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Summary: Set after Chibi Zarame gets his powers back. A new student joins the academy, and Shito doesn't like him. Not only that, but Michiru seems to be the only one able to understand him. Can the Zombie hunters figure out who he is before it's too late? Why is he here, and whom does he want? R&R

Death Offer






It was a normal day, by Zombie standards anyway, and the sun was shining brightly with birds flying around happily. The weather was perfect for Zombie hunting that night and Chika could hardly wait for his day at school to wiz by so he could earn some cash. He and Shito were both walking to class that morning, Shito being in one of his usual pissy moods while Chika mastered his I'm-too-cool-for-school look as he walked down the hall.

"Mou Shito-kun, there hasn't been any illegal Zombie's up until today! We should be hunting out there instead of being stuck in here." Chika complained to his partner.

Shito eyed him then set his eyes ahead, "Keep quiet baka, we don't need anyone over hearing you.. Besides, education is important and Kita-san can't afford being pulled out of class by us all the time. She needs to concentrate on her studies during the day so we can hunt at night." He muttered.

"Cheh.." Chika grumbled, finally arriving at their first class. As usual they were just on time, and as usual, Michiru was sitting in her seat waiting for everyone else to do the same.

Once the class was in order the teacher had spoken up, motioning for someone to enter the classroom.

Chika leaned to the side of his desk to Shito, "I bet we have a speaker person.. Which means no lesson for today.." He whispered.

Shito sighed, "I highly doubt that." He whispered back to his overly enthusiastic partner.

The boy was right, there was no speaker. It was merely a new student that had just transferred into their school. Both Chika and Shito had rolled their eyes as they heard the entire female population of their class safe for Michiru of course sigh dreamily.

"Class, this is Shin Gaminishi." The teacher introduced, "He is a student that comes to us from a different country and has not quite master our language yet. Please be sure to make his stay one he'll remember."

Said boy stared out wearily to the class, his dark violet eyes scanning the crowd until it locked gazes with surprised olive green orbs. He bowed elegantly and rose, nodding to the teacher. He was appointed a seat near the back of the classroom, which he didn't mind, and walked to it.

Chika glared at the male, studying him carefully. He had dark red hair that was slightly messy and covered his right eye, which were violet, a school shoulder bag, and the same uniform as him. 'Wearing just his cotton shirt and his black pants.. Collar slightly open.. He's got style.. I don't like him.' Chika thought. "Oi, that guy creeps me out. He just has a stone look on his face, no smile… Kinda like you." He whispered to Shito, earning him a glare.

Shito growled and glanced back at the new boy who was now seated. 'I have a strange feeling concerning this student.. Something doesn't seem right about him.' He shot a glance at Michiru since she was apparently the only girl not phased by the new kid. 'We better keep watch.'


Lunchtime had rolled over rather quickly, and Chika was craving some good ol' cafeteria food. Meaning, Shito was dragged with him through the room until he got what he wanted. Chika was practically drooling after he paid for his food, not caring if it was over priced. He was also not paying good attention to where he was going and had bumped into someone while on his way to the eating room.

"Oi, watch where ya going!" Chika complained.

Violet eyes glared at him menacingly before turning away. Shin snorted and walked away towards the lunchroom, taking a seat at an empty table.

Chika growled, "Mou, that dude has attitude problems.. Man Shito-kun he's like your twin…"

Shito shot him a glare that mirrored Shin's, "Shut up, baka." He too walked away.

Chika just growled, "Oi! Wait up!"

The two had arrived at the eating room, both taken back when they found Shin's table to be full of people. They had walked up to the lonely Michiru, sitting down on either side of her.

"Looks like he's making friends pretty fast." Chika muttered.

"Y-yes, unfortunately, no one can understand him." Michiru said sheepishly.

Shito merely watched silently, looking over the boy in interest. His appearance seemed familiar in a way, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Are you alright Shito-kun?" Michiru asked, "Y-you're not sick, are you?"

Shito glanced at her, "Zombie's don't get sick."

"R-right! I knew that.." Michiru blushed, risking a glance over at Chika. "H-hey are we going to go out tonight? There is a new illegal Zombie, right?"

That spiked Chika's interest, "Hell ya! And I bet the pay will be juicy once we catch him! I can hardly wait! Money, money, and more money!" He chuckled before inhaling his food.

