To: Major General J. B. Magruder

Confederate Army Command Centre



January 4th 1863

Dear John,

Congratulations on your latest victory in Galveston. We had high expectations that you would triumph on the East coast and you met and exceeded your objectives, I understand. The Congress themselves wanted to pass on their gratitude

I heard reports of the death of Major Nathaniel Whitlock. A great loss to our forces and he shall be missed, I do not doubt. To lose an officer of such reliability and courage at this time in the war is a grievous blow to morale among the troops.

As such, I recall that the late Major's younger brother, Jasper Whitlock, is also among your company. I recommend he be promoted up to his brother's rank of Major and he granted his duties. From what I have heard, his promotion should restore some of the common foot soldiers' lost morale.

May we see more examples of Southern courage and daring overcoming the superior forces of the Union in future.

General R. E. Lee

Commander in Chief, Army of the Confederacy