Warning: Offensive and disturbing humor




"Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!" Relena Peacecraft shouted at the top of her lungs as everyone charged towards Fukuda's army.

"Oh fudge me!" The creator of Gundam SEED gulped and quickly abandoned his post. "Fudge me sideways."

"Stellar!" Relena kicked one of Fukuda's men in the back and sent the poor bastard flying. "Put on some battle music so I can get my juices flowing." She ordered and reloaded her Uzi.

"Roger!" The blonde female Extended saluted and took out a music player. She then popped in a CD and pressed the play button.


"Fudge yeah! It's Jam motherfudging Project, motherfudgers!!!" Relena's eyes sparkled with joy and excitement after hearing the song. "Bring it on, you bastards!" She was definitely pumped for action now.

Amuro Ray started shedding manly tears. "This is probably the manliest moment of my life."

"Indeed." Char Aznable nodded in agreement. "The manliest moment of my life was when I asked one of my Puru clones to touch my-

"Char, don't you dare finish that sentence, you bastard. We're already in the last chapter and I don't want you fudging things up, you moron."



"Amuro, I'm just telling the readers about my-

"I don't care. Just shut the hell up, you freak."


"Shut-up, shut-up, shut-up!"

"Amuro, you big jerk!!!" Char ran away crying.

"My God…" Ikeda was horrified after seeing their little exchange.

"Okay. I'm done crying now." Char came back.

"Whoa. That was fast."

"I forgive you, Amuro." He spread his arms, asking the Federation ace for a hug.

"BLEEP you." Amuro gave him the finger.

"Oh c'mon, you big baby. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"Okay Char, lemme quote Zechs Marquise here for a bit but I'll replace the word machine gun with hugs and the word him with you."


"No hugs for you!" Amuro screamed.

"Alright, you two boneheads." Lacus Clyne suddenly appeared before them and the two men cowered in fear. "What the fudge is going here?"

"I-I-I-It's Lacus Clyne!?"

"You two ladies done dicking around?" She asked and cracked her knuckles.

"Y-Y-Yes ma'am!" They both responded.

"Good." She then pointed at Fukuda's army. "How about contributing a little something for the team? I mean we all came here to help but you two mooks are just busy flirting with each other."

"W-W-We're very, very, very sorry, ma'am!" They started crying like babies. "Please don't kill us!"

"Char Aznable, son of Zeon Zum Deikun, I need you to break through their defenses." The pink-haired songstress gave him an order. "I need you to do it now!"

"At once, ma'am." Char took out a whistle and blew it.

"Puru, puru, puru!" Hundreds of Puru clones appeared behind him and all of the girls are wearing pink hardhats. Why are they wearing pink hardhats, you ask? I dunno but they're cute little lolis so it's alright.

"LOLI OVERDRIVE!!!" Char screamed and the Puru army marched forward, trampling some of Fukuda's soldiers. A few of the girls hijacked the enemy's tanks and used their vehicles against them.

"Puru, puru, puru, puru, puru." The girls chanted in unison as they lay waste to the enemy. They don't sound cute anymore but more fierce and militaristic. The Puru army finally cleared a path for the AEUG and Katharon forces, providing some much needed breathing space. Fukuda's men are now slowly being backed into a corner.

"Sweet jumping monkeys." Klaus Grado gasped. "They actually broke through the enemy's defenses!"

"Onward!" Lockon Stratos and the others continued moving forward, the School Days gang following behind them.

"This is…unbelievable!" Kotonoha Katsura was amazed.

"Oh it's on now." Shinn Asuka said and punched a soldier in the face, breaking his nose. "Bring it on!"

"Now this is going to be a good fight." George de Sand drew out his sword.

"I just realized lolis are awesome." Klaus told Ikeda.

"You make me sick."

"Ikeda, enemy forces are converging in the north, near the shopping plaza." A young Katharon soldier reported to the bespectacled man.

"Damn it!"

"Hey kiddo, why are you reporting to him?" Klaus became furious. "I'm the leader here, buddy. Ikeda is just my lovable sidekick. You don't report to him, you report to me. Just because we're a duo doesn't mean he gets to call the shots here. I mean you just pop out of nowhere and not even acknowledge my presence. Now that is just rude, boy. I'm your fearless leader and that means you only report to me, kiddo. You understand?"

