Chapter One

Chapter One

The moist earth filled her nostrils and sunk under her shoes as she moved around the tree. The warm breeze brushed across her face as pulled the knife closer to the chest. Her heart pounded as she adjusted her grip and feet. She could hear the hurried footfalls racing toward her. She shifted her weight and waited, praying under her breath. The person ran past, and she flew out, throwing the knife down. It looked like she struck nothing but thin air, but she felt the knife hit something solid.

"Run, Dean!" she screamed as a set of invisible claws tore at her leg.

The man who had been running turned back to her. She met his bright, green eyes with pleading need as the invisible foe clawed at her leg, chest, and arms. She pulled the knife again and smashed down into the thing holding her.

"Ty!" Dean yelled.

She turned to him and went to yell again when she saw him yanked him down by something else. She pulled free and reached for Dean, filling her wounds with dirt and more blood. But her hands were just inches short of his outstretched hand.

"NO!" She screamed.

Ty's eyes flew open as she sprang up from the bed. Sweat poured down her face along with the ends of her hair. She looked around the darkened room and felt cold all over. This wasn't the first time a dream like this had woke her. She wiped her face with her sheet and went to lay back down.

"Ty," someone yelled from the other side of her closed down. "Ty, are you alright?"

Ty got up and opened the door. "I'm fine, Lily. It was just a dream."

Lily rolled her eyes and brushed her hand through her unruly, red hair. "Must have been some dream. You were screaming like something was after you."

Ty pushed past her, wiping her face again. She went to the kitchen and put on some water. The only thing that would help her sleep now was a strong cup of tea. She pulled two cups down, knowing that Lily would drink a cup too. Lily sat down on the countertop and stared at Ty, waiting for her to tell her the truth.

"You want to tell me who Dean is?" Lily asked, fiddling with her tea bag.

Ty looked up. She had seen the man in her dreams almost every night. She knew his height, build, and name. She knew his deep, green eyes and full lips too. She could still hear his deep, rough voice yelling her name. But through all this, she had no clue who he was.

"He is just some guy that I dream about," Ty said, grabbing the whistling teakettle. "Entirely too much."

Ty poured the water up and watched the clear water turn darker, almost like the blood she had seen in her dream. She shook her head, trying to think straight. She was a twenty-eight-year-old homicide detective in Chicago. Her cases were never easy; in fact she had only solved about three. She blamed most of her bad dreams on them, but now she was starting to wonder.

"Ty," Lily said suddenly. "What are you thinking about?"

"Work," Ty lied and told the truth at the same time.

Lily smiled. "That isn't your work face. You can be honest with me."

Ty smiled. Lily had moved in with her about a year ago. They worked at the same precinct and might as well have been partners. They were the same age, but their personality couldn't be more different. Lily was wild, carefree, and even a little dangerous, but Ty was more cautious, even though, she could be just as dangerous.

Ty sighed softly. "Lily, I don't know what is wrong with me. I keep having these dreams."

Lily shrugged her nonchalant shrug. "Maybe it's time you took a vacation."

Lily nodded but another idea had already thought of another idea. She grabbed her cup of tea and walked back to her room, shutting the door with a soft slam. She walked over to a dresser, picking up cell phone. Her eyes rested on the picture of her and an older man as her fingers dialed the speed dial.

"Hello," a groggy, male voice said on the other end.

"Bobby," Ty said lowly. "It's Ty. I need to talk to you."