Author Notes: This story centers mainly around Hanabusa Aido and Yori Wakaba. It is a spin-off from Hold Me, since most of the main characters there will also appear here from time to time. I guess I can't wait for Hold Me to end before starting this story, so I hope you enjoy both. And I hope it doesn't get too confusing for you or for me, LOL!

Pre-requisite: You should be familiar with Hold Me as No Matter What will contain references to some of the past events in Hold Me. This story starts right after Chapter 17 (Holiday Break) of Hold Me. Hence, Yori already knows about Zero Kiryuu and the Night Class students being vampires.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight or its characters.

- Chapter Start -

The blond haired girl looked at the mirror in her room, critically eyeing the healing puncture marks at the base of her neck. Two neat scabs had formed on her otherwise flawless skin. Yori Wakaba made a mental note to herself that she would have to keep her school shirt buttoned up for the next couple of days until the scabs dried up and fell off, especially since classes would resume tomorrow morning after the four day holiday break. She'd also noticed Yuuki doing the same thing about once a week – when she remembered to, anyway – and Yori had known for some time why the reason was.

Yori had joined the Chairman, Zero and Yuuki for a short break by the seaside. The four of them returned to Cross Academy yesterday evening, after a holiday that had not quite gone according to plan. The Chairman had hit his head when he fell down during a walk up a small jungle at the beach, and required an overnight stay in a hospital, Yuuki Cross had injured her knee in the same fall, Zero Kiryuu had dislocated his shoulder while trying to stop them both from falling into a deep ravine, and she – Yori – had found out first hand what a vampire – Zero Kiryuu – looked like when his bloodlust was aroused.

She had also found out what it was like to give her blood to a vampire, because Zero had steadfastly refused to take from an injured Yuuki and from an unconscious Chairman, who had passed out after hitting his head. Somewhat to Yori's surprise, the actual drawing of blood hadn't been as frightening as she'd thought. It was partly because Yuuki had reassured her and been there with her, and partly because Zero, despite his grumpy personality and taciturn character, had been gentle and considerate.

But at least Yori now knew what it was like to be bitten by a vampire… even if the vampire whose bite she initially dreamt of wasn't Zero Kiryuu's... but Hanabusa Aido's. Yes, the playboy of the Night Class. The tousle haired blond aristocrat, fondly known as 'Idol-sempai' by his large group of besotted Day Class fans who queued up daily outside the Moon Dorm gates to stare and squeal at him.

Yori sighed. Of all the boys in Cross Academy, both Day and Night Class, she would have to fall for the most brainless and frivolous one of all. And he wasn't even human. As far as she could tell, Aido's personality was the complete opposite of hers. She was quiet, studious and observant. He was loud, known for skipping classes and oblivious to anything but the excited screams of his fan club.

And he didn't even know she existed. Sure, he'd danced with her during the school dance… Yori was pretty sure it was Yuuki who got Aido to approach her for a dance but at that point, she didn't care. Yori had taken care to dress nicely that evening, in a light green chiffon number that made her soft blond curls appear almost golden under the lights in the school hall, and her eyes a deeper, mysterious green – she knew she looked good.

The Chairman had said she looked beautiful when he danced with her and Yori thanked him politely while dexterously staying away from his two left feet. All her other partners had been complimentary as well, even the Night Class ones.

Takuma Ichijo, the Assistant Dorm Leader of the Night Class, was Yori's first dance partner, and he'd complimented both her appearance as well as her dancing skills. Even Akatsuki Kain, her other Night Class dance partner, had said she looked lovely, although Yori was uncomfortably aware of the fact that his eyes often strayed past her shoulders to rest upon the lovely Ruka Souen, with an almost wistful expression that told Yori all too clearly how he felt about the honey blond vampire beauty.

Yori had been envious when she saw Aido approaching Yuuki for a dance. And startled when the tousle-haired blond noble approached her next, bowing over her suddenly nerveless hand with faultless grace. It was her turn to be envied, Yori knew as she caught sight of the group of openly jealous Day Class girls who had been stalking the vampire noble the whole evening. And Yori felt like she was floating on air for the next few minutes, being twirled around by the very person she had a crush on...

Surprisingly though, Aido hadn't spoken much during their dance together. Yori had kept quiet as well, trying desperately to maintain her composure as well as the fact that she liked him. She now wondered if he'd been... well... intimidated by her cool manner. Certainly he hadn't asked her to dance a second time, and she was sure he'd forgotten her name the moment the dance ended.

Still, Yori was quite sure it was Yuuki who put him up to it, and she tried to return the favour later, when she realised Zero Kiryuu had been staring at her friend the whole evening. Yuuki looked gorgeous that night, dressed in a pale gold silk dress, and her fellow prefect had been staring at her the whole evening, looking like he desperately wanted to dance with her.

Yori had quite diplomatically asked Zero to dance with Yuuki – that had been Yuuki's plan after all - but his response wasn't very encouraging, glaring at her fiercely and denying he'd been staring at Yuuki at all. But it had ended well because Yuuki had found Zero-kun after that, and all but pulled him onto the floor towards the end of the dance.

A small smile curved Yori's lips. She didn't know what was said between them then, but it was nice to see Zero-kun laughing uproariously for a change, instead of the habitual frown he always wore. Of course, only Yuuki could do that... the girl Zero Kiryuu was in love with.

- o -

The following evening, the Night Class was seated in the dining room of their Moon Dorm building, finishing up their breakfast of freshly brewed coffee or tea, and equally freshly baked pastries before their lessons started for the night. Aido yawned, propping his cheek on his hand as he poured himself a second cup of tea. He placed the tip of his finger on the rim of the teacup and its steaming contents cooled at once.