"Okay junior, repeat what you said and this time, you tell it to me." Klaus crossed his arms. "I'm your leader so you better show some respect."


"C'mon, I'm waiting here." Klaus started tapping his foot impatiently. "I don't have all day, young man, so you better start cracking."


"Oh and call me Emperor Klaus." The former AEU soldier pounded his chest proudly. "Now do what you're told, boy, and do it right. Don't forget to call me Emperor."

"S-Sir?" The kid turned to Ikeda with a pleading and desperate look on his face.

"Just do it so we can move on."

"Yes sir." The young soldier swallowed his pride and took a deep breath. "Emperor Klaus…"

"Yeah baby, that's me. Emperor motherfudging Klaus. The top dawg and the slickest and meanest-


"Right, right…" He waved his hand. "Please continue, my good man."

"Enemy forces are converging in the north, near the shopping plaza." He repeated and this time he said it to Klaus.








"Emperor Klaus, what should we do? Should I call Dan's team and…well…"


"Well Emperor, since you're the top dawg, maybe you can share some words of wisdom so we can survive this mess and get the hell out of here."

"That's your job, Ikeda. Do something about this."

"Say what?"

"Oh God…" The young soldier shook his head. "What the fudge is wrong with you, Klaus!?"

"What? Why y'all looking at me like that for? I'm the motherfudging Emperor so I order you bitches to-


Lacus knocked him out cold by kicking him in the back of the head. "Useless prick." She spat. "Okay kiddies, I got the situation covered so stop shitting your pants like pansies." She then took out her radio and contacted someone. "It's me. We got trouble. Enemies re-grouping at the shopping plaza so do something about it. Oh and make it messy. I like it messy."


"Just watch, kiddies. Watch and be amazed." Lacus snickered, sending chills down Ikeda's spine.

Up in the sky, an old Zeon Gaw suddenly appeared and it's piloted by none other than Nena Trinity. Garma Zabi, the youngest and probably the most naïve of the Zabi siblings, is tied on the front part of the attack plane and is naked for some reason. A bullseye is painted across the young man's chest and his face is full of doodles, there is no doubt that this is Nena's work. He tried his best to struggle free but to no avail. Several kinds of explosives are also inside the Gaw and the psychotic young girl activated them all and went back to the pilot seat. "Nena Trinity here."

"Do it now!" Lacus screamed over the radio. "I wanna see some fireworks!!!"

"Hai, hai…" Nena changed course and quickly put on a parachute. She then jumped out of the plane before it crashed down to the shopping plaza, taking out the bad guys and poor Garma.

"Garma!?" A mortified Ikeda gasped. "That girl killed Garma Zabi!"

"You didn't see anything." Lacus smiled and put her arm around his shoulder.


"You. Didn't. See. Anything." An evil aura began to emanate from the pink princess. "Comprende?"

"Hai…" Ikeda nodded, he was on the verge of tears. "Garma, you poor bastard…" The image of the purple-haired Zeon commander appeared in the sky. He was smiling and his eyes sparkling with joy, the young man has probably moved on to the afterlife and found peace but the possibility is unlikely since this is Happy Fun Times Meisters after all. Everybody, with the exception of Shinn's little sister, has the Jean Grey syndrome so I'm pretty sure we're gonna see Garma's gullible mug again.

"Nena Trinity reporting for duty!" She saluted after landing on the ground.

"Uh…who's that?" Sekai Saionji pointed at Nena.

"Uh…well…" Lockon scratched his head. "Her name is Nena Trinity and it's best to avoid her at all cost. She kinda comes with a heath warning, if you know what I mean."

"Why is she here? Oh God in heaven above us! Why is she here!? What is that girl here!?" Shinn hid behind Relena. "Remember the time when she put a dead cat inside my locker? Man, I still have nightmares about that. I could hear her laughing in my dreams. Oh sweet merciful heavens! I could fricking hear her laughing in my dreams for fudge's sakes!" Shinn trembled and started mumbling like crazy. "Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man! She's gonna do something crazy! I know she's gonna do something really crazy! Then…and then we're gonna…oh…she's gonna do something crazy. I swear to God, she's gonna do something crazy."

