Netto takes coffee, Enzan takes Energy drinks and Laika takes drugs


Author's note: This is a really crazy fanfic where everyone eventually gets crazy. This work is part of the "crazy" series. I have this obsession with doing crazy fanifcs while I have writer's block for my stories. The next chapter is called V.

Disclaimer: I(unfortunately) do not own Rockman.EXE (But I will Muahahahahaha) You didn't hear anything right? So lets continue…


It was too late, as Netto drained the cup. Everything was like in slow motion. Enzan jumping on Netto and Laika jumping at Netto. Laika slipped and jumped on Enzan instead. The china cup smashed. Not a single drop of coffee was left. The crash echoed around the modern office. Enzan collapsed on Netto and Laika nearly pulled Enzan's pants down. Netto blinked his eyes. The shout faded away. Laika eyed Netto fearfully "What was that?" he whispered.

Enzan gave a low groan "It was Espresso."

"Is that the strong type?" Laika asked.

"I was adding sugar but when Netto came flying at me the whole thing tipped…"

"Oh no …" Both of them looked at each other and then at the somewhat frozen Netto. Laika slowly stood up and gave a quick glance at Netto and Enzan. Enzan pulled himself up and glared and Laika and Netto while pulling his pants up, not before Netto spied his light blue underpants.

"OMFG! You have blue underpants? Is it because of Blues? Blue and Blues, Blue Blues. Blues is hardly even blue! Do you wear the same type all the time?? You hardly every change your clothes. Does that mean you never change your underpants? " Netto started running hysterically shouting for the launderette.


"Netto-sama…" Rockman moaned

Laika was too busy taking in the horror that Netto had actually drunk the coffee to smirk. Enzan was mad with rage. His face was turning red, and I mean red. Not the pink blushes that are totally over reacted in fanifcs but the un-natural shade of human red, red. Enzan checked the walls and were quite glad they were soundproof. Netto just kept on running in circles for the launderette. Enzan decided that that was enough and started running after Netto, in circles.

"Chill, Enzan, just chill." Blues could see his netop running madly.

"Come back you…" Enzan bellowed.

"I need a launderette! A launderette! I command one to come now! Presto!"

"…WHAT did you just say?" Laika gulped. The craziness was starting

"Her majesty, declares a launderette! Right now!"

"Her majesty?" Enzan wondered.

"Her majesty the ultra brilliant!" Netto squealed.

"At least I'm not crazy…" Laika thought.

"But you're a he." Rockman reasoned.


"Isn't she he one that never smiles?" Laika asked.

"I think so. I never studied that far back." Enzan Answered.

Laika thought he could see Netto grinning like his teeth was glued together.



"Wait, she died 9 billion years ago, it was Cleopatra!" Netto stated.

"Search, isn't then when the dinosaurs roamed the earth?" Laika asked.

Netto, overhearing this cried out, "I AM THE QUEEN OF DINOSAURS!"

"Netto, Dinosaurs didn't have launderettes…" Enzan reasoned.

"LAIKA!" Searchman shouted from his PET. "Invasion!"

Behind him slashed a very crazy Rockman. Rock cried "Washer sword!" A watery looking sword appeared. "Attack!" The next thing Search knew, he was covered in soapy water and was sparkling clean.

"WTFH?" Search wondered. As he experienced a whole new him.

After the mini "tsunami" Blues analyzed Rockman. He instantly sweatdropped.

"Um… Enzan-sama, I think I can explain Rockman's…craziness."

"Go on Blues."

"The Synchronism level is 87.4."

Laika nodded and glanced at the super sparkly Search. "So if Netto is crazy Rock is too."

"Why did you have to wash him that clean, you have to need sunglasses to see around here now." Blues shouted before realizing that he already was wearing sunglasses. Netto just smiled and looked at his PET.

"YUMMY!" Netto screamed at particularly no one.

"…And is causes extremely randomness." Enzan added.

"I need a Launderette!" Netto just kept screaming.


Netto sighed and said the most random history. "Since I can't find one…" He pointed at Laika. "I MAKE YOU MY ROYAL LAUNDERETTE!"

"…" A longer silence followed.

"So lets get started." Netto cheerfully replied. "First, please plug Rockman out."

"…" Laika was confused but done it anyway.

"Then Plug in to that PowerPoint over there."

Laika did just as he was told. Finding it surprising that Netto had calmed down.

"Now plug it out."

Laika plugged the PET back out.

"And plug it back in"

"Then plug it out."

"Then plug it over there."

Then Plug it out."

"Then Plug it over there."

Authors note: Make sure you read that part 9999 times.

Netto was too busy talking to notice the fact that Laika had already stopped plugging in and out.


"Oh yeah, while your at it, please arrest that eggshell over there."

"…" Enzan started chasing Netto.

"How dare you!"

Laika just stared at the duo. Search looked up at him. "Aren't Launderettes supposed to wash people's clothes?"

"I think so."

Laika buried his nose in a dictionary while Enzan were chasing Netto like hell. Enzan screeched to a stop. "Give me a drink please."

Laika absentmindingly got a can for Enzan. Enzan gulped it down quickly and with inhuman speed caught Netto and started shaking him. Laika glanced at the can and gulped. V.

Author's note: V is an energy drink is you don't know.