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The Eye of Zeus

Dinner at the Potter house was a strangely quiet affair that September, Lily Luna had wasted no time in barricading herself in her room after their return. Ginny Potter reminded her husband of nearly twenty years how she had herself done the same when the last of her brother's had gone to Hogwarts for the first time. After dinner, Harry waited in the living room of their home as the full moon was reflected off the bay for a promised patronus message from Neville telling him and Ginny about their middle child's sorting, although Harry was quite sure Albus would not wind up in Slytherin neither was he sure that Gryffindor would be the house chosen for Al; perhaps Ravenclaw. He was quite sure that in spite of Ron's threat of disinheritance his niece would be in that house.

At the same time that Harry was looking north out of his living room, Neville was standing at the southern boundary of the Potter home's wards, he was a bit worried about the message he had to deliver to Harry and Ginny that evening. It wasn't that he had bad news really, but on the other hand the events of that evening's sorting were rather bizarre even for the wizarding world. There was no doubt in his mind that Harry would be proud of his son and niece being sorted into Ravenclaw, the fact that the Malfoy's son had also been sorted there shouldn't worry him very much.

No, the thing that worried Neville was how Harry would react to the news that during the first war against Voldemort his teenaged parents and three friends had cheated death the first time that they defied the Dark Lord. It might not have been as spectacular a defiance as what Harry had accomplished many times by their age, but they did prevent Voldemort from stealing the Eye of Zeus. Indeed the tale as told by Dumbledore's portrait was rather tame considering the effect it had on the sorting ceremony forty years later. Then again, five people appearing at the back of the Great Hall, naked as jaybirds, and collapsing unconscious was not something that happened every year. Neville knew that the young Remus Lupin had been a werewolf, and to see him under a full moon in a room crowded with the children of Hogwarts between the professors and the young werewolf was something that frightened him far more than the time he had attempted to duel Voldemort. It was with some obvious reluctance that Neville crossed the wards and prepared to talk with the Potters.

The wards on the Potter home were a well maintained relic of the aftereffects of the second Voldemort war. Those who were welcomed by the owners of the home were able to cross freely, crossing the threshold of the wards also alerted those inside that they had a visitor. Members of the media, known as paparatzi in the muggle world, did not dare cross the threshold unless by specific invitation. Needless to say that didn't stop the more intrepid photographers and reporters from camping out for weeks at a time when noteworthy events overtook the Potters. The first (unauthorized) photo of James Sirius Potter enabled one photographer to buy his first house, and sparked a minor scandal as his new house became the testing ground for one of George Weasley's newest products; wailing-baby-in-the-closet. Harry had to resist the urge to plant one of them in his Aunt's home.

After being welcomed by Ginny and offered tea, Neville spent the first five minutes assuring the couple that their children were fine. It was when he began to ask Harry if he remembered how his parents first defied Voldemort that Harry reacted.

'Yes, they destroyed an ancient artifact that had been stored at Hogwarts for a while. Wasn't it supposed to clone people and send their copy to a point in time after their original had died? You're not going to tell me that it actually worked, are you?'

'Exactly, it was said to have been used by ancient Greek wizards to extend their lives. Supposedly first discovered by a wizard named Cronus about four thousand years ago, the stories gave rise to the mythical gods the ancients worshipped. It was used by one wizard or witch at a time and it did give them a form of immortality, not real immortality, but to the muggles they did seem to live a very long time. But the last time magic was used on it your parents, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew cast a reductio on it and it was destroyed. Dumbledore did wonder if they might have a magical clone waiting to show up after they had died, but after two years he decided that it wasn't going to happen.'

'My parents are alive?' Asked Harry incredulously, interrupting Neville's explanation of the Eye of Zeus.

'No, not at all, your parents and their friends are still dead, they're neither inferi, nor resurrected. They're not your parents, they didn't give birth to you, didn't change your diapers, didn't deal with your first feedings and teeth. They're the clones of the people who became your parents.' Neville stressed. 'They're teenagers, 15-16 years old and in their sixth year. Right now they're unconscious and have no idea of what's happened to them. They're going to wake up tomorrow thinking that it's the first of November '76, it'll be quite the shock for them to learn it's September 2, 2017. This really shouldn't have been able to happen, they destroyed the Eye of Zeus. It shouldn't have been able to clone all of them at once and send them into the future. For centuries it's been known that the Eye was able to work with cloning people and sending those clones to a point of time at most a year after the person had died. The Eye is still gone, but it's last act has been to send five people to a point forty years into their future.'

Harry sat back looked up at the ceiling and wondered how his family was going to deal with this development, if it really was true that they were not his parents, as he began to think of asking about Pettigrew, Ginny asked the question he should have first thought of.

