The Phoenix Ancients

Prologue – The End…or is it?

Dark clouds covered the night sky, effectively blocking out the stars and the moon from view. The only source of light to be found was from the wands and lanterns of an approaching group from the forest. The castle, glowing in its own unearthly light, stood prominently on the lawn that was surrounded by the same forest which a group of one hundred emerged from. Silently, but not at all tactful, a smaller group approached the castle, weapons and wands drawn, prepared for a battle that was likely to ensue. And it did. The guards spotted the group approaching and sent off an alarm before falling to the opposing.


Somewhere deep in the castle a calm man sat on a throne that shone beautifully in the flickering light of candles. Besides him being calm in a situation that clearly called for chaos, there was nothing peculiar about him…at least on the outside. Edgar Meztli was an average man, of average height, of average weight, and of average powers. Unless of course you weren't an average person, then you would have noticed the carefully placed glamours and carefully placed masking charms placed on his person. Edgar was definitely a man that took great pleasure in causing his opponent to underestimate him. But tonight, he feared the loss of his life, for he knew about the battle that was to take place. Knowing about it did nothing to ease his worries. For he had Seen the outcome of the battle, and for that reason he had dropped the glamours and power masking charms on himself.

Now, standing in place of the average man, was a tall man, approximately two meters, with pale skin with just a touch of tan, but the most peculiar part of this man were the markings on his skin. Starting at the center of his forehead a rune that symbolized his family name, which looked like a crescent moon with a sun connected at the top point, stood proudly in a bright cobalt blue and a white out line that seemed to sparkle with power. Off of the Rune, lines twisted and twirled, making an intricate design around his eyes to form a sort of mask, most of the lines stopping an inch below his eyes. From points of the 'mask' the lines continued in a slight, elegant pattern that traveled its way down his neck, disappearing under his collar. But if one were to follow the tattoos, they would find that they continued their path in an intricate design across his shoulders, where another line sprouted off of the previous line. The two twisted on the outside of his shoulder before one went to his chest and the other to his back. Lines from his shoulder traveled down his arms, on to his forearms lines formed an intricate pattern, which, if his arms were put together, would form a phoenix in flight. On his right palm a sun Rune glowed with inner light and on his left a crescent moon Rune glowed equally as bright. The lines on his back formed a sort of tribal tattoo across his upper back before doing a criss-cross pattern down his spin, then stopped and formed another small tribal tattoo with a primal looking dragon in the center. On either side of the tribal design, a line branched out and met with the line from the front of his body.

The line on the front of his body curved and met at the hollow of his neck, shaping into a diamond before twisting and turning in more intricate, elegant designs across his chest and down his stomach. The lines from the front met with the lines from the back and started a twisting and turning pattern down his legs and ending on his feet.

The man that seemed to exude power stretched, trying to get used to his body once again before running a hand through his shaggy hair. Blue eyes, that seemed to match the same markings on his skin, stared unseeing into the darkness of his room. It was time.

"Arthur, bring me the things we discussed last night." He spoke softly, but the command in his voice was loud. Arthur, who had been sitting by Edgar's side with his master's familiar curled in his lap, stood and went in search of the items in question. Minutes later the boy returned with a small box wrapped in expensive cloth. Kneeling with his head bowed, he offered the box to Edgar. "Thank you my son. You may leave and prepare to defend the castle." The man bowed his head before continuing. "If you can…release Mandara, so she can escape unharmed." Arthur nodded and picked up Mandara, a breed of magical tiger cub, and exited the room.

Edgar looked down at the cloth covered box and sighed. This was his end but it was the beginning of something better, that he was sure. One name made him smile a grim smile, but none-the-less he proceeded to unwrap the box. Opening the box, he pulled out a single dagger encrusted in sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, a ring band that was fashioned in likeness to the dagger, and a necklace that had a piece of black leather as the cord and the family Rune, the crescent moon being made of sapphire and dark silver and the sun's center made of ruby and dark silver with the dark silver points holding tiny emeralds. Walking to the other side of the room, Edgar drew the dagger across his palm then let the blood flow into a basin made of sapphire.

From my blood

To your blood

Next, Edgar picked up the ring and placed it on his cut hand.

From my heart

To your hear

My memories

Are your memories

For a second the ring glowed blue then returned to its normal state. Setting the ring down back in the box, Edgar finally picked up the necklace. Putting the necklace into the basin, Edgar then pushed the sleeves of his robes up and put his arms together forming the phoenix.

My soul

To your soul

After speaking a few more words, a bright blue glow engulfed Edgar and the basin, in turn filling the entire room in blue light. Once the light cleared, Edgar was gone, the blood in the basin vanished, and the necklace returned to the box with the ring and dagger, which promptly disappeared leaving the room as if nothing of an odd ceremony had just happened.

An hour after the ceremony had been preformed, the castle and inhabitants were defeated by the masked assailants. Having been unprepared and outnumbered, the battle was over soon, but it had not gone on without a fight.


Sorry the prologue's short, although most I've ever read are short, but I needed to get that little bit of information in…and it certainly wouldn't have fit in any chapter…unless I truly made it dream like…bah!

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