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Light Yagami and L Lawliet had several things in common. They were both the top students in their high school; they were both the best tennis players in the Kanto region and they were both extremely famous in their area.

However, they could not be anymore different.

Light Yagami was popular, the girls loved him, and the guys respect him. He had the perfect family. His father, Soichiro Yagami was the head of the police, his mother was the perfect housewife who kept the home in tip-top condition and his younger sister, Sayu was the good, pesky little sister that always made him frown, smile and laugh.

He was athletic, tanned, good looking with sharp features. His soft brown hair made the girls long to run their hands through it, his brown eyes that were so piercing when he was concentrating and soft when he was friendly had drowned many girls within them. He was cultured and always walked tall and proud.

Finally, he had a girlfriend. A model and an actress, Amane Misa. She was cute, blonde and had a cheery attitude to match. For most however, they felt that Misa did not have the brains to match Light's but since she was his choice, who could argue?

As for L Lawliet, he was not unpopular, but he exuded a dark aura about him that most girls keep away from him. Even the bullies didn't dare to pick on him. He was for the most part, antisocial. Nobody knew about his family, as such, rumours abound about him. Some say that he has no parents; some say that he killed them and all the usual things.

He was skinny, and always walked in a slouching posture. He was pale and dark bags were found underneath his equally dark eyes. His sat in a crouching position and held things with just his thumb and forefinger. His black hair was messy, yet some of the more open-minded girls found that it made him more alluring. Yet what scared them was his emotionless gaze and expressionless face.

Unlike Light, there has never been any indication of him having a relationship before.

So now, the tale of these two who are so different is about to unfold.


"Tadaima," said Light, slipping off his shoes at the doorway. He had just returned from school, where he had exams earlier.

"Oni-chan?" said a dark haired girl several years younger. She looked a lot like light except the hair and her features were more open and carefree as opposed to Light's more serious demeanour.

"Sayu? Where's oka-san?" he asked, looking around.

"She went out to go shopping for dinner," answered Sayu, cheerfully.

Light raised his eyebrows. His mother normally cooked simple dishes. If she went out shopping, then she was going to cook something special, if she was going to cook something special, which meant…

"Father's coming home today?" he asked.

Sayu's face fell comically, and Light knew he had already guessed right.

"How did you know?" she cried, pouting.

Light cringed inwardly.

"Because mom wouldn't go shopping for dinner unless it's for a special occasion," he said. "And don't pout like that, you look like Misa."

Sayu grinned.

"Speaking of Misa, she called three times earlier," she said.

Light groaned.

While he was sure he had feelings for Misa, he didn't enjoy her practically stalking him nearly all the time. The girl was so clingy and jealous and tended to freak out whenever Light didn't return her calls.

Light sighed as he headed to his room, pulling out his cell phone as he did so.

Dialling a number, he waited.

Soon, his call was answered.

"Light-chan!" came a whiny voice on the other side.

Light winced.

"Hi, Misa," he said.

"Oh, Misa Misa is so glad you called," squealed Light's air headed girlfriend. "Misa Misa was worried that some stalker could have kidnapped you and raped you or so on…"

So Light spent the next half an hour enduring the girl's ramblings.

After she was done, Light had a major headache.

"What did I ever see in her?" he said to himself.


Further down the road, not far from where Light lived, there was an old rundown building. The worn out sign over its entrance says: 'Anezaki Museum for Replicas of famous Ancient Artefacts'.

Farther past the entrance was a dusty old lobby and behind what was supposed to be a ticket booth sat an old man. He was completely bald and wore round glasses. The suit he wore was once stunning in its time, but now it was worn down as the building around him. His kindly face was lined with years of hard living and worries.

He looked up when he heard the door open and smiled when he saw a pale, raven haired teenager walked in, slouching.

"Back again, Lawliet?" he asked.

The youth looked up with his dark eyes.

"I never get tired of seeing the replica of King Tut's sarcophagus," he answered in a soft voice.

He walked up to the booth and simply said. "One ticket, student fare as usual Mr. Anezaki."

Anezaki smiled.

"Don't bother, just go in and look around," said the old man. "Free of charge."

"I can't do that," answered the pale boy.

Anezaki stood up, frowning at L. "Look, I never had any visitors for the past twenty years since I opened this place. Then, you came along. For seventeen years, you've never failed to pay a visit to this place. You come at least twice a week! So when I say that the only patron of this museum gets a free tour, he gets a free tour. You understand me?"

L looked down, slightly embarrassed by the old man's speech.

Anezaki sighed.

"Very well then, I'll take you around in the place myself," he said.

L looked up, smiling.

"All right then," he said.