Michiru sweat dropped and turned away, her eyes locking with the dark violet ones from her first class. She yipped and jumped a bit, "A-ah! Gaminishi-san! I-I didn't see you there!" She said nervously.

Shin surprisingly smirked and shook his head, and stepped away from her with his hands in his pockets. "I just left my table to go to the washroom. However I don't know where it is. Could you point the way? I'm afraid the others can't understand what I'm asking.." He said casually.

Shito and Chika exchanged glances quickly, and then stared at the sitting Michiru and the standing Shin.

"O-oh! Th-the washroom's are just down the hall from here! Th-they're quite easy to locate once you ge-get used to the school and all, Gaminishi-san!" She blurted nervously.

Shin's smirk turned into a grin, "Do I make you nervous, Michiru-chan?" He asked.

"N-no! I mean yes—but that's because I'm not familiar with you—as in we're not—but we could be—!"

"Friends? Call me Shin, Michiru-chan.. I'll see you later.." He walked past her and exited the room.

Michiru's face was flaming red in embarrassment and she sighed heavily, "I can be so stupid sometimes.."

"Oi.." Chika spoke, snatching Michiru's attention, "How were you talking with him?"

Michiru blinked, "What? What do you mean?"

"What he means is, how can you understand him?" Shito interjected.

"Understand him? He was talking normally. Come to think of it, how could you guys not understand him. It was perfect Japanese…" Michiru explained.

"Quit playing stupid, Gopher. He was talking in gibberish. We could hardly get a word outta him." Chika replied. "So you happen to understand gibberish?"

"I'm telling you he was speaking Japanese.." Michiru replied, "H-he must have been!"

Shito frowned, 'As I suspected.. Something isn't quite right about him. A Zombie perhaps?' He thought.


It was late at night, the gang had finally set out for hunting. Michiru had set her glasses on her head and Shito had provided her with a strip of blueberry gum as they searched the city for any black rings. So far, only minor Zombie's were showing up and they were getting tired.

"I'm sorry! If only I could be of more use—" Michiru started.

"You can't help it.. But the night wasn't wasted. We did fit in a few guidance's.." Shito cut her off. "You shouldn't worry so much, the world isn't against you Kita-san."

Chika nodded in agreement, "Yeah! Just relax Gopher, Shito's right—"

"A-a black ring!" Michiru gasped, pointing ahead.

There was a figure walking steadily through a crowd of people, crossing the street, and then turning into an alley.

"Juicy pay check… Here I come!" Chika howled before pursuing the person.

Shito growled and ran after Chika, followed by Michiru. They had followed the person right to an abandoned warehouse. And Chika being the rash person he was, had bursted into the place as if he owned it. They weren't expecting it, but it was an ambush. Several low class zombie's had appeared out of nowhere and surprised them mildly before the boys had exchanged hands and began they're jobs.

Michiru had meanwhile backed away until she was flushed against a wall and waited. 'Th-there's just so ma-many of them! Was this a trap?'

"Kill them! Make sure these fools die or I will punish the lot of you!" Announced the ring bearer that stood on the second floor balcony of the warehouse.

Shito shot another zombie and turned to the figure above, aiming his pistol. He was then tackled to the ground by another undead figure. "Get off of me you trash!"

Chika blinked and turned, slicing the Zombie on Shito before slicing another that was coming up behind him. "Damn! These stupid things won't stop coming!! Just how many humans did this guy kill!?"

Michiru's eyes softened, 'So many were killed to be the soldiers.. How cruel…' She glanced up at the controller of the undead. 'I wish I could do something, b-but I'm no warrior.' She thought, too much in a daze to notice the Zombie closing in on her.


"Gopher you baka!"

Michiru blinked, and turned, letting out a terrified scream. "Z-Zombie--!"

"Watch out Michiru-chan!" Shouted a different voice, but everything went black before she could see her saviour.

"The hell?"

"What is he doing here?"


Michiru's eyes opened tiredly, then she sat up suddenly. 'Zombie! I need to—to—where am I?' She glanced around, 'Bekko-san's office?'

"Chiru Chiru! You're awake!" Yuuta chirped, holding a tray of tea and placing a glass down, "I'll tell the others!" The energetic Zombie bounded out of the room.

