It All Began On a Rooftop

An Air Gear fanfic

Ringo x Agito, Akito, and Lind

Yes, my first non Naruto fan fiction! I really enjoyed the anime Air Gear and found it did not have many non yaoi fanfic stories. So this is what my insane authoress mind came up with.

Warnings….I base this story more along the anime's storyline though I do use Agito/Akito main name Lind as the first person (owner) of the body from the manga.

One sided past love yaoi (boy/boy) briefly mentioned (Akito's love for Ikki).

Ikki is portrayed as a stuck up self centered ass so no flames you have been warned. I actually like Ikki but for this story he is the villain. So is Simca but I truly hate her character.

Lemons and swearing abundant.

Characters maybe OCC.

I do not own Air Gear the talented Ito Ōgure… pen name Oh! great, created this great manga and anime.

Chapter 1

Standing on the rooftop Ringo peered out over the city. The city lights twinkling like a multitude of stars in a clear evening sky. Pushing her glasses further up, a soft smile crossed her pink lips. Not much had changed over the year, except for a few new office buildings near the old railroad tracks. The city seemed like a photo, a picture in her mind frozen by time. Letting out a sigh she leaned her elbows wearily on the railing. Her life was another story. Had it really been only a year since her life skidded to a stop. Lurching swiftly into a new direction.

Closing her deep blue eyes she listened to the shifting sounds of the city.

"This place never sleeps." She murmured into the night.

As one of the few remaining AT kings she knew it all to well. The night was alive. A steady, beating heart pulsing through the night.

"Hard to believe it has been a year." Sadness filling her words. The memory of that fated night clear as the night sky above.

"Once again I stand here repeating the past. What is wrong with me?" She sighed again as the memories of the past flowed through her mind like a river.

Behind her closed eyes she could almost see that night, as if she was really reliving it again. In her minds eye she could see Ikki standing in front of her. The color of those deep honey brown eyes. Always shimmering with intensity. That all knowing smug smile he always had. Yes, she remembered it all . It was all so crystal clear. Then again so was the memory of that laugh. A laugh she had never heard from his lips. From the lips of the boy she crushed on as a teen. The man she cherished with her whole heart as a woman. She had never heard anything so cold, sadistic. As he stood mocking her. Laughing at her confession of love.

She had been so excited that week when Rika asked if she would house sit while she and Sora went on their honeymoon. She jumped on the opportunity quickly. Not only would she get away from the house and the craziness of her other sisters. It gave her the perfect opportunity to pour her heart out to Ikki. After so many years of admiring, loving, and wishing she would finally reveal that she loved him. Not as a sister but true complete love. She had asked Ikki days earlier to meet her on Rika and Sora's rooftop.

It had been a hot, humid summer. She had spent the last few nights sleeping on a futon she had dragged to the rooftop. Anything to escape the heat. Every night she pleaded to all the Gods and Goddesses that he would return her love. She had even resounded herself to the idea he would kindly tell her how sweet she was but that he only saw her as a sister. That he would drape his arm over her shoulder and reminisce about their childhood. Living in a house that at most times was chaotic and crazy, but still full of love. He would give her a brotherly hug, thanking her for always standing by his side even when they were rivals. Her head of Sleeping Forest, him the head of Genesis.

When the evening finally arrived, she was slammed into shock by what he did. Standing their arms folded lazily, he laughed. She felt she had been shoved into a nightmare. She could almost feel the warm tears that poured from her eyes that summer night. It was such a hard cruel laugh that left his mouth. The cruel tone ripping at her very soul. It pierced the warm summer air that blew around them.

"You don't actually expect me to love someone like you." He scoffed loudly.

"I…Ikki…" Her voice stuttering with sadness.

"Shit…you're serious." His head shaking back in forth in mirth.

"You stupid girl….why would a man like me …the Sky King…the best of all AT riders want you?"

Her hand covered her mouth, trying to hold the sobs that were begging to pour out.

"Shit Ringo, my greatness is legendary and what are you? A nobody! Ringo you might be one of the kings but no one even knows it. You hide it from almost everyone. You're pathetic….you and your Sleeping Forest. You are a thing of the past. A forgotten memory." He jeered his eyes turning icy cold.

Before she could utter a word, he raised his hand silencing her.

"A man as great as me needs a real woman by his side. A woman who could be a queen to my great kingship. Someone who can fly with me. Someone not afraid to push the limits, break the rules. A person willing to risk it all. A woman of real beauty…Simca is that someone. " Dropping his hand he leaned back against the roof railing.

"Sorry Ringo, but you could never be that. Simca is the one who will be my queen. She is more than you could ever be. She is like a Greek goddess. Not a dowty four eyes child like you. Hell Ringo you couldn't even be runner up. That weird chick back in high school was more than you will ever be." He paused tapping his finger to his lips. "What was her name…Oh yes I remember…Croissant Mask. She was a great AT rider and damn did she have the sexiest long legs and those tits." A perverted smirk crossed his lips as he looked off.

