Chapter 3

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Warning: Extremely graphic, randy, nasty, dirty smut in this chapter. Little is left to the imagination, and it's not small, short descriptions. If you're offended by such, it's best to skip it. You have been warned! Dante is a dirty, dirty devilman.


The entire way back, they teased each other, rather playfully. At one point, they had passed a bench; no one was around, and he actually tossed her down on it, laying on top of her, his legs on either side. She glanced back and forth.

''Again, no damned modesty! Can't you wait another five minutes?''

''I'm just preparing you, babe.''

''Well, prepare me back at the place!'' She squirmed out from under him. He let her go, his hair ruffled by the wind. He sat on the bench, and grabbed her again around the waist, and pulled her close to him; he lifted up her short, white shirt and kissed her stomach. She shivered, and not from the cool breeze. ''D...Damn you.'' He had no intention of stopping until she was driven nuts, as she could see. Well, I've driven him a little nuts before.

He licked at her navel; and down from there, stopping right above the hem of her skirt; he pulled back. ''You think I'm not hot from this, sweetheart? I can poke a hole in that stone wall right about now.''

Such a gentleman. ''Well, you're the one taking forever getting back!'' She swatted him on the head. She quivered again as his hand snaked up her skirt, touching her shorts underneath; and when his hand hit the middle, she let out a small moan; but bit it back. I'm not going to give him that satisfaction. Not until I drive him up a wall.

She did squeal, a bit, when she felt his head up her skirt; and he nipped at her upper thigh through her shorts. She swatted him another good one across the back of his head. ''You! Cut...that...out!'' I don't know whether to punch him...or hold him there.

He came out. ''Alright, alright. You win. You happy?'' He stood up, and began to walk down the street toward their place. She ran after him. He was trying to look dejected from her light, retributive strike, but it just didn't work.

''Oh, quit faking it.'' She stuck her tongue out. He looked over at her and grinned.

''You know me all too well, babe.''


''Come on, what's there not to like?''

''That you're crude with no sense of modesty and have an ego that's somehow bigger than your sex drive, if that's even possible?'' She didn't really mean it, though. There wasn't much she didn't like about Dante.

''I prefer to think of it as untamed, bold, and daring.''

''Pft. Whatever.'' Untamed was the perfect word for him. Uninhibited was another one. Completely fucking crazy might have been three more, if you thought about it hard enough.

They had reached the door; his coat was off before he unlocked it. The only lights that shone in were the streetlights; he didn't bother turning any more on, the streetlights gave plenty of illumination inside. He scooped her up before her small jacket was even off, kicked the door shut, and tossed her onto the couch; he had leapt on top of her with lightning speed before she could even blink.

''You happy, now, babe? We're alone and not in a public place.''

She scowled. ''This is better, yes.''

He then smiled. ''I'm gonna do this right, little Lady.'' His smile got an evil quality. He leaned forward toward her ear, licking it twice. ''But I'm still gonna hear you yelling out my name,'' he whispered and sat back up.

Lady smirked. She had him in the palm of her hand; here was a guy willing to do about anything to her, or for her, sitting on top of her. We'll see who makes who yell. She looked up at him, straddling her hips, smiling down at her. The look in his clear, blue eyes was mixed between animalistic lust and a great, caring affection; and honestly, this turned her on even more. His hands gently ran down her sides, to her shirt, where he began to undo it; she allowed him to remove it from her. She lay there in only her skirt, boots, and underwear. His hands traveled over her stomach, chest, and sides; hands that could crush a demon one moment, and a moment later hold her to him, as gentle as ever. The windows were open, blowing his silvery-white hair around his head; it cooled her off as well. He leaned forward again, drawing her lower lip into his mouth as he sucked at it, nipping at it a bit before kissing her deeply again. His mouth traced around her head; down her jaw, to her neck, and stayed there; his left hand was brushing over her breast.

Lady couldn't remember when she had felt so good. She couldn't remember if she ever had felt this good. She let out a moan as he bit lightly at her neck.

''Moaning already, babe? I haven't even gotten anywhere near the good stuff yet.''

''You...little...'' She maneuvered a hand to his waist again; undoing his belt a bit.

''Whoa, babe! And you call me fast!'' He grinned broadly. ''Give a guy a little time to build up to it!''

Lady paid him no mind as she undid his trousers; she slipped a hand in. You're going to whimper before I let you go further.

Dante closed his eyes for a second, shivering. ''Damn you, woman,'' he said in a low voice. He exhaled, trying to keep control of himself. He reached his hands around, shakily, and fumbled at her bra; he had it pulled off in one quick motion of his hand. Even Lady had to stop going for his pants for a second. She blinked.

''That was fast.''

''You know I'm an expert at this, babe.''

''Hmph! Do you always tell women 'I'm an expert' when trying to get in their pants?''

''Erm, I mean...ahh, babe, you know I mean...yaah!'' He jumped. Her hand found it's way to his now very aroused part. Naturally, it was easy for her, as he wasn't wearing underwear. He never did.