Michiru sighed, "I can't believe it.. I must have passed out.." She grabbed her glasses on the coffee table and rested them on the bridge of her nose.

"Baka! That was no time to be scared! If you were that freaked out you should have left after we found the Zombie!" Shouted an angry Chika who had bursted into the room.

Shito grumbled, "Stop shouting Akatsuki, your irritating voice is giving me a headache.."

Chika pouted, "I can be as loud as I want Shito!"

Michiru laughed nervously as they bickered. "I-I'm sorry for causing so much trouble! I'm sorry!"

"Ngh? I don't think is was much trouble, Michiru-chan. You were merely frightened.." Spoke a deep voice.

Michiru squeaked and turned sharply, noting the new arrival. "Sh-Shin-kun! Wh-what are you doing here?"

Chika and Shito stop arguing for a moment and turned to her, "Since you're the only one who can understand him, we figured we'd wait for you to wake up and translate for us what he's saying.." Chika said.

"More specifically, we want an explanation as to why he was at the warehouse and how he was able to destroy a Zombie." Shito added.

"Sh-Shin-kun did what?" Michiru stuttered.

"They're telling the truth." Shin told her with a lazy grin, "I have the power to destroy the undead and guide them to the next world. Unlike them, I carry no contract. I was born with this power." Shin explained.

Michiru paled, 'I'm so confused--!'

Shito quirked a brow, "Did he say anything?"

"H-he said that he was born with his power, and doesn't have a contract." Michiru replied.

"Eh? That's quite a rarity." Bekko said, spooking the poor girl. "I only know of one other that carries such power." He eyed Shin knowingly, receiving a glare. "Unfortunately, the name escapes me. The boy is clean, his kind does exist, so you don't have to worry Shito-kun, Chika-kun." He explained, pushing up his glasses a bit.

Chika crossed his arms stubbornly, "Keh, I think this story is a big load of bull. There's no way I'm gunna forget how he did that.."


"--Michiru-chan--!" Shin shouted, catching Michiru before she hit the floor. He had turned towards the undead creature, one of his hands glowing red, and he swiped at the Zombie.

The thing had let out a blood-curdling scream before turning into ash. Whatever remains of a soul travelled into the air, and once again Shin's hand glowed, and the soul had passed through the gateway to the other realm.

"Guidance complete.." He muttered.

-End of FlashBack-

Shito glared at Shin, "Whatever the case, Gaminishi-san must stay away from Kita-san. I don't trust him to be near her."

Shin glared back, the sparkle in his eye's disappearing, leaving coldness and a bitterness in its wake. "Hmph, tell him I'll rip open his windpipe if he dares to order me around again."

Michiru squeaked and nodded; "H-He said that he'll tear open your windpipe if you try to order him around again." She translated.

Shito scowled, "What did he—"

Chika howled with laughter, "Ha ha! I like that one.. Now where did I hear it from before..?" He shook his head, "Eh, I can't remember. Seriously though, we don't trust him Gopher, you shouldn't stay near him, okay?"

Michiru frowned, "I most certainly will not do as you say either Chika-kun! I-I'm a good judge of character and I-I find nothing to be wrong with being around Shin-kun." She stood up and walked out of the office, followed by Shin.

"Oi! Michiru--!" Chika shouted, about to follow when he felt a tug on his arm. "Shito?"

"Akatsuki, leave them be. We'll give them a head start before following." Shito told him sternly. 'I don't take threats lightly.. I want to know who this Shin Gaminishi is..'


The angry girl trudged down the busy streets in a huff, not minding the company of the new boy by her side. It somehow felt familiar, but she banished the thought. 'I've never met him before.'

"Ne, Michiru-chan? Do you want me to walk you home?" Shin asked.

Michiru stopped, "Maybe that would be best. I could always talk with Koyomi about this.." She agreed.

"Koyomi? Is that your mother?"

"No, of course not! Sh-She's one of the girl's at my.. erm.. apartment complex. She's a good friend." Michiru replied, changing her direction to the dorms.

"Oh? That must be nice." Shin told her dully.


Shin's face hardened, "I've never had a good friend before. I only know enemies."

"W-what? You must know someone—"

"No, I don't, except for one girl.. Though I hardly speak to her and she is one to be emotionless. Then there's you.. The other one who can understand my language, Michiru-chan." He explained.

