"You think you have the power to defeat me?" the Warlord sneered as the two figures flew into the sky to meet him.

Hyper Sonic and Solar Blaze only smirked in response as they shot towards the now-flesh spirit. The Warlord snarled and tried to keep them back, shooting energy beams at the two, but for small targets, they were easily able to avoid each blast. Annoyed, the Warlord gathered his power and instead concentrated it into a massive energy ball and hurled it at them. Hyper Sonic jumped ahead and easily swapped the ball away, sending it back to the Warlord and striking him head on. As he staggered back from the hit, he was suddenly knocked forward from a strong kick in the head by Solar Blaze.

"How can you possibly manage to land your hits?" the Warlord growled as he raised himself back up, "I've become the most powerful being in all existence!"

"Not quite, pal," Hyper Sonic wagged his finger, "You overlooked one crucial part of the story."

Solar Blaze crossed her arms, "You absorbed the emeralds when they were still separated. Whereas we absorbed them when they were put back together."

Hyper Sonic grinned, "So we've got a slight edge over you."

"Raaaiiiigh!!" In anger, the Warlord raised his arms up, calling upon pieces of the battered earth and castle ruins and sent them full force at the heroes. The two threw punches and kicks at every piece that was thrown at them, shattering them and keeping from getting crushed, and accidentally causing the broken parts to fall below at the innocent bystanders. Luckily, Silver was there to catch the pieces and send them off while Knuckles jumped up and smashed the debris into even smaller pebbles to harmlessly fall around everyone.

While Sonic and Blaze were distracted keeping back the boulders and castle parts, out of nowhere, they were rammed head on by the Warlord as he head-butted into the two. He laughed approvingly as they were sent flying across the horizon... but stopped abruptly as the two glowing specks were seen coming closer at top speed. Blaze was holding onto Sonic's hand and once they were close enough, she began to spin him in a rapid circle, until they became a whirlwind of white and golden colors. She then let go of Sonic, and the hyper-powered hedgehog plummeted into the Warlord, knocking him back a good several hundred feet. He pulled back as the Warlord struggled to right himself back up, and in blind fury, swiped his fists at Sonic sloppily, allowing the hedgehog to dodge each hit and land a powerful uppercut into the Warlord's chin once he was wide open. The spirit fell back once more, grabbing his face as he tried to keep himself upright.

"Now, Blaze!!" Sonic shouted as he quickly jumped to the side. The Warlord looked up just in time to see a massive star-like fireball coming straight at him and didn't have a moment to defend himself at it struck him head on, igniting his whole body on fire. He screamed in agony as he quickly tried to pat out the flames on him, and turned his furious attention to the floating heroes, who had just joined back together and faced him.

The Warlord was beaten badly, exhausted, and even angrier than before. "All these centuries, finding these emeralds..." he seethed as he breathed hard, "I will not fail! I will have control of every living thing in existence... Even if I have to exterminate this one world!!" He let loose a scream as he called upon his entire power to come forth. A dark energy began to form around him, and continued to build as the entire world began to shake.

"What's going on??" cried Sally as she and everyone else fell over from the shaking ground.

Being around the Master Emerald all his life, Knuckles could feel what was happening, and knew exactly what was going on. "He's going to use the energy he took from the emeralds to blow the entire planet up!!"

That was more than enough to cause a mass panic among everyone on the ground.

"Sonic, this is it!" Blaze cried, "There's no way we can stop this!"

"Yes we can..." Sonic responded, staring hard as they watched the Warlord increase his energy for the attack, "If he can do that, we can do it too." He looked over to the cat, "Remember the prophesy... 'In the greatest peril, the powers unite'..." he held out his hand, "...'And two become one'."

The two stared into each other, as if it was the last time they'd ever get to see each other again... it probably was. But Blaze nodded, and took a hold of Sonic's hand. Together, they concentrated their energy, powering up to the max themselves. A blue aura blazed around them, which was also engulfed with red flames, and they were off, like a rocket, shooting at hyper speed towards the Warlord, leaving behind a trail of fire. They looked like a comet, brightly blasting through the dark sky.

The Warlord saw them coming, however, and pushed his arms forward, shooting his devastating attack at the two. The dark aura hit them straight on... but at the full speed they were going, their own aura was able to bounce the attack right back at the Warlord, who didn't even see it coming. He was struck by his own attack, his defense wide open, and he staggered backwards in pain. The lethal power that was meant to take out the entire world was now taking him out... but that wasn't enough for the heroes as they plowed right into his chest.

The spirit froze... the power was too much, and it was all against him. Bright energy beams began to shoot out of him from every part of his body. Then, he let out one last agonizing scream as the chaos energy exploded inside of him like a super nova, bright enough to light the entire scene as if it were daytime. Everyone had to shield their eyes. The explosion sent the 7 Chaos Sols scattering across the horizon, as well as rocketed Sonic and Blaze into two different directions.

"Sonic!!" cried Sally.

"Blaze!!" shouted Silver.

Finally, the light from the explosion dimmed down. The world stopped shaking, and everything had calmed down...

The Warlord was defeated...

The world was together...

The prophesy had been fulfilled...