''Hmmm?'' She smirked, now. Her hand gently closed around his shaft for a second...before letting him go and running up his muscular stomach and chest.

''Gah...urgh...'' He suddenly grabbed her arms and pinned her down. He got very close to her face again. ''Now, you're in for it.'' He smiled and licked her lips.

Hmm...I kind of made him squeal. He'll have to contend with that for awhile. I'm satisfied...for now. She smiled again.

Her thoughts of some small triumph were interrupted as a finger traced around one of her nipples; he was sitting up again, softly running two fingers around one. He looked at her again, right into her dual-colored eyes. He slid his hand around her, pulling her up; he repositioned her so she was sitting on the couch, normally, and he sat over her again. He embraced her tightly for a moment; enjoying the feel of her skin against his, and he kissed down her shoulder and sighed. Lady leaned forward into his neck, brushed some of his hair out of the way and kissed it; she also ran her tongue over it, tasting him. His skin was soft against her lips; he smelled, well, like Dante. Somewhat like a bar, part sweat, and some other unknown musky scent that seemed to emanate from him. She grew to like it. It somehow made her feel both aroused-and safe-at the same time. He actually sat there for a moment, rather affectionately holding her, kissing her shoulder and running one of his hands through her soft, dark hair. Dante just liked to have Lady close to him sometimes; she made him, in a way, feel complete.

He then got an ornery spark back in him and bit down on her shoulder; a bit harder than usual-enough to make her squeal. ''Watch it!''

He grinned up at her. ''I can't help it, babe. I like your taste.'' He came up from her shoulder and kissed her again, hungrily; his tongue probing deeply in; she followed in suit, not to be undone. His breathing had a heavier quality to it; she knew he was turned on, yet he was taking his time. When it finally broke after a few moments, she looked at him.

''For being so turned on, you're sure taking awhile.''

''I want you to be pleased.'' He grinned. ''And I like it, besides.'' He kissed down her throat and to her breasts, around them, teasing her until she whimpered. He answered by taking one into his mouth and running his tongue around it. She gasped and buried her hands into his silky, silver hair. ''D...Dante...'' she whispered. He nipped at her.

That's what I like to hear, he thought to himself and smiled. He flicked his tongue quickly against her breast, circling it slowly, then taking it in his teeth gently and tugging at it. His other hand was tracing circles around her other hard nipple, pinching at it.

Lady, at this point, was practically putty in his hands. Her final walls were breaking down, as much as she tried to deny it, Dante was smashing his way through. She knew that he was in the palm of her hand-but she was also in his. Dante could do anything he wanted to her, at this point in time. She quivered at the feel of his hands over her waist, and his mouth over her breasts, with his teasing tongue dashing against a nipple with little respite. He had finally stopped, coming up, kissing her mouth again; his hands found her skirt and undid it. He sat off of her long enough to remove it; she made no move to stop him.

''Giving up so soon, babe? I though you had more fight in you than that.'' He raised his eyebrows and smirked. He sat back on his knees, his hands behind his head, smiling smugly at her.

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, and whispered to him in a low, shaky rasp.


If she couldn't make him yell-yet-she would make him keep going. You want me, you got me. But now, I better be yelling-no, screaming, your name, you devil. She rubbed the back of his neck.

''Now, that is exactly what I want to hear.'' He grabbed at her shorts, tugging them rather violently off; her underwear and boots were the only things left on. He paused to kiss her legs from the knee to her mid-thigh; running his tongue up and down them for a brief moment to enjoy the taste of her soft skin, before resting his head on one. He breathed in and looked up at her. ''You're are horny as I am right now, little Lady.'' He grinned and rested his head up on her chest after boosting himself up a bit.

''You should...take that as a compliment.''

''Oh, I do.'' He got his evil little grin again, reached down, and yanked off her underwear so fast that she thought he'd tear them.

''Careful, you jerk!'' She swatted him on his head again like she always did. Well, when she had finally gotten out of the habit of just shooting him.

He sat back and drank in her body with his eyes for a moment; he hadn't taken his own boots or trousers off yet; she was left in just her red leather combat boots, herself. He ran his hands up her legs, almost to the center...then traced them back down. He pulled himself up on her hips again, knees on either side of her, and took her mouth in his, biting at her lower lip until she moaned. His hands worked down her waist, to her hips, and to the center...he maneuvered his thumb so it touched her right in her most sensitive spot. She shivered and moaned in his arms; cursing her weakness but allowing herself to enjoy his touch to the fullest.

''You know, you're beautiful like this...I don't know why you were so damned shy.'' He smiled softly at her, as he traced his hands over her body, slowly, admiring her.

''I...I don't know, either. I just...'' His touch made her weak, inside and out. She hated weakness, normally-especially inner weakness-but this was a different kind. She could feel the affection radiating off of him as he traced his hands over her smooth skin.

''Shhh...'' He kissed her, more gently this time. ''Just enjoy yourself.''