"O-oh, well I'm sorry, but having friends is really good. I'll definitely be your friend Shin-kun! We can hang out together, and talk, or even play games!" Michiru blabbered, "Y-you don't have to be alone!"

Shin glanced over to her in surprise, his face holding pure shock. For once, he actually smiled a bit and his eye's glittered, "No one has ever said those words to me.." 'Thank you. Talking to you, makes me feel important.' Shin thought.

Michiru blushed, "W-we can watch movies over the weekend if you want! That's in two days, so we can hang out then!"

Shin nodded, "I would like that, Michiru-chan." He stopped walking and glanced up at the sky. "I'm sorry, but I have to leave you now. Are we near your home?"

"O-oh! Y-yes! You don't have to worry! I can get there on my own!" Michiru said, "Don't worry about me Shin-kun!"

Shin waved, "Okay, I must leave.. I'll see you at school tomorrow." He turned in another direction and walked off into town.

"H-Hai! See you then!" Michiru waved. She turned and walked down the path to get to the dorms, feeling something strange. It was like a tug in her chest much like the feeling she had around Chika when he spoke to her sincerely. 'H-he's very nice.. I hope that we can become good friends too.'

From far away, Chika scowled, "Oi, Shito! I wanna sleep! Can't we go back to the dorms yet?"

Shito growled, "Quiet baka! Kita-san will hear us.."

"That dick(beep) already left! Can't we just run up to the Gopher and tell her that we were heading back to our rooms too?" Chika groaned.

Shito sighed, "Fine. Gaminishi is gone.. Let's go.. Trash.."

Chika glared at him, "Shut up shit-Shito!" He shot back, trudging ahead of his partner.

"Akatsuki--!" Shito walked a bit faster as well.

Above the two, a dark figure watched silently before disappearing in a gust of black feathers.


Days had flown by quickly, unless you were Chika, days went by at a snails pace. There weren't any huge hits for high paying illegal Zombie's, which meant that they had to hunt small fry for the past two days. Things couldn't get any slower for the white and black haired male.

As for Shito, he had been spending a lot of time by himself. As far as Chika knew, his partner was trying to figure out who Shin Gaminishi was. Not much was coming to his attention, but he didn't give up. He was lucky enough to stumble across Yomi, Friday after school. She was waiting in Bekko's office for some reason which allowed Shito to question her.

"Oi." Shito called.

"Hn? What do you want." She growled, being in one of her usual angry moods.

"I need you to do something for me."

"Heh, sorry to tell you that I'm only into Chiru Chiru.." She chuckled.

Shito narrowed his eyes, "I need to know more about Shin Gaminishi."

Yomi sighed, "I don't do anything for—"

"Kita-san may be in trouble if you don't help me."

Yomi eyed him, "Chiru Chiru? Fine, close the curtains then listen carefully. Yuuta isn't here to record anything.. Got it?"

Shito nodded and had done what he was told to do, then watched as the girl went into her trance-like state.

Suddenly, her eyes had shot open and she was trembling violently. She was hardly into her trance and this had happened. Shito was by her side asking her if she was alright, but she merely shook her head. "I-I.. can't retrieve any information! Th-there's a figure blocking my way! H-he's dangerous!"

'I've never seen Yomi in this state before..' Shito thought.

Bekko-san had soon returned with tea and a package, glancing over to the two tiredly. "Oh? Why is it dark? What have you been doing?" He sighed, "If you wanted some time alone you could have at least gone into another room—"

"How is it she is incapable to retrieve information concerning Shin Gaminishi?" Shito asked abruptly.

Bekko placed the objects down on the coffee table and moved to the curtains, opening them. "It's impossible to use her power to find knowledge such as that. You should leave this be, Shito-kun. Go find Chika-kun and do something together, I have business to attend to with Yomi—" Small snores cut him off, "Great, now she's asleep. The chances of Yomi appearing again today are not good."

Shito stood, "I apologize, but I will not stop what I'm doing. There is something about him that I do not like. I will find out.." Then, he left the office.

Bekko stared out the window, "He will figure it out sooner or later. He is very stubborn after all."


Friday night was a frenzy of fun at the dorms. Koyomi and Michiru first started to watch movies together, then started to talk, eventually getting onto the subject of boys.

"Michiru-chan! Is there a lucky someone you like? Do I know him? I swear if he hurts you Koyomi will punch his lights out!" Koyomi vowed cheerily.

