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Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his family decided to spend their summer at the rainiest place they could find – Forks. Then one day Dr. Cullen got introduced to the new nurse. Much to his surprise they met before. "Hello Dr. Cullen. I'm Isabella Swan."

Carlisle's POV.

Set in the start of Summer of 2008. It's been two weeks since they arrived in Forks.

"Hello Dr. Cullen. I'm Isabella Swan."

The one standing before me was supposedly the new nurse I was supposed to be handling. Her scent was similar and oddly familiar, I might add. I know this person, well, if she was a person. Standing before me was a young nurse, the same physical age as one of my sons, her dark brown hair tied up in a tight bun, wearing a white nurse's outfit complete with the white stockings and white shoes that almost rivaled the whiteness of her pale skin. But what were startling were the eyes that stared at me with curiosity and knowledge. They were gold.

I blinked, slightly taken aback. There's no doubt about it. She's one of us. And by one of us I mean – "I am what you think I am doctor." She said in the same tinkling voice like bells. I blinked again. She's a vampire and she looks oddly familiar. She blinked and I saw a smile playing at the corner of her lips and I mentally slapped myself at my uncharacteristic rudeness. I chuckled and took her extended hand. "Pleasure to meet you Nurse Swan." She laughed. "It's good to see you again Dr. Cullen though I am slightly disappointed that you don't remember me."