But the heroes were gone...




The room slowly came into focus as Blaze's eyes fluttered open. She glanced around; she was back in her bedroom, back in Castle Sol! How did she get here, she wondered? What happened...?

She sat up in her bed, trying to think back. Her memory was all a blur, and she felt drained and exhausted, as if she was sleeping for eternity. She could barely remember what could have caused all this. She remembered there was fighting... and the Sol Emeralds... and Sonic...

... Did she really see him again? Was it all just a strange dream?

Figuring she wasn't going to get any answers by laying in bed all day, she decided to get up and exit her room.

Down the hallway, she looked up at the walls, of all the hanging pictures of those whom she had descended from, of her own parents, and some of herself, younger, and all alone.

"Everything looks the same," she murmured to herself, "It's like I never left..."

She then came across a plaque. The powers split, north and south. Two worlds, separate lives. In the greatest peril, the powers unite, and two become one. She was brought back to those vague memories of Sonic, and his friends, and her friends, all together to battle against this evil spirit...

It couldn't have been a dream... could it?

"Miss Blaze!"

The cat was snapped back to reality when she heard the voice of pit-bill nurse approaching her. "Are you all right?" the nurse asked, concerned, "Should you be out of bed like this?"

"I... I'm okay," Blaze responded, rubbing her head, "I think so, at least."

The nurse then gave a smile. "Come then," she said, taking the princess by the arm and leading her down the hallway, "Everyone is waiting for you."


The nurse took her further down the hall and to a stairway, leading downstairs. As they descended, they were approaching the main hall. Blaze was surprised to see so many people were gathered downstairs, and as soon as she was spotted, the entire room erupted with applause at her entrance. Blaze blinked, not understanding the situation.

Once she was at the bottom, she was immediately surrounded by well-wishers, and receiving affectionate bows and handshakes by Gardon and General Argyle. "Just... what's going on?" Blaze asked.

"It's kind of a long story, Blaze," Silver responded as he approached her and gave her a deep hug. "We're just glad you're okay."

"Too right!" Marine piped, jumping in and grabbing a piece of Blaze to hug herself.

Blaze returned the hugs and she looked around the room. She felt flattered, and happy, to see so many of her people were here just to see her... but a few of them she could have sworn she saw somewhere else before. "Who... who are most of these people?"

"Some of them originally came from our world, dear."

That voice! Blaze whipped around to see if it was who she thought it was. And it was.

"Queen Aleena??" the cat gasped as the hedgehog queen stood in front of her, "But how...?"

Aleena smiled. "Don't you remember?" she said, "Our worlds were merging together. It was an international crisis. But now that the Chaos and Sol Emeralds have joined together again after so many centuries, our worlds have become whole."

"You mean...?" Blaze looked around the room some more. There were more and more faces that she was beginning to recognize. There was the entire Acorn family, Cream and her mother who only looked too thrilled to see her again, Tails who waved wildly at her, Knuckles who only smiled and nodded, and even Aleena's two other children, Manic and Sonia. "They're all here...!" Blaze breathed, "But then... where's--?"

"Hey, about time you woke up, sleepy head!"

Blaze's eyes widened at the voice. That all-too familiar, wonderful voice. She turned slowly... there he was. Standing right next to her, a smile curved at the side of his mouth. "Sonic...!"

The hedgehog grinned. "You were expecting maybe Mario?"

Without wasting a second, Blaze was on top of him, wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him tightly against her. Tears streamed down her cheek, the first time in ten years she showed emotion in front of her kingdom. But she didn't care at the moment. All that mattered was that she was with him. "I thought I'd never see you again..." she choked.

Sonic returned the hug and smirked. "Can't get rid of me that easily."

The room around them was in a low silence. The two opened their eyes and glanced awkwardly around them, noticing people were staring at them, and half of everyone was glancing back to the princess of Mobotropolis. The two reluctantly released their hold on each other and looked over to Sally, who in response only shrugged and waved her palm.

"Well, don't stop on account of me," she said, "It's obvious you guys were meant for each other. After all..." she gave a tight smile, "That whole prophesy was talking about you all along anyway."

Some people looked disappointed in the answer. Others looked thrilled. The rest were just too indecisive. Sonic, however, only looked to Blaze... and began laughing at the whole situation. Blaze couldn't figure out what was so funny, but she didn't care. She just wanted him. So she jumped onto Sonic, wrapped her arms around him again, and pressed her lips against his.

Sonic was taken back at the sudden kiss, but eventually became lost in it and gladly returned it, as once again, the entire room erupted into applause.

Once upon a time, the world was in peace, until an evil Warlord tried to steal the power of the Chaos Sols to take control of everything that lived. In order to save everyone and everything, the emeralds were split into two sets in order to create two different worlds to throw off the Warlord, and they worked together to banish him. To protect the emeralds, the worlds remained separated, until centuries later, they crossed into each other and the emeralds reacted by bringing the world back together. The Warlord, now a spirit, was able to find the emeralds once again because of this, and used the power to threaten the universe. The emeralds united once again, and the Warlord was defeated once and for all. The two worlds had become one...

And now, so have Sonic and Blaze.


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