Michiru sweat dropped, "W-well, truthfully I.. Don't know. Wh-what about you? I saw you earlier, you were being very nice to Sotetsu."

Koyomi blushed, "A-ah, so you noticed? He's very nice and energetic and cool! I like him a lot!" She beamed, "But.." Her face dropped, "He likes to travel a lot to eat weird foods.. I never see him.."

"Don't worry! I'm sure you'll have a chance with him." Michiru piped confidently, nodding to herself and smiling, "Don't give up Koyomi-san!"

"Right! Now let's watch more movieeeeeeeeeeeees!" Koyomi sang.

"U-uh huh."

The door had slammed opened, revealing an equally excited Chika. "Oi! Gopher! A new illegal zombie is out there! Time to go make some money!"

"Mou! This is girls night Chika! Go awaaaaaayyyyyyy" Koyomi pouted, standing from the couch, attempting to push Chika out of the room.

Michiru nodded, "I'm sorry Koyomi, but I should go with them. Maybe later we can watch this, okay?"

Koyomi grudgingly accepted, leaving Chika alone to pour herself another cup of Fantan.

That evening had turned into yet another boring night. They had come across no zombies or anything remotely out of the ordinary. It was on their way back when things began to get intense. Shito had spotted Shin sitting by himself in a secluded area from the city while they were on their way back home.


Shin had turned his gaze onto the dark haired male, grunting in response. He was looking at the stars noting every image he could create with them. 'I've never noticed the beauty that these things held. Keh, I'm sounding more and more like… Hmph..'

Michiru brighten, "Hello Shin-kun! Why are you out here?"

Shin's eye's immediately softened, 'Why is it.. This girl…?' "Have you ever noticed the stars? There are more when you are away from the city and any source of bright light. They're also more radiant this way."

Michiru nodded, "When I went on vacation with some friends, we went to some springs in the mountains. We could see a lot of stars there, it was pretty."

"Your friends are staring at me, I assume they still haven't taken a liking to me?"

"I'm sorry—"

"I understand. Why don't we spend some time together tomorrow like you had mentioned before?"

She blushed, "Okay! I would like that! And I don't have much work to do either."

He smirked locking eyes with her, "Then, how about we change it to a date and meet in front of the school at noon?"

She turned crimson that time, making Chika and Shito wonder what exactly they were talking about. Chika was getting a strange urge to punch the guy square in the jaw while Shito could only think of exchanging hands and using his pistol on Shin.

'What is he asking Michiru to do? Damn him!' Chika mentally shouted.

"H-hai, I agree! T-tomorrow then." She waved and began to happily walk down the path to the dorms. The two boys were behind her and once they were out of ear shot, they had asked her plain out:

"What the hell did that guy say?!" Chika shouted.

Michiru jumped, "W-well—He—Shin-kun asked if.. I'd like to spend the afternoon with him.. Together.. On er… Well it's.. My.. First.."

"First?" Shito raised a brow.

"First date." Michiru blurted embarrassingly.

"He… WHAT?!" Chika yelled.


Shito was in his room, lying on his bed. He was staring up at the ceiling deep in thought. Even Chika's yelling and the sudden crashing noises in the dorms couldn't shake him out of his trance. Michiru had long been gone on her little date with Shin. It was nearing four in the afternoon and he was still in his room thinking.

'A new transfer student.'

'Hair red. Eyes purple. One eye blocked by red hair.'

'No one can understand him except for Michiru.'

'He can guide souls to the other realm.'

'His name is Shin Gaminishi.'

Shito had mentally jotted down these facts, knowing that there was some kind of link in these. He closed his red orbs in frustration, "What is the connection.." He whispered.

'Shin.. the name itself has meaning enough.. it means Real.. or True… Gaminishi? I've never heard of such an absurd family name.' He sighed.

The image of a chibi suddenly came to mind and everything seemed to click. 'Hair red. Eyes purple. One eye blocked by red hair.' He mentally repeated, 'Those are the characteristics of the Reaper!' He sat up quickly.

"Impossible. That isn't right, perhaps I'm thinking too much." He ran a hand through his dark locks.

'Real.. True.. Gaminishi..'

"No one can understand him except for Michiru.."


"He has the power to guide souls.." He stood up and walked to his door.