His hands continued their path; running between her legs, touching her wetness again. He grinned, letting his finger maneuver around skillfully down there, parting her a bit. He shifted himself around to get better access. She sucked in breath; biting her lip. He licked over her mouth, first the lower lip, than the upper, before nibbling her jawline, her neck, to her ear, running his tongue around it. He slipped one finger into her.

She gasped and bucked against him. ''Dante!'' She nearly cursed herself for shouting the name already. This is just going to egg him on.

Now, he smiled broadly again...and completely evilly. He kissed down her neck, and to her other breast; circling his tongue slowly over it, flicking it quickly against it, and drawing it into his mouth to suck it. He had shifted so it was easier for him to maneuver his fingers in her nether regions; he slid it in and out slowly, sometimes tracing around the outside. Lady gasped and moaned, she was nearly falling apart from the feelings running through her body. He was breathing heavily as well, as if the act of turning her on was turning him on-and she could tell, it was indeed. He finally withdrew his finger, sat back for a moment, and with a little grin, licked it off slowly, as he gazed at her with eyes that seemed to have a bit of blue fire in them, in the outside light. She closed her eyes; not knowing if she wanted to see that. He slid up her body, kissing her the whole way, and he pushed her over so she was lying on the couch in a more traditional manner. He kissed his way over to her ear, and whispered something that almost turned her to water.

''Now, you'll yell my name, Lady. You'll yell it so loud they'll hear you down the street. I'm going to eat you alive.''

Lady's train of thought nearly broke down at the station for good at those words. She lost all ability to make any sort of witty comeback like she always could to his little, perverted quips. She just quivered, bit her lip, and moaned; she managed to run her hands through his hair and down his back again.

Dante began kissing slowly back down her neck, pausing at her mouth for awhile, before kissing down her throat, her chest, and to a breast once again; he wasn't quite finished with these. He tugged at it gently in his teeth; his tongue circling it again. He sucked harder at it; Lady's moans of pleasure kept him going. He wanted to please her. The reason why he wanted to hear her scream his name, was to tell him he did his job. He shifted a bit; his own erection was a bit uncomfortable...but he would survive for awhile. His hands wrapped around her hips, sliding over them, admiring them. He kissed down from her breast after one more bite and hit her stomach; when he reached her navel he licked around it and kissed it. He traveled to her thigh, his hands parting them, his ears enjoying the sounds of her heavy breaths and whimpers; he had her so aroused, he knew it and he loved every minute of it.

He kissed up her thigh, stopping just short of the center; though the scent of her sex alone was enough to almost drive him insane himself. He kissed her other thigh, all the way up; but again stopped just short. Lady had her head back against the arm of the couch, on a small pillow; she felt him slide her legs onto his shoulders as he lay on the couch himself, between them, his legs hanging off the other edge; but the couch was long enough to take them both rather comfortably. His arms wrapped slowly under her waist to hold her up a bit; the feel of his breath and hair against her legs caused her to shiver uncontrollably.

When she felt the tip of his tongue run up her sex, slowly, from bottom to top, she had to bite her fist to keep from screaming out already. Her hands tangled in the hair that she loved so much to play with. He looked up at her for a moment, smiling the most evil grin she had ever seen him with.

''Tell me if you get uncomfortable.''

She blinked shaking her head for a moment, trying to gather some sort of thought back. ''H..huh?''

''I'm going to be here awhile.'' He licked her up and down one more time before delving into her fully.

If Lady's train of thought wasn't broken before, it was certainly destroyed now, when she felt the warmth of his mouth take her in. She could only feel his mouth and tongue working; his hands sliding over her hips holding her tightly to him.

Dante lightly licked at her; running his tongue around her folds of skin, letting her taste fill him for a moment. His eyes were closed, and right now, he could think of nothing he liked better than this. He flicked his tongue quickly against her, slowed it down, slid it down to thrust it inside of her a few times. His tongue was quite long; she gasped out, loudly, with each thrust. He sucked gently at her; backing up a bit to quickly flick his tongue over her sex, everywhere he could, though he stayed a bit away from her most sensitive spot for now. He wanted to tease her a bit before he brought her to a full orgasm...or her first one, anyway. He didn't have any plans to let her go until she completely satisfied-and only then would he take her fully. He was enjoying every second of those thoughts; this was something he had been wanting to do for months. Her taste and scent drove him nuts; his hands slid gently over her stomach, rubbing it a bit as he began to slowly circle his tongue around her again; giving her a few long licks with it before resuming sucking at her.

Lady barely knew what was going on. She only knew she hadn't felt this much pleasure, ever. She looked down at him for a moment; his blue eyes met hers, and she could see they held expressions of pure enjoyment. She gripped his hair and held him; bucking her hips against his mouth so she could feel him thrust his tongue deeper inside. For a brief moment, she managed to grab some thoughts in her head...why didn't she let him do this before? He had nipped at her legs when they were lying there tons of times, and while it turned her on...she never let him in. The thoughts were quickly interrupted as his tongue brushed on her most sensitive rough spot for a moment. It paused, and then she felt him wrap his lips around it and suck at it while dashing his tongue against it at the same time.

