So…it's over at last. This one took me quite awhile to write, since my com broke down several times while I was at it.

Anyway, for those of you who read Possession before, you'd probably know that I'm not a Yaoi fan…so why did I write another one?

It was because I wasn't satisfied with Possession; due to the lack of details…I hope I managed to remedy that a little in this one…and I hoped I managed to make Misa even more evil and gave her more a fitting death…XD

Anyway…this could be my last Yaoi fic for a very, very long time…but I may try to finish Taming the Beast in Eyeshield 21…mainly because I don't like leaving a work unfinished…and to those of you who read Oblivion, yes, I will start writing Into Oblivion and Beyond as soon as possible.

I'll be focusing more on the Doraemon fic I'm writing…True Friend…I know not many of you read the Doraemon fan fics, but I hope you'll at least take a glance at this one…it's probably going to be the longest story I'll write…=D

Anyway, I'd like to thank you all for reading A Little More in Common and for all the support you've given me…it was truly a pleasure reading your responses…

I hope to hear from you guys again…see ya!!

*whisper*…to write, or not to write a sequel...that is the question…=)