"His name is Shin Gaminishi.." He opened his door and ran out into the hallway, following the barrelling sounds his idiotic partner was making.


'Real Shinigami..'

"Shit." Shito swore, running faster down the hall. 'He lied about his name, and his identity.'

Chika was practically foaming at the mouth when Shito had found him and was ready to pounce on the new comer until his seriousness had calmed him, "Shito? The heck has gotten into—"

"We must find Kita-san right now!"

"Finally! Someone who understands—"

"Baka!" Shito shouted, "It isn't for you to beat him! You can't even hurt him."

"Ngh? Who says! I can hurt whoever I want!"

Shito glared, "She's dating the Reaper."

Chika froze, his face paling. His amber eyes were now trained on Shito and he opened his mouth slowly, letting out a mouth full of laughter. "Ahaha! As-As if! The Reaper and Michiru! Ahahaha! That's good! As if our Gopher would go out with him—"

"Trash, you're just trash.." Shito muttered.

Sparks flew.

Chika glared, "What did you call me?"

"Are you deaf now? Heh," He crossed his arms, "Baka, if you'd use your brain, then you would realize that I'm right."

The white haired boy closed his eyes and tapped his foot impatiently against the floor. Little by little, his brain started to process what Shito had said until his eyes flew open, "Shit! She's dating the damn Reaper!" He gasped in horror. "Why the hell didn't you figure this out sooner?!"

"Time to go." Shito announced, choosing to ignore Chika's comment.


"Ano… It's getting dark out." Michiru noted.

Shin walked with her downtown, "Hai, how about I take you somewhere quiet?"


He grinned, "I have something I'd like to ask you, Michiru-chan."

"Y-you do?" She blushed, 'What if he wants to be my boyfriend?? But.. Chika-kun.. I.. I don't know..' She thought, her face turning crimson when he grabbed her hand and tugged her along with him in the direction of a secluded spot. 'The park?'

In no time at all, they were sitting alone in the park, under a semi-clouded sky. Stars were beginning to come out as they sat down together on a bench. There was silence between them, which was bearable. Shin didn't break their silence until a couple minutes later, feeling nervous now that he could feel the presence of two zombies coming near them.

"Michiru-chan, I have something to say to you." Shin began, "But you must promise not to scream. Understand?"

Michiru tilted her head in confusion, but nodded, "O-okay Shin-kun."

Shin smirked, "My time is up now, Michiru-chan. I had my fun going to school with you. Truthfully, I did enjoy it, but I'm afraid Shito-kun and Chika-kun are catching on to me." He huffed, "It's to be expected. Nonetheless I'd rather tell you then have them tell you."

"Tell me what?" She blinked.

"My name is not Shin Gaminishi." His face turned emotionless, "I am known as Zarame-sama, the Grim Reaper." He finished.

Michiru's eye's widened and her mouth hung open. Her hand had gone limp in his hold and her face paled considerably, "I-I d-don't—You-you can't be—"

He let go of her hand and stood, walking a few steps away from her. "I prefer this form over my previous form, so I will stay in this one for the time being…" He held out his right hand, a giant scythe forming, and he grabbed it, a dark cloak materializing around him.

Michiru shook her head, not believing it, "Za-Zarame-sama? But why would you come to school with me? H-how? You're a-a-a Shinigami!" She blurted, ready to pass out any moment.

"I attended your school for two reasons. One was to see what it was like to be a student with you, the second was to keep an eye on you." He smirked, "For you see, you have the qualities of a Shinigami like me. You have the eyes, and you can speak. I believe that you will soon be able to have my other powers as well."

"I—I—Y-you.." Her eyes swirled, "I'm so confused."

He glanced to the side, a gust of wind blowing his red hair to the side, "Your companions are on their way now. I was merely considering teaching you the ways of the Shinigami to help improve your skills so that you can pay off your dept faster with those friends. This is mainly the reason for my appearance.. I want to give you the opportunity to enhance your abilities. Weather you accept or decline my offer is entirely up to you." He explained, "You can find me tomorrow at the school to tell me you answer, Michiru-chan." With that said, he had disappeared in a gust of black feathers, his voice echoing in the night, "Good night, Michiru-chan."

Michiru had blinked a few times before passing out in pure shock. Luckily for her, Chika and Shito had chosen that moment to enter the park and find her.