She screamed his name loud enough for anyone who was outside to have a very good idea what was going on. She felt him smile against her as he continued to torture the little spot; until he stopped and licked slowly around her again; he didn't want her to climax-the first time-just yet. It was more than him being perverted-though he was-he adored Lady deeply, and wanted her to feel all the pleasure she could. His own loins ached, they wanted to feel her, to be inside of her-but he wouldn't, yet. He wanted her to know what real ecstasy was before he let himself go; her now loud, gasping moans of pleasure turned him on just as much as the taste of her liquid heat against his tongue. The couch would likely be soaked when he was done-or so he hoped, anyway-but no matter, she could sleep in his room.

He finally, after some time, decided to let her climax; her shaking legs and uneven moans let him know her pleasure was absolute; he drew her clit into his mouth again and sucked harder at it; and then began to bite at it lightly. Lady yelled out again, holding his head tightly to him; he kept nipping and licking at her until he finally felt her body shudder against him, she cried out his name again, shaking, as the orgasm took her over. He slid his tongue inside of her again to better taste her as he drank her in; he waited until her body shuddered against him one last time before slowly separating from her, licking her clean and kissing her a few times before gently untangling her legs from his shoulders and sitting up. He smiled down at her, tracing his hand up and down her legs; his mouth a bit wet in the lights that came in. She looked up at him, trying to refocus. She felt so incredibly...amazing right now, she didn't want the feeling to end.

''D...Dante.'' she managed to squeak out.

''Rest up for a minute, babe. I'm not done with you yet. You taste too sweet for me not to want more.''

''H...huh?'' She didn't think she could take another round of that. But Dante didn't look like he cared. He was planning on fully taking her to bliss one more time.

Dante undid her boots; he tossed them to the floor, and kicked his own off; his trousers remained on, with his rather aroused shaft obviously poking against them. He reshifted it, and he caressed her for a bit with a smile on his face; when Lady looked like she was getting coherent thought back, he knelt in front of her on the couch.

''Dante? What the hell are you...planning?''

He grinned evilly at her again. ''I want to try something. This won't be long, I don't want the blood to rush to your head.''

She blinked. ''Wha?''

Before she knew it, his hands were around her waist again, pulling her up, draping her knees over his shoulders...and she was, indeed, upside down.

''Dante...'' she managed to say, weakly, ''Of all the thing...I...aaaaaaahhh!'' She was cut off as she felt his tongue thrust deeply into her wetness again. She was still very sensitive from her first orgasm; but he was careful; he knew exactly where to go while she recovered; she felt that cursed tongue of his dashing around her again, alternating between licking around the outside, and dipping deep inside of her, while he drank her in like she was honey. To him, that's what she was. He kept her here only for a short while, as he didn't want her to, well, pass out from the position, but it had allowed him more access than before; he was a bit slower this time, letting her build up again. She was in no risk of falling; her legs were holding him, and his strong arms around her waist, as he knelt there, continuing to drink her in. He knew he'd get another one out of her soon enough. He had gently started to lower her down, when she had finally found a burst of energy somewhere inside of her, and pushed him over onto his back. He blinked, his hair completely disheveled, his mouth obscenely wet, and an evil gleam in his eye.


She yanked his trousers down, exposing his manhood; she grabbed at it and tugged. She heard him gasp out and moan lightly; and it made her smile. She positioned herself over him-her hips over his mouth, and her head right over his shaft. She heard Dante chuckle to himself, a bit shakily, as he smiled and kissed her thighs.

''So this is how it is,'' she heard, before she felt his lips press against her and his tongue beginning it's evil work again.

But now Lady could try a few things herself. She used her hands at first; gently stroking him; trying to concentrate with his tongue and mouth sucking greedily at her. It was difficult, but she had willpower. She wanted to hear him get loud, too. She started flicking her tongue against his head; while stroking it with a free hand; her other hand on his muscular leg. She felt him quiver beneath her; and smiled, before she shouted out herself as he took her clit between his teeth again and stroked it with his tongue. Trying to stay on focus, she took his head into her mouth, sucking it gently at first, running her tongue around it, before taking him slowly deeper, and sucking harder.

The moans he made underneath of her gave her even more satisfaction than she thought they would. She felt him pull away for a moment; gasping, before he moaned...''Gods, Lady...what...are you doing to me, woman...?''

She stopped for a moment. ''Why should I be the only one who gets eaten alive?'' She swallowed him again, running her tongue up and down his shaft, as her hand maneuvered to underneath to fondle him at the same time. She felt him bite down a bit harder than normal a few times; she shook, but it wasn't too painful for her; she then felt his tongue thrust deeply inside of her again...and a wet finger slip into her rear.