Her hands shook as she watched him. The tears trailing down her rosy cheeks.

"Ikki h…how could you be so…"Tears sliding down, dropping like rain.

"Aw now don't get all weepy on me Ringo. You know I'm just telling you the reality of it all. Isn't it better to hear it from your brother ." Patting her head as if she was an obedient puppy.

"Oh poor Ringo, did Ikki hurt your feelings." Simca sneered, dropping down onto the rooftop. " Did I not tell you that you years ago in the bathroom. Ikki would never want you when he has me." Her laugh tittered through the night. Ringo turned pale as she watch the two grope each other before breaking apart giving her a glance. That one glance told it all. They found her as entertaining as a pile of dog crap on the bottom of their feet. Pulling out of Ikki's embrace Simca sauntered towards her like a cat pouncing on a small mouse.

"Ringo I'm sure you'll get use to living the life of a spinster." A shrewd smile growing on the corner of her lips. Turning quickly on her AT's she grabbed onto Ikki's arm. Tossing her long pink hair over her shoulder haughty.

"Ikki let's go I am tired of this. Later four eyes." She snickered. Giving a quick wave of his hand.

They were both gone leaving her alone, the sounds of her weeping reverberating through the night air.

Opening anguished eyes, her mind slammed back to reality. As a small tear flowed down her soft wind chapped cheek. She laughed sadly thinking how in some crazy cosmic way she was once again standing in the very same spot where her life changed. Tonight her life would once again change. A repeat of the past in many ways. She silently prayed maybe it could be different this time. Head tilted bravely towards the night sky, she let out a shaky breath. She could feel the tears well up behind her eyes, threatening to break like a dam.

"No there is no hope on earth he could love me, one side of his heart still belongs to another." Her lips trembled as the sob left her lips. She had lost the battle to hold back the tears. No matter how hard she tried to accept this fate. She had been a fool to fall in love again. A love that just like the years before was one sided. To fall for a man who was in love with another. She knew her heart would never recover this time. Mended once there was no earthly way it could be again.

Sliding her eyes closed, dark eyelashes still wet with warm tears. She let go of the present sliding back to that hot summer night. She once again she stood on the hot rooftop as Ikki left her life.

She just stood on the concrete rooftop. The warm summer heat blowing across her skin. Yet she felt frozen like winter ice. She was dead inside…broken. Her heart cracked, shattering into a thousand pieces. Falling to the black asphalt below, to lie like glittering cold diamonds. Her strength weakened to the core, as she let the sobs wrench from her lips. Why could he not see her? Had she not always been by his side. Helping , encouraging, even when everyone was against him. She had nearly stepped down from Sleeping Forest, all for him

"Am I nothing." Her mind screamed as the tears continued to fall. "I spent my life pulling your ass out of trouble Ikki. Giving you my all for what?….For what!" The back of her hand angrily brushing the tears away.

"Why the fuck are you crying over a worthless dickhead like him!" Agito's voice growled heavily with abhorrence. "Kami, you are one fucked up bitch. Just like Akito…pathetic. Wasting your life for a fuckhead like Ikki. Thinks he's King of the air, the King of shit is what he really is."

Looking up she cringed, seeing the jovial face of Agito staring down at her from the chimney above.

'Oh just great! This is all I need to have Agito witness my humiliation.' She thought grudgingly. Squeezing her eyes tight, her head dropped in defeat.

"Go away Agito! I am not in the mood for your crude mouth." She mumbled, her voice still edged with tears.

"Oh, I'm sorry princess, let me rephrase that." His voice dripping heavy with sarcasm "You're going to waist your life for a jackass who doesn't deserve your heart." Dropping down to stand in front of her.

His face softened "He's fucking wrong you know."

"What?" Her head snapping up giving him a mystified look.

"You heard me right." Moving to whisper in her ear. His face mere inches from hers.

"What he said was absolute bullshit." His finger absently smudging a trail down her wet cheek. Agito's unexpected touch, causing her heart to flutter anxiously. Letting his hand drop, he turned away nervously. Silence seemed to span a chasm between them.

"Agito?" She called awkwardly.

"Why do you think I never left Akito with him, Ringo? He's a fucking self centered prick that's why. I couldn't trust him to take care of Akito. He's to kind and weak hearted. Ikki uses people like him and….you" Her hand reaching up to cover the gasp that fell from her lips.

"Ringo I'm telling you, like I told him….Let Ikki have that whore Simca." His words coming out in an icy hiss. "You deserve better." She was shocked by this unusual side of Agito. It wasn't Akito but an almost soft side of Agito. It didn't last long, his crude side once again shined through. Devouring any softness he had shown before. She saw the look that crossed his face. It frightened her causing her to step back, till the cool brick wall pressed up against her. He was moving in like a predatory animal.