"Hey, I think you've forgotten the new book," said his cousin, Akatsuki Kain, who was eyeing the stack of books beside Aido's crumb scattered plate. "We're supposed to bring it to class tonight, you know."

Aido's lazy expression didn't change but he sat up. Tonight's teacher was inclined to be extremely put out if any of his students forgot a book or an assignment, even his prized pupil. The young noble sighed as he scraped back his chair and stood up.

"Be right back, Kaname-sama," he said as the Dorm Leader glanced up from his seat at the head of the table.

"We're starting soon, Aido," murmured Kaname Kuran.

Aido nodded then walked out of the dining room and across the hall. He went up the grand staircase two at a time and strode briskly to the room he shared with his cousin. Aido often looked and walked like he wouldn't even be able to run if his life depended upon it, but when he was alone, he actually moved a little faster and less... languidly. He supposed it was part of the 'playboy' act he had rather unconsciously cultivated during his very first week here in Cross Academy.

Crossing over to his desk by the window, Aido found the missing book. Even though the windows were shut tight, he could still hear the excited screams of the Day Class girls who were once again gathered outside the Moon Dorm gates, deliriously anticipating the moment when they would swing open. Aido glanced out the window. His sharp eyes picked out the two figures of Zero Kiryuu and Yuuki Cross standing in front of the gates, arms folded and keeping an eye on the Day Class students in front of them while they chatted quietly to each other.

The silver haired prefect was looking noticeably happier than two months ago when Aido had let his impulsive behaviour get the better of him during Kaname's birthday party. That evening had not ended well at all. The Night Class had found out that Zero Kiryuu was an ex-human, and Aido had had to forgo five nights of uninterrupted beauty sleep to rake leaves – of all things – under the broiling midday sun no less... Kaname's punishment for him. Not to mention the two sharp and humiliating slaps the pureblood had dealt him right in front of his own classmates who were gathered at the party. Kiryuu had come across him one afternoon – Aido still flushed at the memory – and had anonymously helped him out with a most useful book from the library, borrowed through Kain.

Aido pursed his lips a little. The most surprising result that arose from that week was that Kiryuu had started to cut him some slack when it came to greeting his fan club, and that Aido himself had started to hold back a little from flirting too outrageously with them.

Surprising indeed.

Aido's blue eye flicked over to the Cross girl. Being a School Prefect and the Chairman's adopted daughter, she also knew what the Night Class students actually were, and she also knew what Zero Kiryuu was, since she let him drink her blood regularly. Aido's brows met in a brief frown. He had never had a really high opinion of Yuuki to begin with, and he often wondered what Kaname saw in that ordinary human girl... other than her blood which he admitted was sweet. But Aido had to admit she was... brave.. in a sense, fearless with Zero...

Aido knew a large part of the Day Class girls' infatuation with him was due to the fact that they were oblivious of what he, and the rest of the Night Class, really were. If they knew... crimson eyes and fangs were not something that drew squeals of delight from humans... and Aido wondered if there was a single girl in that group who would look at him the way Yuuki Cross looked at Zero Kiryuu, or Kaname-sama - with deep affection, utter trust and a complete lack of fear.

Then again, he never thought that Cross girl particularly bright.

Aido shook his head and looked away. His gaze landed on a blond petite girl standing quietly to one side. She was leaning against a tree with her arms folded and seemed to be regarding the noisy bunch of girls in front of her with something akin to detached amusement on her pretty face. Aido remembered who she was – Sayori something or other, a close friend of Yuuki's.

He'd danced with her the last time only her steady green eyed gaze had a knack of making him swallow the famous one liners he was so fond of spouting. Somehow, she'd looked as if she wouldn't receive his compliments with the exact same happy giddiness of her other classmates, save for Yuuki Cross.

A particularly loud scream from one of the Day Class girls sounded and Aido's frown deepened. He was suddenly and fed up with their childish behaviour although he didn't know why.

The room door opened, startling Aido out of his reverie.

"Hanabusa – you still here? Kaname's asking whether you've fallen asleep again, he's leaving now," Kain stated as he saw his cousin standing by the window. "Counting the number of your fan girls for this evening?"

Aido shook his head, feeling morose.

"C'mon, Akatsuki, you know they only like us because of the way we look," he muttered. "If they knew what we really are, they'd all flee in fright."

Kain eyed him speculatively; he'd never seen his cousin in this mood before. Aido shrugged as he snagged his book and joined him at the door.

"Well, let's go," he said quietly. Kain nodded briefly and the two cousins walked back down the stairs.

Two minutes later, as the Night Class walked out of the gates to the daily screams that assaulted their ears, Aido's sharp eyes fell on the blond green eyed girl again. Sayori. He was surprised to see that she was looking straight at him. But a second later, she'd swung away and started walking off in the direction of the Sun Dorms.

Aido flashed his trademark smile at the Day Class girls, eliciting more screams and squeals from them. Turning, he saw Zero's lifted eyebrow aimed at him. Yes, there was much less rancor in the amethyst eyes that looked back at him, and Aido could've sworn the silver haired prefect had actually nodded at him. Granted, it was brief and fleeting but he had nodded. Even more surprising – Aido found himself returning the nod.

The moon must be purple tonight.

Aido turned and followed the others down the path to the classrooms. Heaven forbid that he should unbend so far as to actually smile at the silver haired impudent ex-human one day. A few steps later, he found himself glancing at the Sun Dorms, where a lone figure was walking towards.

That human girl Sayori. Now she was a puzzle... Aido found himself just a little bit intrigued with the girl who owned the largest and most coolly observant pair of green eyes he had ever seen.

- Chapter End -

A/N: In the VK anime, Yori has light brown hair and brown eyes, but I like to think of her as a blond with green eyes... :)