She had to let him go and scream out at that point, shaking. ''D...Dante!!'' At those words she felt him smile again. It was obvious he was not going to stop until she came so strongly she couldn't move. She took a second to refocus from the extraordinarily pleasurable assault that was going on between her legs, and took him deep into her mouth again; as deep as she could go. She felt his licking grow uneven for a moment as he moaned, rather loudly. She smiled in satisfaction; and after she began to run her tongue around his head again; she felt the beginnings of a salty liquid begin to form. She had no intention of stopping until he was dry; even though she might have to wait a bit to take him inside of her-which she also wanted. She sucked harder and faster at him; her head moving up and down; sometimes having to stop because of his tongue doing something otherworldly to her down at his end, and her not being able to concentrate; sometimes she felt him slow down and whimper when she began to tease him more. It continued for an amount of time neither of them knew-or even cared about. She found she enjoyed the taste of him on her tongue; the salty, somewhat bitter taste, but it was...him. She knew how he felt, now; it was pleasing her to hear him moan in excitement, to feel him twitching in her mouth, sometimes bucking his hips against her; the two were driving each other to pleasure now in a perfect circle.

Finally, she felt his hips begin to twitch faster, thrusting himself deeper into her mouth; she backed up a bit but continued to suck, faster, as well as working with her hands on his lower shaft. She nipped at his head and listened to him separate and yell out; and this made her happier than she was, if that was possible. Finally, she felt his body tense; his manhood start to contract a bit, and he came so strongly with a shout that was almost as loud as hers was earlier.

''God...L...Lady! Don..Don't stop! Please!''

She smiled as she took his seed into her mouth and sucked lightly; she not only made him shout out, but beg. Sucking at him as he continued to orgasm, swallowing, until he shuddered one final time, and laid his head back for a moment, gasping. She was close to orgasm herself; she tried not to let it distract her, as she removed her mouth from him. He shivered beneath of her, breathing like no man, or beast, should breathe; for a moment she thought she had did him in-until she felt his finger back into her rear and his mouth biting again at the most sensitive spot on her body-the spot that only he knew. She lay over him, her head on his moist manhood, arms around his legs, and allowed him to continue taking her all the way to bliss once again; his tongue doing things that she hadn't felt even before now as her shaky voice let slip a few almost painful moans.

Suddenly, she had a few thoughts race through her head, even with everything going on. She gathered up all of her strength and lifted herself off of him; or tried to. He stopped when he felt her move. He was panting.

''Lady? Everything ok?'' He ran his hands down her sides.

She didn't say a word; she wanted to show him that she wasn't completely submissive. She managed to crawl off of him, and around...positioning herself with her knees on either side of his head, looking down at him. She had a smile on her somewhat tired looking face that was as evil as his could be. Dante blinked for a moment.

The sight of this almost made him hard again, even though he was still half-dry. His eyes gleamed and he got a smile on his face that was one of pure lust.

''Oh, jesus, little Lady...''

Before she could tease him by slowly lowering herself onto him, he wrapped his hands around her hips and pulled her down to his mouth, where she felt his tongue begin it's work all over again.

Lady felt smug for a few moments; she managed to get herself partially in control again; but when she felt his tongue swirling, circling, and teasing her again, she lost control, her hand on the side of the couch, her head thrown back, moaning louder than she had before. He could access her fully from this position-and he took advantage of that. His finger slipped back into her, as he began to shake himself underneath of her; he was enjoying this as much as she was. There was a bit of fierce pride in his eyes whenever he opened them to steal a glance at her; pride that he managed to break down her walls and tempt her into being as uninhibited and untamed as he was, at least for this night. She would sometimes look down to watch him in his concentration.

He finally removed his finger, gripped her, and pulled her against him as he tortured her for the final moments; she finally yelled out loudly again, as an orgasm even more powerful than the first tore through her body; he drank her honey in, her taste beginning to arouse him all over again, and she could feel him still shivering underneath of her, in sheer pleasure. Finally, when her body stopped quivering, he continued to lick her clean again; probing his completely evil tongue around her for a bit more until he finally separated himself from her, kissing her thighs and center a few more times. He sighed, heavily and with great pleasure, as he gently repositioned her over him; so he could look at her.

The look in Lady's eyes was that of bliss. They were heavy-lidded, her hair soaked with perspiration, as was both of their bodies. Lady could still taste him; he looked down at him, his silver hair plastered to his head from sweat; his mouth, chin, and even somewhat down his neck covered with something else. He had a fully-content look in his eyes, and smiled at her; almost warmly. He traced his hand over her face, through her hair and back again; running his fingers down her cheeks.

''Little Lady...that was...amazing.''

She managed to grin at him. ''I couldn't let you have all the fun, now...'' She shivered again. ''But whatever you did...'' His tongue alone had done more for her than anything she had felt before. She wondered what having him inside fully would feel like. She hoped she didn't tire him out too much, that he would be able to recuperate. But then again, this was Dante.