"Uh…she already did something crazy. Hello? Plane crash? Garma Zabi dying?" Lockon reminded him.

"Get a hold of yourself, you pussy!" Relena slapped the Coordinator in the face.

"Thank you. I guess I needed that. I'm sorry but if she-

"Quit shaking in yer boots, you worthless piece of crap!" Relena continued slapping him even though he had finally calmed down. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!" She cackled. "Bitch slap time, bitch!!!"

"Uh…you guys sure about this?" Sekai was confused. "She looks harmless to me." She glanced at Nena again and the red-haired girl was cheerfully hopping around with reckless abandon. She giggled and her innocent face shined brightly. "I think you guys are just being mean." Sekai crossed her arms.

"Saionji-san…" Kotonoha lowered her head.

"Plane crash? Hellooooo?" Lockon kept reminding.

"W-We surrender!" Suddenly, several of Fukuda's men approached them. They have lowered their weapons and abandoned their posts for the Puru clone army was too much for them. Their numbers scattered and their formation torn apart by the loli onslaught. One of the surrendering troops is waving a white flag.

"Nena…" The red-haired girl tackled the flag waver and shoved the bottom end of the flag pole up the guy's ass. "…Trinity!!!" She then made a V-sign while jumping up and down. "Nena wins!" She squealed.

"She's fricking evil!!! That girl is the personification of evil!!!" Shinn screamed.

"Aye." Lockon nodded sadly. "She is indeed."

"Now, that's a Kodak moment." Char took a picture.

"No Monsieur Char…" George shook his head. "That was not a Kodak moment. That was the moment where I have finally lost all hope for humanity."

"You always lose hope for humanity, Frenchie."

"Shit! Enemy attack!" An AEUG member pointed at an incoming tank. "We're doomed!"

"Hellooooooo? We got mobile suits? Last time I check a tank is no match for a big walking robot." Once again, Lockon tried to be the voice of logic but alas, the world is full of idiots. One of Katharon's Enact units exploded behind him after getting hit in the cockpit. "Aw you guys suck."

"Nena! Lacus! Get into position!" Relena ordered.

"I see…" Lacus flashed an evil smile. "We're gonna do that."

"We're gonna do that? Yippeee!!!" Nena cried out in joy.

"Yes." Relena nodded. "We're gonna do that."

"Indeed. If we do that then this tank is done for."

"It's a fricking tank! Why are we making a big deal out of this? It's not even a Type 61 for fudge's sakes! It's a regular motherloving truck!" Lockon screamed while frantically waving his hands. Unfortunately for him, his cries fell upon deaf ears.

"They're gonna do what now?" Char asked.

"That." Stellar replied, her face is serious and burning with intensity.

"Wha-huh? W-W-What exactly is that?"

"C'mon girls! Let's do this thing!" Relena shook her fist.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY GONNA DO!?" Char was getting frustrated.

Both Nena and Lacus are now armed with bazookas while Relena took out her machete. The trio formed a single line with Relena being the last one in position. The tank stopped and slowly aimed it's turret at the girls. "Here we go." Relena licked her lips. "JET STREAM ATTACK!!!" Moving in at high speed, Lacus and Nena fired their weapons, delivering heavy damage to the tank, while Relena quickly jumped on top of the vehicle and used her superhuman strength to open the hatch with ease. Why does Relena have superhuman strength, you ask? Because it's cooler that way. I mean this is Happy Fun Times Meisters for fudge's sakes. Logic don't mean shit here…unfortunately.

Relena then jumped inside and the tank started shaking violently as she began slaughtering the crew. "Oh God! She's got a machete! She's got a freaking machete!!! Oh no! Aaaaaaaiiiieeeeee!!! My hand! My fricking hand! No! No! Please! I need that!" Lockon and others looked at each other with horrified expressions as the screams of the dying soldiers filled the air.

"Blood! There's so much blood! This…this is horrible…so horrible…"

"No! Please spare my life! I got a family!!! Aaaaaaiiiiiieeeeeee!!!"