"You knew, didn't you, ferryman?" Shito questioned the blonde man who was sitting casually in his chair.

"Hn?" He pushed up his glasses and shot Shito a tired look, "I know many things, but what you're talking about, is something I don't. What is it you're claiming I know?"

"The Shinigami taking the form of a student. Specifically, Shin Gaminishi." Shito growled.

Bekko kept his straight tired face, "Mou, of course I knew. I am the ferryman after all… I didn't see any particular reason to tell you since it is his business not my own."

"He could have hurt Kita-san!"

"Not likely." He sighed, "Why would Zarame-sama want to destroy a human that carries the same traits as him? If anything, I'm sure he wanted to find out more about her.. It isn't everyday a human is nearly equivalent in power to the Grim Reaper."

"Hmph, he is a danger to us and Kita-san. He can use her to get to us and reap Akatsuki and I in a heartbeat." Shito turned briskly, "I will not tolerate such foolishness to continue." With that, he had stormed out of the office, leaving Bekko to his thoughts.


Michiru woke up the next morning, feeling very refreshed and prepared for the day. She soon realized that she was not the only one in the room. Her friend, Chika, was snoring lightly against her bed. He was sitting in a chair slumped over onto her mattress. She smiled and brushed a few strands of white hair away from his face. Blushing, she had taken her hand back and placed it over her heart.

"Mmmmnigph.." Chika mumbled, "Gopher.."

Michiru blinked and looked at him intently, 'He's dreaming about me?'

"…Gimme my money.." He mumbled, turning his head in his sleep.

Michiru sighed, a sweat drop forming, 'I-I see.. Of course he'd be dreaming about money. He really wants to pay off his dept.' She glanced out her window, the sun shining brightly into her room, 'Zarame-sama can help me improve my skills. I could help pay off the debt faster. Chika-kun would then be free of the black ring.. But.. What if it's some kind of trap and I put them in danger?'

She slowly slipped out of bed and quietly taken a change of clothes with a towel. 'I think I know what I want. I want what's best for us, all of us.' She mentally nodded and tiptoed out of her room, leaving Chika to his sleep.


"Mou.. How boring.."

The wind picked up, the leaves brushing against each other in the trees. There were sounds of the usual motor vehicles passing by, and the screeching of the crows that surrounded the figure. These birds liked to follow him at times, something he never really minded. He was accustomed to this feeling of darkness that always accompanied him. Wherever he went, it followed closely behind.

For example, he had never once heard birds sing a lovely tune. Only crows followed him, and they could only screech annoyingly.

Except when around Michiru.

Around the strange girl was a light that he almost didn't recognize. With that light came real singing birds and a swarm of warm emotions he never knew existed, or perhaps he had just forgotten them?

Come to think of it, was he always the reaper? Since the beginning of time?

He couldn't remember.

Zarame knew he was old, but exactly how old..?

He huffed, 'Some Shinigami I am. To think of such useless questions. I am a being born of darkness, one that lives in darkness. That's all I need. Hate, jealousy, rage, envy.. Those are the only emotions I feel and all I need to feel.' He mentally scolded.


'Except I don't wish to merely feel those darkened emotions. Michiru-chan introduced me to the other side. Friendship, love, happiness.. Are those important as well?' He shook his head, 'I am the Grim Reaper, I should not be thinking of such things.'

The crows behind him shrieked loudly before flying away. Oddly enough, he could start hearing the real birds sing. Maybe his thoughts had done something to his aura? 'Feh..'

The Reaper was sitting on the roof of the school, his Shinigami cloak blowing gently to his side, some feathers loosening from his shoulders and gliding away in the wind. His scythe rested lazily against his shoulder, one of his legs bent while the other hung loosely over the edge of the roof.

He stared out into the horizon, the brightness of the sun not bothering him in the slightest. 'It's passed noon now.'




"Aiiiiiiiee! Itaiiii Itaaaiiiiii!" Chika whined, holding his abused cheek, "Mou, what was that for shit-Shito!" He howled back.

Shito glared, "You idiot! Kita-san is no longer in this building! You let her leave without protection!"

Chika snorted, "Cheh, what are you talking about? The Gopher is still sleeping there, see—" He turned to the bed, noting its bareness, "A-Ah, she was there…. Crap…"

"Baka, we're leaving."

