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After sixteen hours of waiting, it's already time to meet the lady that his young master treasured the most. A silver haired kid wanders around the airport, patiently waiting for the eastern wings main guest. The flight he's waiting is from a western old country he never heard of, and the guest is a lady with of importance; those were the only descriptions that were given to him and the rest is up to his skills. Despite being the youngest among the assabu, famously known as half assassin and half butler, Shuhei is without a doubt, one of the best and outstanding Assabu in his clan, that's why he was chosen as the Assabu of the Eastern Familia, and to thank the familia who've acknowledge him, he pledged all his life serving the Sakura Household.


"Time check— 13:00 PM, the lady should be on her way now, prepared the car, terra firma security stand by, aerial security back up. All Familia checked." After bringing down the phone, the silver haired guy walked to the VIP entrance way and stood still for the entry of their most important guest.


Natsume's POV

Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned the thing about me and Yuria. I'm so stupid! I hope she didn't get me wrong. But, the way she talks, her smile, her all being were Yuria. Maybe it's already time to let her know that she's Yuria, that she was given a chance by God to live again and let her be born again in the life of Mikan Sakura.

Yeah, I will tell her everything. Also after finding the background of that thing (referring to Youichi) I never thought that I will be meeting that kid much sooner than I've expected. I'm sure Mikan would really be glad to know it too.

Mikan, I've been waiting for this time to come. I wouldn't let you leave me again..

The raven haired guy calmly clean up his desk, thinking that after finishing his business he would confess everything to his Mikan is disturbed by a loud knock—

"Who could it be?" Natsume thought, wishing it's Mikan.

"Good Day Ojisan, what brings you here?"

"I'm sorry for this sudden visit but I think you would like to hear something about the young lady."



She's neither a super model nor a beauty queen. How do you exactly label a lady with auburn hair, small face, deep eyes, perfect height, and fair skin? She's like a porcelain doll with sexiness you can't explain. A bit celebrity-like aura with a refreshing country girl's smile. It's a headache to define such beauty, but there's one thing Shuhei is sure about— she's the one they've been waiting for.


"Hotaru!" The now mad raven haired guy shouted trying all his composure to be leveled.

"Hyuuga. Just heard the news?"

"Don't fool around me, where is she?"

"Went home.."

"I KNOW. But where? And why?"

"5000 rabbits per question"


"Oh then no talking.."

"Curse your rabbits, I don't have any!"

" I thought you are the richest among those wolves?"

"But we don't use rabbits! The hell with your rabbits! Just tell me her whereabouts."

"Natsume, even I tell you, you can't easily go there.."

"How did you know that I can't?"

"Because I know"

"No, you don't"


"She's the only thing I have…"


"In your present status even If you go there, you won't be able to do anything."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't save her.."

"Save? Why is she in danger?"

"You don't know how powerful the Sakura Household is; even you Hyuuga wouldn't stand a chance."


Mikan's POV

I didn't expect that I'll be going back to this place; my nightmare. Ojisan asked me not to go back even if they threaten me. But I can't seem to fulfill my promise to you Ojisan, I'm sorry for betraying you.

Everything about my household makes me throw up, except for Ojisan and Oniisan. Yeah, I shouldn't give up. Niisan is still expecting me to reform this rotten household, and now that I have the authority, I can already set things right. I hope he's still fine.

"Young lady, do you want some juice?"


"You seem tired so maybe a fruit juice will be fine."

"Thank you, Yuriko-San" While Mikan is drinking her juice she noticed someone looking at her from the front view mirror it's as if this person doesn't want to keep his eyes away from the young lady and so this caught her attention.

"Hi!" Mikan greeted which made the young boy bowed his head in response

"I think this is the first time I saw you, if I am not mistaken." The boy jolted from where he is seating because this is the first time that he has been inquired by someone who is not his young master. Commonly someone like him is not given such attention for the servants are not needed to enter in conversation with his master, the Rule of the Assabu.

"Yes, young lady. I am Shuhei no Kou, I entered the household two years ago under young master's care, and to return the favor I pledged my life in serving the familia." The brunette who was awhile ago wanted to commit suicide for going back to the Main House, found something interesting that she could spend her time with. After hearing oath from someone she didn't expect, Mikan happily welcome the new boy in the household.


I never realized that she's been suffering like this. If I was only earlier then I might have prevented this thing to happen. That selfish geek was right, in my current position there's no doubt that I'lll end up being killed or worst I won't be able to see her anymore.

Oh Kami-sama, why did you allow this to happen? It will be painful if she's the only who's caring this big burden— no, this is a curse she's been trying to carry on. How pitiful.. Mikan, I pray to the gods that they must keep you away from those wicked people.

A certain raven haired guy prayed in silence while waiting for others to come. Tonight they will make a thorough plan and preparation on getting back their treasured friend.


" The Main House is sure tough to find huh?"

"Mt. Haneko is much easier to access than Mt. Ashiwada, Mikan-sama. If you plan to visit Tenjinsha Shrine just tell me beforehand. So, I'll just inform the elders of your return young lady."


"Shuhei, please guide the lady to the eastern wings."

" Yes, Yuriko-san"

As the three figures parted from each other, no one knew that someone has been watching them from afar.


Eastern Wings

"How was he?" Asked by a peaceful brunette trying to break the silence.


"Akira –niisan"

"Young master? He got ill a few months ago so the household sent him to Tokyo to check his condition and recuperate."

"He got sick? Why didn't you inform about this matter?" Mikan worriedly asked

"The young master does not wish to inform his condition to the young lady. It was his very command not to let you know."

"But.." Mikan knowing Akira, he always does things on his own, just like her.

"Is he now alright?"

"Very healthy, my lady. In fact he's been waiting for your arrival since last night."

"That's great!"

"Here we are, my lady"

"Arigatou Shuhei-kun"

"It's an honor to serve you, Mikan-sama"

As she opened the door of the receiving room, memories came back flashing to our beloved protagonist, her early childhood days, scenes of warm days with her Ojisan, her elementary days and such. How she missed the place where she grew up, but everything— memories of pain, threats, and loneliness did come to welcome her back. The past was too much for her but the things she just remember also vanished when two auburn eyes met those familiar warm sapphire eyes.

" Okaerinasai.."

"Yeah. I'm home… akira-niisan"