"My kidneys!!! Oh God!!! Eyaaaaaargh!!!"

"Our father, who art in heaven…"

"No, no, no, wait! Don't do this! We surrender! We fudging surrender! Stop doing this, you heartless monster!!! Aaaaaargh!!!"

"…thy kingdom come. Thy will be done…."

"Aaaaaah! Aaaaaah! Oh God! No, no, no, no!!!"

"W-W-Wait!? She has a copy of G-Savior!!! Run! Run for your lives!!!"

"My eyes!!! It burns!!! Oh God it burns!!!"

"…deliver us from evil!!!"

"Oh God! An HG Slaughter Dagger model kit!? There's no panels and…and…the forearms look gigantic! No! Wait! This is torture! Stop building that kit! I'm begging you!"

"Stop drinking my apple juice. I'm saving that for lunch! Nooooooo!!!"

"Nooo!!! My Mikuru Asahina Fighting Waitress version! She's destroying my Figma!!!"

"Dude, is that a Billy Herrington Figma!?"

"What? No! It's…uh…well…"

"Whoa! Relena, stop the killing for a moment. It looks like little Joey here has an aniki obsession."

"Don't you dare judge me, you asshole! Don't you dare judge me!"

"BLEEP you! Relena, kill this idiot. He's dead to me now! I can't believe this shit. You actually bought a Billy Herrington Figma!? And to think I trusted you."


Screaming and sobbing, Shinn buried his face in Char's chest. "I can't take it anymore! I can't take it anymore! Make it stop! Oh please make it stop!!!"

"Be strong, Shinn! Be strong!" Char was also crying. "Be strong, you little bastard."

"What the hell…" George was very much shocked…and horrified. So horrified by the sheer stupidity, the Gundam Fighter just when down on his knees and repeatedly bang his head on the ground.

"Who's Billy Herrington?" Stellar asked.

"Stellar…" Lockon patted her head. "Innocence is a beautiful thing, my dear."

Ikeda's radio started beeping and he quickly answered it. "Bernie?"

"Colonel, I did it! I managed to deactivate the nuke."

"That's great! Excellent work, Bernie. Oh and don't call me Colonel, you delusional twit."

"Remember this, Colonel. One day, soldiers like me will-

"Oh you silly nutter." Ikeda tossed the radio away. "Everyone! That Zeon guy managed to deactivate the nuclear device! The city is saved!"


"It looks like that specialist of yours actually did a good job." Relena climbed out of the tank, completely covered in blood.

"Good lord…" George was very much disgusted.

"What?" She glared at the Frenchman.

"N-Nothing!" He took a step back.

"Then that means victory is ours!" Lockon cheered and everyone cheered along with him.

"Thank goodness." Youko Saionji made a sigh of relief.

"Everyone…thank you very much!" Kotonoha tearfully gave her thanks.

"Aw shucks…think nothing of it, little lady." A blushing Klaus said.

"Great. The idiot is awake." Ikeda grumbled.

"That's Emperor Idiot to you." He said proudly.


"Where's Saji?" Sekai asked.

"Oh no! I had forgotten about him!" Kotonoh gasped.

"You need not worry, Katsura-chan." Youko smiled.

"Yeah." Lockon nodded in agreement. "Don't worry. He's just finishing things up."

"Hey, I don't see Ribbons and Kira either." Zero said after disembarking from his Knightmare Frame.

"Don't tell me..."


While the others were busy celebrating, Fukuda managed to slip past them and has now escaped the city via helicopter. "Damn it! Damn those meddling kids. Damn them! Damn them! Damn them all to hell! My plan has failed! The Society won't be happy and heads are gonna roll for this."

"Speaking of the Society, sir." The pilot handed him a small laptop. "Miss Ashkka wants you to call her."

"Oh no…" Fukuda trembled and couldn't bring himself to touch the laptop.


"I know!" He grabbed the portable computer and turned it on. "Oh this is gonna be bad."

"Fuku-chan!" A woman with short, blonde hair appeared on the screen. She's wearing glasses and a pink summer dress. "Good to see you again, Fuku-chan!" She greeted him cheerfully. Her voice is high-pitched and somewhat annoying but that's the least of Fukada's problems.

