A/N: Okay, I'm still Bawling like a baby but not because of the ending, not because they sent Dean to hell. I'm bawling because of Bobby and something he said. I absolutely can't get it out of my head and this is the result. This is ten minutes of furious writing and a lot of loving Bobby tonight. Spoilers for No Rest For The Wicked if you read deep. Very short. Hope you like. This is From Bobby's POV, his voice.

Family Don't End With Blood

I first saw those boys they heart broken and clingin' to their Daddy. I wanted to stake John Winchester to an ant hill and pour honey on the jackass. Four year old Dean didn't say a word to me the three days I had him and Sammy in my care. Their idjit of a daddy had gotten himself in over his head, thinkin' he could take a toddler and an infant on the hunt for the sonofabitch that took their mama. Dean's green eyes were for tiny Sam alone as he sat on my ratty couch in my dusty livin' room with the boy in his arms. His words were soft so Dean, that they were meant for his Sammy alone.

The second time I saw those boys Dean had two year old Sammy on his shoulders, piggybacking across my front yard. Sammy cried "Hey Uncle Bobby, I just won the race!" as his big brother pretended he was the most powerful Thoroughbred in the whole damn Kentucky Derby. Dean's green eyes were bright, his smile for Sam was perfect even at six. John told me he was goin' after a demon for the first time. Dean stopped the race with Sam still on his shoulders just a couple feet in front of us. His smile died and he didn't say a word to me for the two week stay. John came back four days in so ripped to hell I thought about adoptin' those boys.

The third time I saw 'em, Dean was drivin' the Impala. He was grinnin' from ear to ear. He was twelve and John let 'im pull her into my driveway and park in front of the house. "Hey Uncle Bobby, I drove!" He said to me, that perfect smile lightin' up his green eyes. John said he had a line on a Wendigo and Dean's smile faded. He spent the next week doin nothin' but cheerin' Sam up after he'd had to drop out of a play for the hunt.

I saw the boys next, they were alone. They came back to me, broke, their daddy gone. Dean didn't say a word to me. He spent weeks puttin' that car of his back together, puttin' his life back with her. His words were for Sam, but they weren't quiet, and they didn't soothe the boy. The only light in his eyes was pain as he gripped that crowbar.

I saw 'em together again, Sam was in Dean's arms in the mud. Dean's quiet words were for Sam alone. The light faded from Dean's eyes same time it did Sam's.

The next time I saw 'em together Dean's words weren't quiet. They were there to soothe though. Dean wasn't lettin us go through the never endin' circle again. He wasn't lettin' us go down that road. We're goin' down that road, 'cause family don't end with blood. Dean didn't say a word.

The last time I saw 'em together Sam was holdin' Dean in his arms. His quiet words were for Dean alone. Sam didn't say a word to me. I helped him carry Dean to the car 'cause family don't end with blood.

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