''I wanted to please you. I told you, I was gonna eat you alive.'' He grinned. ''Looks like I did my job.'' He ran his tongue around his lips and mouth several times, tasting her again. He then pulled her close and kissed her deeply; she returned it in favor, probably more passionately than she had ever kissed him before. It didn't matter they could taste each other- if anything, it made it even more arousing and complete, knowing that they each knew one another better than anyone else. She felt his powerful legs tangle in hers and hold her there, his arms around her back, one hand holding the back of her again, almost protectively. After what seemed like an eternity, they broke apart, his ornery blue eyes now with a look of gentle affection. He looked at her for a long time like this, a small smile on his lips, his free hand tracing over her face, around her ear, down her neck and shoulder. He finally spoke.

''Lady, I promise you. Whatever you want, I'm here. You knew that already, I know. But I promise you, that no man will ever treat you like I will. If you want me, you have me. However you want. I'll be yours. Yours only, and no one else's.''

She realized what it was about him as she heard his words; and read between the lines. Through all of his perversion, his crudeness, his foul mouth, his outright what seemed like insanity and a completely carefree attitude, he cared for her more than he could even say. It was his actions. He wasn't one for those mushy words. He let his actions speak a hundredfold. Lady knew that actions-even a single action-meant more anyday than a bunch of words could, but it just took her awhile to realize it. Dante never asked things like how your day went; he could just...tell if something was wrong. He never tried to give her the 'It's ok, dear,' lines; he would walk over to her, brush back her hair and hold her against him until he felt her relax. After the terrible incident at Temen-Ni-Gru, when she was at her most sensitive still, they still hadn't known each other super-well yet; but he would walk over to her and allow her to sob right onto his chest; his hands, stained with the blood of thousands of demons, wiping her tears away with a touch more gentle than anything. He would take blades and scythes skewered through his body for her; while they did little to him, they did still hurt for a moment, but he didn't care, as she would have been hurt much worse.

On the times she did get injured-a blade, set of claws or demonic hands slashing or grabbing her, he would tear into the demon with a fury of a million hells behind him, sometimes filling them full of so many bullets one lost count until it nearly-or fully-disintegrated into red spray, slashing it to utter ribbons in seconds with his sword, its cursed blood spraying out everywhere, and not stopping until the demon was in pieces, sometimes going as far as to brutally tear it limb from limb, with only his bare hands, throwing the pieces into the other demons, daring them to even think about attacking them-or even throwing the demon who tried to kill her to the ground, while it was still fully alive, only to trample it down into the dirt under his boots, from its legs to its head, until there was nothing left but red gore and ruin. His eyes were pure blue fire when he did snap like this; only to lose their flame and be filled with concern as he would wipe the blood from her with his own coat and wrap her up. Lady was a good healer, and tough-but again still human, and he took no chances. Even if he raged like this, she never feared him-because she knew him inside.

Dante's actions to her spoke more volumes than about any human's ever had. But hearing those words finally come out of him, and knowing what he meant, made her tighten with emotion. But before she could speak, he placed a finger over her lips.

''You don't have to say anything, Lady.'' He smiled. He took her face in both of his hands and kissed her again; before holding her to him for awhile; the room smelled of sex and sweat; they were covered in it themselves, but he held her to him, letting the breeze from the outside blow over them.

I know, Dante. I love you, too. She stayed silent, however, and simply traced her fingers down his cheek, looking at him.


Time had passed as they recovered a bit, just holding one another, occasionally speaking a word or two, and kissing. The feeling in Lady's midsection was still pleasant; he had managed to bring her to ecstacy twice, without even entering her. Just thinking about it made her warm and aroused again. Judging by the feeling of something poking against her and the smile that appeared on Dante's face, he was thinking the same thing.

''Are you ready for me, Lady?'' He grinned, the playful grin which used to drive her to frustration or exasperation, but she now began to love.

''Mmmm...'' she could only say. ''Please.''

He gently lifted her off of him, and lay her back down; one brush of his hand told him she was still aroused. He went down to kiss her between the legs again a few more times, probing her again just a tiny bit with his tongue; he then stood up and lowered himself onto her. He supported himself with his arms, smiling.

''If it hurts, you tell me.''

''I...I will.'' For some reason, she didn't think she'd mind a little pain.

He slowly slid himself into her; working his way in, until she was filled. She gasped at bit her lip a few times; but he brushed a hand over her face, while supporting himself with his other arm; touching his fingertips across under her eye, and then gripped the back of her neck, and while he was inside of her, not moving yet, he leaned down and kissed her, deeply. She slid her arms up over his muscular back, holding him tightly; she moaned from the feeling of him inside of her. It felt better than she could have imagined. He moved a few times gently; but not much yet, as he too was savoring the feeling of finally being one with her. The kiss broke, and he moved himself again against her slightly, pressing himself deeper; he moaned himself, and bit his lip before running his mouth down her cheek and began to thrust.