"M-Miss Ashkka…"

"Oh this is bad, Fuku-chan. It looks like your plan has failed." She giggled. "It had potential but it all fell apart in the end. Just like Gundam SEED Destiny!" She laughed.

"Please let me explain!"

"Oh you don't need to explain anything, my dear."

"Huh? Really?"

"Of course! It's because we don't need you anymore! There's nothing to explain. Like I said, your plan had great potential and that's why the Society kept retconning your ass every time you got whacked by those kids. But the head honchos have grown tired of your pathetic little farce and decided to pull the plug. I really can't blame them…"

"Miss Ashkka! Please give me another chance here! I'm begging you!"

"I'm sorry, Fuku-chan, but orders are orders. Effective immediately, the Society has now relieved you of your position. Goodbye." She waved both of her hands and giggled.


Ashkka's expression suddenly became serious. "Now burn in hell, you fat BLEEP." She hissed and cut off the transmission."

"Fuku-chan…err…I mean Fukuda-sama! We got trouble, sir." The pilot said.



The 00 Raiser, Strike Freedom and the Reborns Gundam appeared. "FUKUDAAAAAAAA!!!" Saji screamed.

"Do something about those guys!" Fukuda ordered the remaining Windams. "I can't die here!!!"

"Saji, you get Fukuda! I'll take care of these guys." Kira said as the Strike Freedom's eyes shined brightly. The Gundam then went into full burst mode and took out ALL of the intercepting enemy mobile suits.

Ribbons then went into Reborns Cannon mode and took out a Destroy Gundam by firing all four chest cannons. "Yeah! Who's your daddy? I am so gonna waste you guys."

"Ribbons Almark!!!" Regene Regetta appeared on one of the monitor screens. "Didn't I tell you to clean the kitchen today?"

"Oh put a sock in it, Regene! I'm saving the world!"

"Why you little…you get back here, Ribbons, before I-

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!" The green-haired Innovade mocked.

"Meow." Nibbles meowed and yes, the furry little bastard is still wearing an eye patch and smoking a cigar like Nick freaking Fury.

"Yeah! You tell him, Nibbles."

"Ribbons Almark!!!" Regene screamed in frustration.

An N Dagger N managed to move behind the 00 Raiser and raised both of its swords. "Behind us!" Saji warned.

"I'll be your opponent!" A custom Flag with a black color scheme intercepted the Dagger before it could deliver the attack. It was Mister Bushido and he's back to being Graham Aker again. He took out his plasma blade and disarmed the mobile suit with ease. "You think I'm gonna down that easily? Well think again!" He rammed his blade through the Dagger's cockpit.

"Captain!" Both Howard Mason and Daryl Dodge followed behind him.

"Flag Fighters! Chaaaaaaarge!!!" The blonde ace pilot screamed and the remaining Dagger units were then overwhelmed by a dozen Flag units.

"Oh well…I guess being in formation ain't so bad after all." Joshua Edwards was also there and for some reason he managed to survive and is piloting a new Flag mobile suit.

"Not good! Not good!" Fukuda covered his face and started cowering.

"Setsuna, let's do it!" Saji activated the Raiser system.

The 00 Raiser then unleashed its massive beam saber, taking out five Destroy Gundams at the same time. "I spotted him!" Setsuna informed Saji after locking on to Fukuda's chopper.

"We're fudged!!!" The pilot gulped tried to gain some speed but it was too late.

"No! Not like this! Not like this! Not like this!"

Setsuna then swung the gigantic beam saber at the chopper. "Any last words, sir?" The pilot asked.


"Oh BLEEP you!" The pilot shook his head and the chopper was then completely disintegrated by the beam saber. And with that, the fight has come to end.

After witnessing the demise of their leader, the remaining enemy forces then fired a white flare, signalling their surrender. It was over. It was finally over. A long silence followed afterwards but it was broken later by the loud cheers of our heroes. Though most of the inhabitants weren't aware of the chain of events that had happened in their beloved city, their safety was secured by a handful of eccentric characters from a long-running mecha franchise. Maybe it was best for the people to be kept in the dark. Such things can only cause unnecessary complications and problems. Maybe it was indeed for the best. Saji sighed as he watched the sunset. The ordeal was over and it was time for them to go home.


