Chapter 4

The next night, Gwen was walking home from the arcade, as she walked she had a feeling she was being followed. Gwen quickened her pace but was suddenly grabbed by Wild Vine and dragged into an alley screaming. She tried to fight him off but it was no use.


Meanwhile, Grandpa Max was coming home from hanging out with his plumber friends when he heard screams come from an alleyway and he followed them until he found Wild Vine looming over Gwen

"Ben get off of her" he shouted

"Grandpa, I'm right behind you" he heard a voice say, he turned to see Ben standing at the head of the alleyway

"Then if you're there then who's that?" he asked looking back at the Wild Vine who looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

Gwen raised her hands

"Dewhat Lagura" she said, a tornado appeared and swept itself around the Wild Vine, sirens were suddenly heard as police cars pulled up.

Suddenly Wild Vine changed and in its place in the tornado was Kevin

"Kevin" Max gasped then he looked as his grandkids who smirked at each other, Gwen directed the tornado in the direction of the police and their cars and set Kevin down as some officers arrested him.

Gwen got up off the ground and exited the alley high-fiving Ben as he slipped his arm around her waist and they headed home to the RV with a bemused yet amused grandpa Max following them.


Ben was lying in his bed glad to be inside

"Psst" he frowned

"Psst" he heard someone hiss again, he rolled onto his side and lent over the edge of the top bunk and looked down coming face to face with Gwen

"Hey, I thought you were sleeping" he said quietly so as not to wake their grandpa

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I didn't believe you" Gwen replied quietly

"Well, I forgive you but I can't blame you for thinking it was me" Ben said.

Gwen smiled up at him

"Thanks" she said

"For what?" Ben asked

"For uncovering the truth and opening my eyes to the fact that you were right, you would never hurt me" Gwen replied, Ben smiled at her

"Glad I could be of assistance" he said as he lay back on his bed.

Three seconds later

"Ben" he heard Gwen whisper his name, he leant back over

"Yeah?" he said but his response was a kiss.

Not on the cheek, on the lips. Ben smiled kissing her back cupping her cheek, they kissed a little while before Ben pulled back

"Get up here" he hissed to her, Gwen snuck out of bed and climbed up into Ben's bed and snuggled under the covers as Ben claimed her mouth once more.

They kissed a little more passionately this time, Ben moved so he was on top of Gwen and they continued to kiss. Gwen ran her tongue along Ben's bottom lip and he granted her access to his mouth and their tongues dulled fighting for dominance. Ben broke the kiss causing Gwen to groan quietly as Ben moved his kisses to Gwen's neck causing her to bite back a moan and gasp when one of his hands played with her small breasts. After awhile, Ben stopped and collapsed next to Gwen as she stroked his hair

"Night dweeb" she said as she kissed him again before she went to sleep,

Ben grinned

"Goodnight doufus" he whispered.

The End.