Chapter Twenty-Six

Chapter Twenty-Six

A New Beginning

The days soon turned to weeks as Dean started to heal. He spent many weeks covered in bandages and ointment. It didn't take long before he just had a few patches of white that could seen on his arms and chest. Ty's arms healed, leaving jagged red scars. Sam and Lily even healed and began training with some of the other hunters. Despite all the happiness, there was still a war to be fought.

"I say we go straight for Lilith," Sam was saying on night after dinner. "I think we all owe her a little something."

Ty looked up from her nestled spot in Dean's arms as she heard the plan. She couldn't argue with what Sam had said. It was time for all of them to start moving again. She felt everyone focusing on her and finally, she nodded.

"I think maybe going straight for her is dumb, let's let her come to us," Lily said. "Get her our terms and we set the rules."

"I'm with Lily," Dean threw in. "I'm not in a mood to go off half-cocked. Let's wait it out."

Ty smiled. These plans had been coming for weeks. She didn't care what they did. She had Dean, and he was safe. That was all that mattered. Things would change once the war actually started, but right now, this was all she needed. Ty slowly got to her feet, pulling Dean up with her. They waved to Lily and Sam as they walked outside.

"Now what?" Dean asked as he put an arm around Ty and looked up at the stars.

"Lily and I fight with you and Sam. We finish this war."

"Then what? Happily ever after ever?"

Ty laughed as he kissed her under the moon. She didn't know what was after all this. She didn't want to think about the future or the past. She just wanted now. She put her arms around Dean and felt his hands on her hips.

"I wasn't the one was I?" Dean asked.

"Yes you are. I mean here am I with you."

"That's not what I mean," Dean said, pulling her closer. "I'm not the one you were supposed to save."

Ty shook her head. "David and I have discussed this almost too thoroughly. But no. I was fated to save Sam."

Dean looked away from her and almost pulled away. Ty held him in place though. She wasn't going to let him run anymore. She ran her fingers down his facing, making him looked at her.

"In saving you," She said with a slight smile. "I saved Sam. He's not evil, he's not leading the demons, and he is still your brother."

"Well aren't you just Superwoman?"

Dean bent down and kissed her. He felt Ty wrap her arms around his neck, and he picked her up. He held her tight as his lips searched hers. Finally, she let him go with smile.

"I'm Batgirl," she aid with a grin.


"You're Batman aren't you?"

"Yeah," Dean answered, picking her up more.

"Then, I'm Batgirl."

Dean pulled her to him and kissed her again. His long life suddenly didn't seem so long or hard. He had found with Ty that he really did deserve a second chance at life. Everything he had done was over, and he had a new start with the first person he had every truly loved. Ty pressed her lips against his, tasting all him. They stayed together that night, holding and kissing each other.

"Are you ever going to tell me?" Dean said, running his fingers down Ty's spine.

"I already told you that I loved you," Ty whispered groggily.

Dean pulled her closer and bit at the ligament between her shoulder and neck. Ty rolled her shoulder, trying to push him away. Dean laughed softly as he held on to her. Ty finally rolled over, putting her arms around him.

"Tell you what?" Ty asked, running her fingers through his hair.

"How I survived? I have tried to figure it out and nothing makes sense."

Ty only smiled and gently kissed him. She recited what had happened with the necklace and what he did to save Ty. Dean found it as hard to believe as Ty had, but the more the he thought about, the more he understood it. He looked down at the necklace that dangled between him and Ty. She touched the end of the amulet and looked at Dean.

"I never knew this thing had any power," Dean bent down and kissed Ty's forehead.

"Maybe it only has power when you need it to."

Dean looked down at Ty. "Or maybe it has to do with you."

Ty leaned up, pulling Dean into a kiss. Dean kissed her back and pulled her closer, catching her hurt arm. He stared at the scars and then ran his lips down them. Ty closed her eyes with a smile.

"I never should have let this happen to you," Dean whispered, holding tight to her arm.

Ty touched his face, forcing him to look at her eyes and not her hand. "I would rather have these scars for the rest of my life and you here kissing them, than no scars and you gone."

Dean looked up at her and kissed her again. Whatever road lay ahead of them, he wanted Ty with him. Dean had always thought Sam was the only person he would ever have. Now it wasn't true. He had Ty. Sam even had Lily. It was a new start for all of them. He laid in bed that night and felt Ty's breath against his skin as she slept. He knew that this war was going to happen, and that he had to fight, but he wouldn't be doing alone. He rolled over and pulled Ty to him. He felt her heart beat against his as he fell asleep.

"We can leave the Camaro and Nova here," Lily said as Ty threw another bag of ammo into the trunk of the Impala.

"I think we should have an extra car," Ty said. "Just to be safe, and you know it is going to get crowded in the Impala."

Ty shut the trunk with a loud slam. She looked up to see Sam and Dean walking toward them. Dean walked over and put an arm around Ty as he opened the trunk. Sam threw his bag in as he grabbed Lily into a kiss. Dean rolled his eyes as he looked at them.

"Looks at those two," he said. "He is such an amateur."

Ty laughed. "Maybe big brother needs to teach him a few tricks."

Dean went to say something when David walked up. He was back in his cleric's clothes. He looked at Ty and smiled. She walked over, giving him a strong hug. She was going to miss running to him when things got confusing or hard. He hugged her back and then looked at her.

"You guys be careful," he said. "Lilith is going to want you more than anything, Ty. You have defied everything she ever thought possible."

Ty shrugged and smiled a little. "That's me."

Dean came up and put an arm around Ty. "Sorry, Father, but we got to go."

David nodded and hugged Ty one last time. She turned back to look at David one last time and then walked over to the Impala. She suddenly turned back around.

"Hey David," she called.

David looked at her with a slight smile. "Yeah."

"Take care of my car for me."

David nodded and waved at them. Sam and Lily walked over to her Nova and got in. Ty looked at Dean with a large smile. He smiled back and tossed his bag in the backseat. He then turned back to Ty and put his arms around her, kissing her lightly.

"Where to from here?" Ty asked.

"Vegas." Dean said with a huge smile.

Ty rolled her eyes and kissed him again. She didn't know where their lives were heading, but she couldn't wait to get there. She climbed into the Impala and watched as Dean pulled out. The open road was in front them; Hell was behind them. She turned back to the window. She couldn't believe that she was leaving everything behind to be with him. But she didn't care. This was her life and always had been. She sighed and reached over, turning on the radio. The silent car was suddenly filled with sounds of Metallica. Dean looked at her with a huge smile. She could only smile back.

"You are so my girl," Dean said and put the peddle to the floor.

Ty laughed as the sped across the highway. Lily and Sam kept up the whole way. Whatever came, they would face it together. She couldn't imagine not being with Dean now. This wasn't exactly the life she dreamed about all those years ago. The only thing that fit into that old life was Dean. And now she had a chance to start a new life with Dean. She didn't care about what she was or what her mission was. This new life and second chance was all she needed for her life to make the Fallen fly.