"Uh…" Saji gulped and looked at the others. Only him, Setsuna, Lockon, Char, Amuro, Shinn, Louise, Kinue, Mama Halevy, Relena and George remained. The others have left without word after doing their part but for these people, a few parting words is necessary to ensure some semblance of closure. "I…uh…well…I have no idea what to say." The young man smiled nervously. "Katsura-san, I…"

"Then don't say anything." She smiled.

"But I have to say something."

"Well let me say something then."


"Everyone…" She then bowed her head. "I'm very sorry for the trouble I've caused you and thank you…for everything."

"That's alright." Louise hugged her.

"B-But I kidnapped you! You, your mother and that strange woman."

"Strange woman!?" A bulging vein appeared on Kinue's head. "Why am I the strange one? I mean look at Mama Halevy. I'm sure she's a lot stranger than me."

"Saji, please close your eyes." Kotonoha said.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just do it."

"Uh…okay." He nodded and closed his eyes.

"Thank you." She said softly and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeh!!?" Everyone was shocked and surprised.

"K-K-K-K-Katsura-san!?" Saji blushed and touched the cheek Kotonoha kissed.

"Oi, oi, Saji….stop expanding your harem, you little shmuck." Lockon teased.

"I'll let this slide…just this once." Louise started fuming with anger, both of her fists are shaking uncontrollably. "Just this…once."

"I'm sorry, Louise-chan." Kotonoha stuck her tongue out.

"Saji-kun, how could you?" Kinue was crying along with Mama Halevy. "That's it! Once we get home, I am so gonna-

"Well before I open the portal, I got some bad news to share." Youko interrupted.


"What kind of bad news, mom?" Sekai, her daughter, asked.

"Now that the magical orbs are gone, once you people go back to your world, you'll forget everything about us and this world. The same goes for us."


"W-W-What do you mean?"

"I'm sorry, Saji, but these are the rules. There are consequences when you're tampering with the multiverse."

"So much for our burning manly passion kicking logic's ass." Shinn mumbled.

"Silence!" Amuro bonked him in the head.

"So that's it then? Once we go through the portal, we're gonna forget everything about you guys." Saji couldn't believe it or more specifically, he doesn't want to accept it. "We're gonna forget about everything Katsura-san. I can't believe this is happening."

"Mom, can't something be done about this?"

"I'm sorry, Sekai…"

"That's too…bad." Setsuna Kiyoura said sadly.

"Gee….that's a bummer." Taisuke chuckled nervously.

"And here I was hoping to invite you guys over to our family's café sometime." Hikari Kuroda lamented.

"Oh yeah! That's a shame. Their café serve the best lemon custard pie in the city." Sekai said.

"Pie…" Setsuna's stomach rumbled.

"So the others? The ones who had left already…I take it they already forgotten everything by now." Relena said.

"Most likely." Youko confirmed.

"Damn it…"

"Well isn't this beautiful?" Amuro frowned.

"You mean I'm gonna forget everything about Kokoro-chan?" Char asked. "Oh what kind of cruel fate is this? Is there a way to prevent this from happening?"

"You never cease to amaze me, you lolicon bastard." Relena sneered.

"Well it may be bittersweet but it's still a good ending." Lockon tried to be positive. "Still it's a darn shame this has to happen."

"I agree, Lockon-san." Youko took out her magical wand. "Well I guess this is it."

"Everyone…" Kotonoha tried to fight her tears back but she couldn't help but shed them. "To forget such wonderful people…I'll try to fight this! I just can't forget you all…I can't forget Saji and the things he did…"

"Kotonoha…" Sekai placed her hand on her shoulder.

"This is…" Saji lowered his head.

"Saji, I…I…" Louise took his hand and squeezed it hard.

Youko waved her wand and a large portal appeared. "Saji…I…uh…Saji!!!" Kotonoha ran towards him and hugged him tightly, sobbing loudly. "I'm not gonna forget you! I'm not gonna forget you!"

