms screamed as a figure ran down the hall away from the robots chasing it. Many more robots and androids chased it as a voice screamed, "Don't let it get away! I won't let another bandicoot escape!"

The pursuers answered by firing lasers at the figure

"Whoa, yikes, hey watch-"

The figure slid to a stop nearly falling off the ledge, "it" the figure said sheepishly while turning around to see the robots had surrounded it. The figure gulped as lights shined on it, reveling the figure to be a dark brown female bandicoot. She had red hair put into a braid that went to her waist. On the braid was a metal ring, which she used as a weapon. A single ear was pierced with a small dangling chain. She was wearing a black tank top, black jeans, black shoes, and a white scarf that hung down her back to her thighs. The she-bandicoot crossed her arms as the bots and droids parted as a figure stepped into the light clapping.

"I applaud you for making it this far" chuckled the devious Dr. Neo Cortex

"Please! A blind rat could make it this far!" the bandicoot retorted. "Your bots can't aim for crap"

Cortex rubbed his head in annoyance "Why is it that every bandicoot I evolve ends up disobeying me"

"Don't know. Maybe we're to smart for you, but then again a wumpa fruit is smarter than you" she laughed

Cortex was fuming "that's it! BLAST HER! KILL HER! INCINERATE HER! I don't need her." Cortex yelled as he left the crowd to watch the demise of she-bandicoot

"Heh easy fellows" she said as she nervously backed away from the attackers and nearly falling of the ledge again "No need to destroy a fellow experiment."

"Our orders are to destroy the bandicoot," said the robot in a mono-tone voice

"Well" the bandicoot sighed, " it was nice knowing you" the bandicoot jumped of the ledge

"She JUMPED!" cortex asked surprised. Just then three of the robots blew up and the reason for its destruction son rose up.


"Not today cortex" said the bandicoot as she fired off a few more shots of her wumpa pistols and began to fly away "I'm outta here"

"Too ea-AHHH" she screamed at the immense burning pain of the acid that was thrown at her by one of the lab androids. The she-bandicoot tried to endure it but it was too much for her. She lost her balance as she passed out and fell into the waters below

Cortex watched as the bandicoot fell into the water "Checkmate" he breathed before departing to do more experiments

Well thats it hope you like it reveiw