The white haired boy grumbled and stuffed his hands in his pockets, following Shito. 'Damn it Michiru, can't you just stay out of trouble once?'


'Shito-kun and Chika-kun are probably very angry with me right now.' She bit her lip, 'I hope they can forgive me, I really don't like to cause trouble…' Michiru glanced up at the stop light, sighing. It was taking long to change colours… 'Finally,' She crossed the street, entering a small restaurant shortly after.

'I'm starving!'

She was seated immediately and she had ordered her meal, consisting of beef ramen and a glass of juice.

"Itadakimasu," She mumbled, eating her noodles.

'The school isn't too far now.. I still can't believe that my daydreaming got me so lost. I wasted almost the entire day trying to find my way back to a familiar place.. Now I'm eating dinner and wasting my time again by thinking too much! Zarame-sama is probably gone by now.' She thought. 'No! I shouldn't think like that!' She mentally cooed, practically inhaling her ramen.

'I should hurry and finish this! I need to go to the school!' She gulped down her orange juice and placed the cup back down on the table. "Okay!" She breathed, asking the waiter for the bill.


He narrowed his violet eyes, his lips spreading in a thin line.

"Sunset…" He mumbled half-heartedly, the final rays of sun illuminating his dark red locks. 'I will wait for her.. Until this day turns to tomorrow… I will wait for her answer..' His eyes downcast and soon located a figure walking towards the school.

"Hn? Michiru-chan chose to come after all." Zarame again mumbled. He realized soon after that the girl would not be able to join him on the roof due to obvious reasons. So, he had descended, landing softly on the ground below without harming himself. Unfortunately he had frightened the poor girl and she had let out a loud squeak, her purplish hair standing on end and her glasses drooping down her nose.

"You are one who is easily frightened, Michiru-chan." Zarame mused, smirking slightly at her blush.

"W-well it's not every day I see someone fall from a four story high building without getting hurt! Y-you surprised me!!" She replied shakily.

He shook his head, "Well, it is to be expected I suppose."

Michiru pushed up her glasses, her blush deepened, "I'm s-sorry if you were waiting long.. I-I left this morning b-b-but go-got lost on my way her heh heh and then I got hungry so—I'm really sorry!" She bowed.

Zarame's eyes widened, though only his left eye seemed widened since dark red locks covered his right eye. "You don't have to be so formal, Michiru-chan. I don't really mind your tardiness." He waved off, shifting his scythe to his other hand.

Michiru lifted herself up and nodded shyly, "H-hai." She bit her lip and glanced away, "I-I guess you're waiting for my answer, ne?" She laughed lightly.

"Correct, all I need is a yes or no."

"Can I ask a few questions?" At his nod, she continued, "If I were to theoretically say yes, how long would this training take?"

"I would say in a normal dimension such as this, four years." He replied, "However, I would be taking you in a different world where time moves at a different pace than here. In this world, only a day would go by, but in the other, one year will have passed."

"So if I went with you, would I age by four years in that world?"

"No, since you're of this world, the time will have no effect on your age, though your appearance might change slightly." Zarame answered.

"W-where exactly would you be taking me?" She asked.

He shrugged, "It isn't a realm easily explained."

Michiru thought for a moment and nodded to herself, "Then, I guess you already know my answer… Because I want to help my friends! Chika-kun and Shito-kun have such a big debt and so do I! I don't want to be just a gopher, I want to be able to fight like them and help!"

Zarame held out his hand, "Then come with me, and I will grant you your wish, Michiru-chan."

"I…" Her hand moved to his.



"Get your hands away from her ya damn Shinigami!"

Michiru blinked and turned, finding her friends running towards her, "Gomen.. Goodbye, for now." She whispered, her hand touching Zarame's, the two disappearing in a gust of black feathers.

Chika's eye's widened, looking everywhere for the girl, but her cheery face was not coming into his sight. "No.. No.. This can't be! Oi! Gopher this isn't funny! Come out!"

"Ki-Kita-san.." Shito mumbled, a black feather blowing in his direction. They had both stopped running, and Shito had caught the feather, clenching it in his fist. "She's gone."

'It can't be.. This is all my fault! I should have been awake!' Chika thought, his eye's blurring with unshed tears. 'No way am I going to let him see me like this..' He held them back and grunted.









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