"Katsura-san…I wish…I…this is…"

"Saji." Setsuna called out to him. "I know this is hard to take but we have no choice. It's true that we're gonna forget them but that will not change things. It won't change the fact that we did something good here."


"I just realized you and him share the same name." Sekai pointed at her best friend, Setsuna Kiyoura.

"And not to mention they're both stoic." Otome Katou added.

"Setsuna is right, Saji." Lockon said.

"I know…" He nodded.

Kotonoha pulled away from him. "Be careful out there." She sniffed. "I'll be rooting for you two. I hope you and Louise-chan will have a good relationship."

"Of course." Saji blushed again.

"You can count on that." Louise smiled.

"Lockon-san…" Kotonoha approached him. "I…I…"

"Whoa…there's no need for this." Lockon chuckled and patted her head.


"If you're gonna apologize because you made me pay some protection money then don't. I wouldn't have helped Saji here if I was still pissed about that. Forgiven and forgotten, missy."

"Indeed Mademoiselle." George said. "Lockon here has been with us from the start and I assure you, he harbors no ill will towards the past."


"It's just the way I am, kiddo. Well except for Ali-Al Saachez, that guy I can't forgive."

"Well let's head home now." Kinue approached the portal. "I'm sure everyone is getting worried."

"Saji…" Kotonoha grabbed his hand.

"Goodbye, Katsura-san. Live well." Saji smiled.

"I will…"

"And goodbye to everyone too." He bowed his head and with that, everyone passed through the portal.

Youko closed it and a few minutes later, they completely forgotten about Saji and the others. They just stood there while looking at each other with confused expressions, wondering what just happened. Kotonoha looked up in the sky and felt a nagging feeling at the back of her head, like something was missing. She was sad but doesn't know why. It was an overwhelming feeling she managed to get a hold of herself. Gathering her courage and wits, she turned around to face her friends. They just looked at her and notice the tears in her eyes. She then smiled and took a step forward. Time then passes by, everyone's lives returned to normal. Just like what Setsuna said. They may have forgotten about them but it never changed the fact that they did something to change their lives. They gave them a new beginning and a tomorrow.




6:25 A.M.

Saji opened his eyes after hearing the alarm clock. Yawning, the young man sat up and stretched his arms. "Man, I hate Mondays." He grumbled and got up off bed. "Oh right…I'm gonna do a report for Gato-sensei's class today. That's gonna suck." He scratched his butt. "If there is something I hate more than Mondays then it has to be Physics."

"Morning Saji." Flay Allster came out of his closet. "It's a good day today."

"I beg to differ and can't you use the guest room? It's pretty cramped in there and-

"Oh you know I can't do that." She snuggled him. "I want to be near you, my love."

"SAJI CROSSROAD!!!" Louise was standing in the doorway. "To think you would get lovey-dovey with Flay this early in the morning, you bastard."

"Hey." Setsuna appeared behind the blonde Spaniard and the young Krugis is munching on a bagel.

"Oh man…I think I drank too much last night." Kinue crawled out from under the bed. Her hair is all messy and she is only wearing her underwear. "Ugh. I wonder how Newtypes feel when they're having a bitching hangover. I bet it's twice the head-drilling pressure sensation." She chuckled. "I feel like puking my guts out."


"Oh hiya Saji." She collapsed on the floor and took off her bra.

"Yikes." He quickly turned away. "What the hell is going on here? What are you doing under my bed?"

"You see…last night after work, I went drinking with a couple of friends and I told them I have a thing for my brother. I pretty much spilled the whole thing after a few glasses of beer."

"You did what!?"

"So they told me to drink a lot so I can have the courage to confess my feelings to you."

"Right. Even if you're not drunk, you still confess your feelings to him, you freak." Louise said. "Everyday."

"Then I went home, sneaked into your room and did a lot of wonderful things to you while you were asleep." She giggled and blushed.

"What kind of wonderful things?" Saji gulped.

"Things only adults can do!" She cried out in joy.

"Saji, you big jerk!!!" Louise punched him hard in the face and sent him flying outside through the bedroom window. "Your own sister! Your own sister!"

"Just kidding!" Kinue laughed. "Sure I went inside his room but I was too drunk to do anything so I just crawled under his bed and slept."