He licked his lips seeing she had nowhere to flee. She was trapped and he was the wild beast who would consume her. She gasped, as his hands roughly grabbed her. His fingers digging into the soft flesh of her upper arms. Her throat suddenly felt dry, her skin chilled. As pale blue eyes gazed into his right eye. His eye was more then just honey brown. She was mesmerized by what she saw. It was as if flecks of bright gold swirled around his dark pupil. The intensity causing her to blink once, twice. Only to see the flash of raw desire fill his golden eye. He smiled with satisfaction as he watched her tremble. He slapped her hand away as she reached to move his eye patch.

"Oh no you don't. You are going to have to deal with me!" His smile filled with a thirsty desire. "Ringo…do you remember the field trip to Kyoto all those years ago."

"Y…yes." She again stared, baffled why he was bringing it up. Letting go of her hands he leaned in, eyes closed. Breathing in her heady floral scent.

"You wore that pink kimono for that oblivious ass Ikki. I can still picture your hair down. How it looked blowing in the fucking wind." He groaned softly. Opening his unmasked eye he reached up, his fingers roughly tearing the blue ribbon from her hair. Her breath shuttering from the touch of his fingers smoothing her hair, letting it drape down her shoulders.

"I swore to myself and Akito that day……. I would have you." His fingers entwining through her silky locks of ebony hair.

"Agito…wh…what are you doing?" She stammered, heart pounding, her struggle to pull away futile.

"I am keeping my fucking promise." He grinned devilishly before pulling her body hard against his. His hand locked in her tresses pulling her tightly close. She was a deer in head lights, a lamb for the proverbial slaughter. Her shocked gasp sealed away, as he slammed his lips against hers. His hips grinding painfully against her. Agito wasn't the gentle kind. His lips hard and rough, leaving soft pink lips bruised and swollen.

"I know you want this." His voice rumbled huskily.

Before her mind could process what was happening. Agito had lifted her up. Walking over to the futon he dropped her unceremoniously hard onto the blankets.

"Agito …what the fu…" Her words cut off once more by heated lips. His body forcing her back against the cool crisp bedding. His hands groping like a hungry caged animal, heating her skin like searing flames. She felt as if her heart would leap from her chest at any moment. The pain of rejection, the numbness that had filled her body earlier receding with every touch. Her own fingers nimbly tugging the shirt from him, as a need to feel his skin under her own fingers grew. On some level she knew this was insane, yet she couldn't stop. She felt alive for once in her life.

She bit down hard on her bottom lip, as she felt her clothes being torn from her creamy flesh. The summer air brushing against her flushed skin. The taste of metal on her tongue, as she tasted her own blood. Agito grinned wickedly down at her. His legs straps tearing the cotton, but never marring the soft flesh below. Lips dropping down to tug on the peak of a perfectly pink nipple. She mewed loudly as he bit down, letting his tongue roll around before taking the other. His body pressing her deeper into the bedding as his teeth nibbled up the sensitive skin of her throat.

Akito grinned down at her wickedly, before moving up to bite down on the soft flesh of her neck. He enjoyed her screams as his tongue lapped at the drop of blood pooling around his mark.

"Fuck…. you taste as good as you feel." His laugh depraved as his hand hastily pushed apart her trembling legs.

"I have to have you…now!" His only warning. In one hard thrust Agito took her, ripping through her virginity. His hand covering the scream that streamed from her swollen lips. She actually embraced the pain. It seemed to fill the aching void in her soul.

"Shh… it won't hurt for much longer." His voice harsh, yet oddly comforting. He just hovered there not moving, his hand still clamped tightly over her lips. For a moment she could almost see something in those cruel eyes as he stared down at her. A flicker of tender emotion, as his hand moved to brush the hair from her face.

"Agito please!" She cried loudly, unsure what had possessed her. His eyes widened with surprise, before turning cold.

"Ringo, I am going to fuck you so hard, you'll be screaming my name." He growled callously. Pulling back, only to slam back into her tight heat. Her fingers clawing his back, the pink manicured tips tearing into his flesh. The pain causing him to groan with pleasure.

"You are so fucking tight." He grunted as he held her hips still, burying himself once again deep within her folds. She could feel his ragged breath on her neck as he grunted with every pounding thrust. A thin sheen of sweat beginning to cover their skin in the summer heat.

As her body flushed with sexual adrenaline she forgot about Ikki and Simca . She felt alive, glowing bright in the summer night. His demanding thrusts quickly sending her over the edge. An explosion of ecstasy filling her body, like a shower of fireworks sparking through a dark sky. Their lights flashing behind her heavily lidded eyes. As he predicted she screamed his name, sending him over the edge. In true Agito fashion he pushed a rough kiss on her lips then flipped her over. She gasped in shock. With a quick slap to her bare ass, he was gone.

To be continued….


Okay, chapter one of a non Naruto story complete. I feel giddy like a schoolgirl. I hope you all enjoyed and please review and again no flaming for dissing on Ikki. It's just a story folks from my crazy silly mind. I really am an Ikki fan.