Author's note: I'm trying to tell a story in only dialogue, as a writing exercise. It's really just a drabble, but one that wouldn't leave my head. So there you have it. Constructive Criticism welcomed with appreciation! Please no's fine if you don't like it, but flaming isn't helpful.

Sorry, don't want any.


Don't you have a skank to seduce?

I --

Say it and you'll be speaking through a tube for the rest of your miserable existence.

I see you haven't lost that special brand of Blair- Waldorf-social-grace.

Cut the banter, Chuck. What do you want?

The pleasure of your company, of course.

That's new.

Not really. Your pleasure has been a frequent concern for me.

So, you what? Want forgiveness?

Don't flatter yourself.

I don't. I have other people do it for me. I've got things to do, so if you want to talk --

I do.

Then talk, Chuck.

I love a bossy woman.

Is that a confession?

Not yet.

Was there something you wanted?


You son of a bitch.

Blair --

I have a party to plan. I'm thinking of a theme; maybe Arabian nights?

I didn't mean it.

I don't care. I was at my lowest, and you turned me away. That's not something I forgive and forget.

But it is something you don't mind doing to other people.

I'm not other people, Chuck. You, me, Nate and Serena, we're not supposed to turn on one another.

Funny you should mention dear old sis, I seem to recall a time when you turned pretty violently against her.

That's not the same-- she...they...

I'm not asking you to forget, Blair. Just ... stop remembering.


Yes. I am. But you know that.

Mmm. I really do have a party to plan.

I'm an excellent planner.

There's a difference between planning and scheming.

Not for us. But I do hope you were just being dramatic about your choice of theme.

Please. I'd never be that common. Even when I hate you.

And when you don't?

Insanity doesn't render me tasteless, either.

Well then, think-tank?

Do you know how to think with your brain?

I've missed your rapier wit.

You've still got some pennance to do, Bass.

Wouldn't have it any other way, Waldorf.