She shivered at the feeling of him, finally inside of her. He wasn't too rough at all; he slowly drove himself inside of her, with an arm around her back, holding her to him. He was breathing heavily; grunting from the feeling; he too was enjoying the sheer pleasure of feeling her against him, and the feeling of her surrounding him. His head was raised, his eyes closed as he thrust; he looked down right into her eyes. Her nails ran down his back; she groaned against him, and began thrusting her hips up, as well. The went at a steady, slow pace for awhile; he wanted this to last as long as he could. He had fairly good control over himself; but he had his limits, and the feeling of being inside of her could shorten them rather efficiently.

He finally began to speed up; thrusting himself inside of her deeper, sitting up, holding one of her legs in his arm, and kept driving himself into her. His head was down, chin almost on his chest, as the breeze from the window continued to blow in. She started to yelp louder now; the feeling of him so deep inside of her was causing her thoughts to shut down again. He continued, quicker and quicker yet, until he finally slowed down and came to a stop for a moment; breathing in an almost demonic rasp; but smiling down at her quivering form. He stayed inside of her, tracing a hand over her face; she looked at him, eyes heavy lidded, her body enjoying the feeling of being one with this man that she now knew inside she cared for more than anything in this world, or any other-and the fact he felt the same.

''I want to try something,'' he said, in a low voice. He stood up...regretting leaving her warmth for even that split second, but picked her up and entered her again with a moan. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he supported her. He thrust up into her a few times like this; he could feel himself going deeper. Lady gasped and gripped him tighter.

''Dante? Wha...''

''This way,'' he whispered, walking, not without trouble, to the corner, where there was a small, square desk. He sat her on it, one arm around her waist, supporting her so she didn't hit the wall too hard; his other hand wrapping underneath the joint of her knee, holding it up. He smiled at her and took her lower lip in his, sucking and nipping at it before he began to thrust again; his hips positioned in between her legs. His breathing took on a raspy quality, and the fact he could reach deeper inside of her made them both begin to moan loudly once again; his strong hand, supporting her leg, gently caressed it at the same time, Lady was leaned against the wall, her head down, running a free hand up and down his stomach. He thrust faster again, grunting heavily; he could feel himself coming almost to the end; but he would hold on longer, so his Lady could get all she could out of this; her moans and little squeals of pleasure, and the fact he could hear her whispering his name in a soft voice, kept him going. He pushed himself up against her tightly, feeling her bare torso over his; slipped his hand from around her back, making sure she was secure against the wall, and tilted her head up. She was sweating, her eyes were bright; but it was with pleasure-the pleasure of him inside of her, of him next to her, of his scent overtaking her. Just...of him. His fingers brushed under her eyes; he leaned down, still tightly inside of her, thrusting a bit slower; and kissed her cheek, down it, and to her lips again.

''Dante...'' She swallowed hard. Her mouth was dry; her body and mind were a torrent of emotion.

He kissed her deeply again before she could say anything. Caressing her face, he thrust inside her again, and again-making sure she was comfortable the whole time, despite the somewhat odd position; both of their moans gaining in volume; their bodies shaking. He kissed her on her forehead finally, after stopping his thrusts.

''Lady...'' he whispered, his throat dry.

He repositioned himself again, lifting her up so she had her legs wrapped around his waist, still deep inside of her. He carried her back to the couch, lay her down and entered her again; he wanted to finish it so she was fully comfortable. He drove deeper into her yet; and faster, ragged breath coming out of him with great force; Lady's entire body felt weak. She gasped louder, and louder yet as she felt herself begin to come to climax-for the third time tonight-against him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling his slender, but strong hips pressed against hers; and bit at his shoulder again; the way small whimpers came out of him told her he loved it. Her nails raked his back, he sped up more; she could feel him grow sweatier; she tasted the salt on his skin. Finally, as his thrusting became almost unbearable; she clamped over him and yelled out again, louder than she had all night, as the orgasm took her over fully.


He kept pumping his hips against her, feeling himself almost there. Lady's small body quivered beneath him; she felt the blood rushing in her ears as her bliss finally passed; he thrust only for a short while more, until she clamped down on him again, even tighter; her legs wrapped around him, and he yelled out her name, his head thrown back.

''My god, Lady!''

He finally felt himself let go, his manhood pulsing inside of her. She felt the warmth of his seed as it filled her, and she bit at his neck, best she could, as she was almost completely brainless. He let himself collapse on top of her; still supporting himself enough that he didn't smother her. He panted, trying to catch his breath, his silky hair slick with sweat against his forehead. Lady managed to bring a shaking hand around to push it from his eyes, and run her fingers down his cheek when he turned his head up to her. He finished catching his breath. He managed to get some of his strength back; his rather impressive abilities could help with this-though he was so full of pleasure and relief, he still looked plenty sleepy and content. He grinned at her.

''Did you like me?'' He still hadn't pulled himself out of her.


''I know, I'm great.''

This man is unreal. He is absolutely unreal, she thought as she managed to come to some sort of sense. She looked at him, smiling. ''Even now, no modesty. A bit full of yourself, are we?''