"I have a feeling today will be another great day." Setsuna finished his bagel.

"Aaaaaaargh!!!" Louise stomped her feet.

"Huh?" Setsuna noticed something on Saji's desk. "What is this?" He picked the item up.

"What's that, Setsuna?" Flay asked.

"I think it's a game." He replied while reading the contents of the CD case's back cover.

"Lemme see!" Louise grabbed it away from his hands and read the title aloud. "School Days? I think this is an adult game. Saji, you big pervert. I can't believe you'd buy a game like this." She then looked at the front cover and felt some sort of nagging familiarity. "Weird…"

"What's weird?"

"For some reason, these characters on the cover look vaguely familiar."

"Eeeeeeeeh? I didn't know Louise-chan likes to play those kinds of games." Kinue teased. "Louise is an ecchi girl who likes to play dirty games."

"Oh drop dead, you flat-chested granny."

"Oh don't get cocky just because you have these!" Kinue grabbed Louise's boobs and started squeezing them. "You bovine princess!"

"Get away from me!"

"They look familiar to me too." Setsuna said. "Maybe that's the reason why I noticed it."

"Huh? Really?" Kinue grabbed the CD case and looked at the cover. "Holy monkeys! You're right! They do look familiar! What the heck is going on here? This is getting creepy. I feel like I know them or something but I can't quite put my finger on it."

"Weird…" Louise crossed her arms.

"Hey guys! We're gonna be late for school!" Flay reminded them. "We'll worry about that game later."

"Oh yeah. Well I'm gonna go scrape Saji's sorry carcass off the streets. Breakfast is ready so hurry up."


"Yeah Setsuna?"


"Yes, you can have another bagel."



"Bagel is…Gundam."

"Shut-up." She put the game's CD case back on the desk. On the cover, Kotonoha Katsura and her friends are smiling as they make their way to school.




I think this is a crappy ending because I kinda rushed it. Originally, the story should have ended back in Chapter 12 and that's the reason why there's not much action and humor here. This was supposed to be the epilogue chapter but I decided to merge it with the additional stuff I put in. I think the grammar here is awful, I'm really having trouble with my English lately. Feel free to point out the mistakes. Also and another thing, most of the characters that appeared during the final battle had little screen time because I wanna focus more on Saji and the core group. Think of them like cameos from the holiday specials and one-shots. Not to mention juggling all of these characters is kinda hard and it'll make the story more crappy than it already is.

Anyhoo, here is the reference guide:

Jam Project is a music group that focuses on anime and games. Their song "Gong" was used as the opening theme for the Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 game.

The Gaw was an attack plane used by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. Garma Zabi died by attempting to do a kamikaze attack on the White Base with a Gaw. Unfortunately for him, he was unsuccessful and his plane was shot down just short of impact.

The Type 61 tank was the Federation's mainstay unit before the introduction of the GM mobile suits during the One Year War.

The Jet Stream Attack was the special trademark attack of the Black Tri-Stars, a trio of Zeon aces from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. Our favorite hack, Mitsuo Fukuda featured the same attack in Gundam SEED Destiny, as some sort of homage to the original series. He even used the designs of the original DOM mobile suits.

G-Saviour is the first and probably the last live-action Gundam movie. It wasn't well-received by fans. A successful video game sequel was made to promote the movie's broadcast in Japan.

Mikuru Asahina is a character from the light novel and anime series, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Figma is a toy line from Max Company and are known for their details and high articulation.

Billy Herrington is a gay porn actor. He has become an internet meme among Japan's online community after a clip from one of his videos was posted on Nico Nico Douga. He is affectionately called "Aniki" among his Japanese fans. And just like Mikuru-chan, Billy has his own Figma figure.

Back-On is a Japanese rock band famous for doing music for several popular anime shows.

Well that's pretty much it for Happy Fun Times Meisters. This was my first attempt on writing comedy and parody and I'm happy some people actually liked it. I'm very thankful for them. There will be an ongoing sequel but I need to focus more on my other works first, especially the Castlevania one. I need to do an update on that one soon. Once again, reviews and criticisms will be very much appreciated. Oh and expect a HFTM Halloween special later this month. Adios!