Authors note: After a long time of waiting…it is finally here. Sorry, I have no idea what Ecstasy is like, what do you mean?? I can I know?

Enzan felt so energized, so awake. He suddenly felt extra power within him. Instantly, with inhuman speed, he raced across the room and knocked Netto onto the floor.

"You little (punch, punch) Fucking idiot…(knock, knock) How dare you (kick, kick) destroy my reputation (pinch, pinch) you baka (slam, slam) Insane curry gobbler (shake, shake) Curry breath-lunatic (Insert your own attack here).

"Does my breath smell like curry?" Netto asked.

"I really don't know…"

"Hey Laika, Does my breath smells like curry."

Laika snorted from the corner, "What do you want me to do? Smell your mouth?"

Netto looked confused, "How else are you going to find out?"

Everyone except the navis groaned. Enzan just realized why he was on top of Netto and started slapping and kicking him again. Laika kept looking at the dictionary. "L…" He tried his best to remember how they spelt launderette.

In the cybernet, Searchman watched the scene with Blues.

"How about a netbattle while we wait?" Blues calmly requested.

"Why not?" Searchman shrugged.

Blues' visor gave off a strange glint. This was his chance to show Search that he is powerful. He lightly snickered.

"Cyber gun!" Search yelled as he aimed a shot at Blues.

Blues slowly transformed. "V style!" He turned green and a giant V appeared on his back. "Spray!" A green gas came out of the V. "Aim." The V tilted and Search experience a sickening green gas completely oblivious to his op. Search managed to quickly analyze Blues. "Agility…" He quickly read through the results. "Bonus on physicals, drop on mentals." He just got the words out of his mouth before it was filled with a sickening liquid. Blues gave way to a low snicker and chuckled "Never tasted V have you?"

Search screamed "LAI…" before Blues sprayed him with an even more disgusting liquid. He wondered where Rockman was so he can be clean form V.

Laika was still buried in his dictionary. "Lua… or was it lau…"


Laika was still deep in his dictionary, completely oblivious, or ignoring in drama around him.

"You (beep, beep) idiot, son of a (beep, beep). You deserve to (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)" Enzan was screaming at Netto.

"Let (bang) go (smack) of (punch) me. Are (noogie) you (wedgie) crazy?" Netto shouted back. Some how coffee made him active and resistant. Laika reminded himself to look up coffee after launderette. And that's reminds me… He went back to the dictionary; only to his dismay found that Netto had knocked it out of his hand. It now lies on the floor in the midst of a, lets say, battle. Surrounded by a mass of bodies, or was it only 2 bodies?

"Give me that!" he reached towards the throng. Netto finally decided that this was enough and shouting at Enzan while flapping his arms which was making Laika's mission a lot harder.


Enzan shouted back. " Kuruteiru!"(Insane person)


"Peanut brain!"


Enzan looked at him. "Rockman!"

Netto did not get the joke and glared. "Paperman, I win!"




"Arrogant Customer!"


"A Judge more inportant!" Netto slammed his fist down like a hammer, on Laika's head. Somehow, he managed to carry Laika up and slammed him back down. Enzan decided to join in the game and started to fight with Netto.

"His mine!"

"No, I found her."

"What?" Search overheard before being tortured.

"She's my dolly!"

"No, I'm older."

"Old people don't play with dolls."

"I'm not that old."

"Yes you are!"

"No I not."

"Then you're ancient! So that's why you have white hair!"

"I am not ancient!"

"I'm the Queen of Dinosaurs so you shall obey me since you're ancient!"

"But I'm the King so you shall obey me!"

"Says who?"

"Says dolly!"

"Dolly is a traitor!" Netto shook Laika. "Answer me!"

"Holy mother of crap…" Laika muttered.

"What did you say?" Netto demanded.

"She said that you are a stinking idiot and that her Royal Fucking Shitness shall eat her ass.

"With Sauce?" Netto asked, hopeful.

"No sauce."Netto started spinning in circles to get a bite out of his ass.

Enzan looked at Laika. "Let's play dress-ups."

"Not on my nearly over life." Laika said.

Enzan dragged him somewhere and took his coat off. Two packets fluttered out.

Enzan looked "Instant coffee powder…" A flicker of reorganization appeared in his eyes before trailing to a packet of white powder, "And this must be sugar…" Enzan slumped towards the kitchen.

"Nooo…" Laika thought. "That is Ecstasy from…"

Enzan came back holding a steaming cup and a bib. (??)

"NOOOOOOOO!" Laika shouted but only came out as "MPPHGURGLECHOAK."

Author's note: I'm gonna quit Rockman EXE fanfic-ing for a while. Updates may come in 2 years.