"AAAAH!" James roared angrily.

"Aaaah!" I roared cowardly.

James leaped at me, knocking me down from Lily's arms. I punched at him, and quickly yelled out "Stupefy!" Waving my wand. "Whew!" I said, quickly standing up and running over to Lily and Albus, who had been standing there, watching us.

"Well, that was entertaining." Albus finally said.

"Thanks?" I replied curiously.

We began to walk to DADA again, when Lily screamed, "Look out!"

I yelled when James tackled me angrily, and I kicked him, and he yelped in pain. He punched me in the gut, and I winced. We both kicked each other in "The Place" and had to take a bit of a break to catch our breaths, then resuming back to our little fight.

"OI! STOP IT YOU IDIOTS!" Rose, who had just ran in with Hugo, and Lily finally screamed out.

"Shut up you two, and let me concentrate on beating up this little ass!" James screamed out, and I roared in anger.

"We know how to stop you..." Lily and Rose sang out.

"Oh yeah? Well, how?" James challenged.

"We're calling your mother!" The two yelled out.

"No!" James and I both yelled. Trust me, no one would want to suffer the wrath of Ginny Weasley-Potter.

I leapt off James and stood up, as close to Lily as I could get without angering the boy. He fights like a Blast-Ended Skrewt!

"Well...You fight pretty well..." James began to mutter.

"Not to mention you..." I started.

"Eh, heck, might as well have you date my little sister than those other dumb-asses." He laughed. "At least I know I can beat you up."

"Shut up!" I laughed too, and we truced.

"I think we ought to give these two their privacy." Hugo and Albus began to sing, and I punched their shoulders lightly as them, James, and Rose all left.

"Now, where were we?" I asked Lily, throwing her hair out from her shoulders so I could snake my hands around her neck.

"Trying to get to DADA?" Lily reminded.

"Who cares?" I laughed, and kissed her, looking into her eyes. EVer noticed them?

They're the most angellic shade of green.