L walked back home quietly, his head still full of what he had seen in the museum. No matter how many times he visited the place, he never got tired. He knew they were just replicas of the actual thing, but they were fantastic replicas. Anezaki had every detail of the actual thing put into his replicas until it was nearly impossible to tell that it was a fake. If only the others would just see it…

L shook his head sadly, he had once tried to get a group of his 'friends' to visit the place, but they had rejected him for it. The horrible things they called him for just visiting an old museum…

He felt the sting in his heart and his vision suddenly blurred. He stopped and tried to get a hold on himself. He would not cry! He cannot cry! He thought he had grown used to the fact that nobody wanted to be his friend, but still at times when his guard was down…

He reached into his packet and pulled out a bar of chocolate. Biting into it, he felt calm as the sweet and chocolaty taste ran across his tongue. Suddenly, he remembered something; he had not bought his brothers any food.

Cursing, he turned to make a detour for a restaurant nearby when suddenly he stood face to face with a red-haired boy.

The boy was still in his school uniform, he had a slightly blank look on his face, brown eyes and a pair of goggles over them. He was holding a plastic bag carrying what looked food from the nearby restaurant.

"L-senpai," he said.

"Matt-kun?" he asked. "What's in there? Why aren't you home yet?"

Matt smirked slightly.

"Mel thought that you might forget. He told me to go get dinner with his money. This is the day you go to that museum after all," he said.

L looked away, embarrassed.

"Thank you, Matt-kun…"

"I swear, if you add the 'kun' to the back of my name again, I'll stick my foot up your ass," growled the younger boy.

L smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you, Matt," he said. "Why don't you join us for dinner?"

Matt smiled. "Got nothing to do at home."

They both walked towards L's home.


Light threw himself onto his bed, feeling tired. Dinner had gone smoothly and now, he just wanted to rest, tomorrow was the weekend anyway.

Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.

"It's not locked," said Light.

The door opened and Soichiro Yagami entered.

His face was lined with worry and seriousness but there was kindness in his eyes. His black hair was slicked back shiny.

"Father?" said Light, surprised. It was unusual for his father to check up on him while he was in his room.

"Raito, I want to talk to you," said the older Yagami.

Light sat up on his bed immediately.

"It's about Misa," said Soichiro.

Light was surprised; he definitely did not expect that.

"What is it?" he asked.

Soichiro sighed.

"This afternoon, she tried to file a missing person report," he said wearily. "Said something about something must've happened to you if you failed to answer her calls three times straight…she raised quite a bit of chaos in the office."

Light groaned.

"I'm sorry, father," he said. "I'll talk to her…"

"But that's not what I wanted to talk to you about," interrupted Soichiro.

Light waited.

Soichiro was actually looking rather sheepish.

"You're an intelligent man, Raito," he said. "Couldn't you have picked someone…less troublesome?"

Light had to suppress a laugh.

"I know, father," he said, keeping his voice level. "I don't know what I saw in her either."

Soichiro smiled.

"You'll break up with her, then?" he asked.

Light shook his head. "Not yet, I have to go about it slowly. If she's lodged a missing person's report just because I failed to answer her calls, imagine what would she do if break up with her right away…"

Soichiro nodded.

"Point taken," he said. "How were the exams?"

"Same old shi…I mean, they were okay," muttered Light.

Soichiro smiled at his son and left him in his room.

Light sighed and lay back on his bed.

"Just another day in my life…"


"Tadaima," said L as he kicked off his shoes at the doorway. He looked around his home.

Messy as always. Books lay on the floor, candy wrappers and toys were strewn all over the table and a whole lot more.

L sighed and said louder then before: "I'm home!"

A white haired boy clad in pyjamas shuffled out of one of the rooms, clutching a teddy bear. He was about five feet three and his face and eyes were similar to L's.

"Oni-chan," he said happily, running to hug his older brother.

Smiling ever so lightly, L returned the affectionate gesture.

Lifting up the younger boy into his arms, he said: "Near, is it possible for me to come back home and not find the place turned upside down?"

Near flushed.

"It was Mello who did the candy wrappers, I just read after I came home…" he said softly.

"Blaming it all on me again, twerp?" came a louder and brasher voice.

L turned to regard his second brother.

Blonde, tall and with hard black eyes and a scar across his face, this was L's second brother, Mello.

L sighed. "Couldn't you just clean up after eating all those chocolates?"

Mello shrugged.

"Could've, would've, should've but didn't," he said. He turned his attention to the red-haired boy beside L. His hard eyes softened ever so slightly.

"You got dinner, then?" he said, smirking.

Matt grinned. "You were right."

Mello snorted. "I always am."

Shaking his head, L set Near down on the floor and the three went off to set the table for dinner, making a mess as they did so.

"Just another day in my life," L said to himself.


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