''Full of you, more like, babe.'' He wagged his tongue at her.

And still as classy as ever, I see. But she smiled at him gently; and ran her hands through his wet hair, not minding the feeling of his now-released manhood against her, still. He slid himself out, finally. She wrapped her hands gently around his neck; his chin was resting on her upper chest. He looked...damned cute there like that, when you got down to it-from his wicked little self-satisfying grin, to the wicked gleam in his eyes, to his disheveled hair. ''Seemed like I wasn't the only one who screamed out a name.''

''Lady, I'll scream your name anytime you want to hear it.'' He grinned. ''You certainly drained me.''

She liked to hear that. He didn't hold all the cards tonight, at least...but she didn't think she'd be walking very well until tomorrow.

He sat up for a moment, to try to clean up somewhat, but he was really beat; he wanted nothing more right now than to sleep, with her warm body on top of his. When he was done, he grabbed his longcoat and tossed it onto the couch; he lay down, despite it being mildly covered with the night's festivities, motioning her to lay on top of him. He covered the two of them in his coat. It smelled of sweat, of perhaps a little bit of beer and stale smoke from the bar, and had a hint of some other less pleasant things...but to Lady it smelled like comfort. She propped herself up to look at him, his head on one of the small pillows. He smiled, rather broadly.

''Still thinking about me inside of you? I know, I'm hard to forget.''

''You're impossible.'' She stuck her tongue out; he caught it in a kiss. ''But...maybe we can do this again.'' She grinned back.

''Maybe, woman? You sure know how to torture the guy who let you basically move into his bachelor pad, gets you jobs, buys you drinks, takes scythes through his body for you and would gladly lay his head between your sweet little legs and pleasure you until you tell him to stop.'' He ran his hands through her hair, which was drying now.

''Just shut up. Stay ahead while you can.'' She returned a kiss to him, down his jaw and his neck, before looking into his eyes, which were shining with affection.

''Ahh, so you admit I'm ahead.''

''He...damnit!'' He got me. The devil finally got me.

Dante laughed long and hard about that one, rather proud of himself. He had her in the palm of his hand, he knew it. But he didn't need to tell her that she had him the same way. ''Ah, my little Lady...just lay here with me for awhile, would you?'' His arms snugged around her back; again with his more protective grasp. He let one arm go for a minute to trace his fingers down her cheek again, around her mouth. He pulled her up so her head was close to his, resting a hand on the back of her head and stroking her hair. The feeling of his hand there relaxed her completely; she had not one regret about this night.

She fell asleep, breathing in his scent, and thought half-mindedly to herself that she was, indeed, his.


Lady stirred; a scent had assaulted her nostrils. Her eyes opened and she noticed it was darker than normal inside; only a couple of the smaller lights were on, and then she glanced out the window and saw that the early fall storm had hit. It was blowing wind and rain against the wooden walls of the building; the windows were still open, and the scent it blew in was quite refreshing...but it was mingled with something else which she couldn't place at this very second. Glancing over at the clock, she saw it was only nine in the morning; she was lying alone, with Dante's jacket still over her. She looked down and saw him sitting on the other end of the couch, dressed only in his trousers, his legs crossed up on a wooden chair, watching something on TV.

He had an entire pizza on the table next to the couch, and a large bottle of very sugary looking cola on the floor in front of him. They freaking deliver this early? When he heard her stir, he looked over at her, a slice hanging out of his mouth. Without saying anything, he grabbed a slice out of the box and offered it to her, as he finished devouring the one he had. He took a pull of cola.

''Breakfast?'' He grinned.

''Uuugh...'' The smell of greasy pizza at nine AM was not the first thing she needed to smell after the refreshing wind and rain. ''Dante, what the hell? Can't you eat like a normal person?''

''Bah, people eat pizza all the time for breakfast. And besides babe, who said I was normal?''

Isn't that the truth. She repositioned herself, however, so her head was on his lap, his jacket still over her, and half watched the TV, as he continued eating his prize with one arm draped under the coat and over her. She took his hand in hers and interlocked the fingers, before glancing up and smiling. He took the pizza out of his mouth, leaned over, and kissed her full on, probing that rather uncontrollable tongue of his around her mouth. After it broke, he smiled at her again, ruffling her hair before taking her hand back in his. He went back to his 'breakfast', obviously meaning to eat the entire massive thing while watching whatever crappy, badly-dubbed kung fu movie happened to be on nine am Sunday morning. Even a couple of minutes after the kiss, she could still taste the wonderful mixture of pizza with sausage and pepperoni, extra cheese, hot sauce, and sugary cola in her mouth.

In other words, it tasted like Dante.

At that very moment, there wasn't anything she enjoyed more. She lay her head back down on him, listening to the rain blow against the wooden shop, feeling for the first time in her life actually secure. He didn't have to say anything, the fingers that brushed over her hand and the occasional kiss he would give her in between inhaling his breakfast pizza said it all.

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