'Lupin's a werewolf, how can the kids be alright if a transformed werewolf appeared in the Great Hall?'

'Not one anymore' Neville replied, 'not one of them have any scars, bites, or a scratch on them. According to Dumbledore's portrait they did get hit with a few nasty hexes as they ran from Voldemort but the kids in the hospital wing are just unconscious, not injured at all. Nurse Perks says they should wake up sometime tomorrow morning, she'd like you to be there when they wake up Harry.'

'What do you think, Ginny? How on earth are we going to deal with this?'

'One step at a time, Harry, just like it's always been. You go meet them, tell them what's happened, probably you'll want to give them calming draughts before you tell them how they died. I'll send Kritter along to get them the school supplies they'll need, you wouldn't believe the records Madam Malkin's keep. Of course you'll have to take them to get wands, I doubt Ollivander will sell Pettigrew a wand, it would be easier to go to Hogsmead for them; didn't Ollerton open a wand shop there last year? They'll stay at school until Christmas, which gives us time to decide on who they'll stay with. Neville, what about their other relatives? Andy, Teddy and dear Anti-Petunia? Were you volunteered to tell them what happened tonight?'

'Yes,' Neville laughed lightly, 'I've already contacted Minerva, she wants to meet with them tomorrow about their animagus forms and to make sure that what has happened hasn't altered what their form is. I'll be off to talk to Mrs Tonks after I leave here, Pettigrew has no living relatives. I highly doubt they'd want to deal with the boy given the legacy of the original if he did have any. Should I go to Malfoy Manor and inform the ghost that he's been cloned?'

'Can't, Lucius walled up the dungeon. No one's been down there for nearly twenty years. Wormtail's ghost was a bit upset at his fate, learned the hard way that being forced to pay a life debt is the last thing you want to have happen to you. I've been told that the sounds he made were like listening to a cat being crucio'd. I suppose I could stop off there and get them to have one of their house elves check on it before going to Hogwarts. I'll have to go there to make sure that the spectre of Peter hasn't merged with his younger self anyhow, that would be a bad thing.'

'Harry, you're also going to have to take Pettigrew into custody.' Ginny stated 'If Lily and the others don't kill him there's still a few people around who'd like to kill him themselves, they won't care that he's a boy, they'll only see the man who resurrected Voldemort and helped you escape the Malfoy's. This is going to be a hell of a mess.'

'That's a bit of an understatement, Ginny. McGonagall did mention that they'd have loved the effect that their reappearance had on the students at the welcoming feast. Took us an hour to calm them down, but I don't think the kids who are now in the hospital wing are going to like hearing that they appeared in the Great Hall without a stich of clothing. Mind you, the Headmistress isn't going to allow you to take Pettigrew to jail unless you can prove that he's a threat to anyone.'

'Hang on a sec, Neville, I should have asked this first thing. How do you know that they're Lily Evans and the Marauders? Could this be a prank cooked up by James and his friends?'

'Marauder's map. Young James was right ticked off that I knew about it. Even more upset at my taking it from him than he was when you refused to get him to Hogwarts due to his late arrival.' Neville grinned, remembering the fuss that James Sirius Potter made about it being totally unfair that because he was born on the second of September he had to wait 364 days before he could go to Hogwarts. 'Have a look for yourself, they're in the hospital wing.' Neville handed the map over to the Potters. 'As a Professor I should ask you to secure the map so that young James doesn't get his hands on it again, but somehow I doubt that you'll keep it from him unless you burn it.'

'All part of the plan Neville' Said Ginny 'we don't want the children to follow in our footsteps, much better for them to prank, play Quidditch, perhaps learn to become animagi, than to hunt down a Dark Lord; chase after escaped convicts; or fight basilisks, dementors or dragons.'

Neville laughed lightly, 'It's working then, at least with young James, he's less malicious than the original marauders were, anyhow...'

The conversation broke off as an eagle patronus entered the room 'James Potter and Lily Evans are waking up, they're asking where Madam Pomphrey is and if they could talk to Dumbledore. Oh, and James has just noticed the full moon, he's looking from it to Remus and back with the most incredulous expression. Now, would be a very good time for Auror Potter to get his arse over here.'

'I thought you said they'd all sleep til morning?' Asked Harry

'Must have something to do with the order in which their original's died.' Replied Neville

Giving Ginny a quick kiss goodbye, Harry and Neville left the house to apparate to the gates of Hogwarts. Harry, somewhat reluctantly, sent his own patronus to the on-duty auror's to arrange for the protection of Peter Pettigrew.


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