-Lasting Fancies-

I did it for the lulz. AU, obviously. I hope it amuses.

Attempt 3.

Disclaimer: Nothing.

-Lasting Fancies-

''My friends told me that if I could convince you to kiss me, right now, I wouldn't have to pay for my drinks all night.'' That was his introduction. He leaned over the bar, completely natural, and addressed the bartender with one of his rare smirks.

Itachi was confident. He was not outspoken though, just blunt, and curt. Why waste words? Verbal foreplay was unsatisfying. His wit and clever, perverse remarks were precise and suggestive. He knew what he wanted.

The bartender was gorgeous. His hands, very skilled, twirled a bottle and poured shots all night long. He smiled, sometimes fake ones, others genuine - it depended on the recipient. Itachi knew instantly, as he sat on a barstool that the grinning mouth he sought would be authentic.

''Well hello there, my name is Kisame. And what's yours?'' The bartender slouched against the counter as well, lazily amused by this offer. ''Those are questions you should be asking first.''

''I planned to ask you those every time I came up and got a free drink.''

Kisame allowed his amusement to show, as he muttered a gracious ''Cute.''

''Can I kiss you now?''

''Tell me your name first.''


They were staring at each other now - both of them were highly entertained by the situation.

''Alright Itachi, kiss me. Get one of your friends to take pictures and post them on facebook.''

Itachi, absorbed in the answer he received, and greatly amused by it, leaned forward and mumbled a coy, ''I'd keep them for myself'' before there was no room left for any unnecessary vocabulary.

It began by a warm kiss to the corner of Kisame's mouth; his eyes then shut, and he shifted a little closer. Their lips brushed, touched, and pressed, all moves slow and testing. No sooner did Itachi's hand reach over and caress the jaw that interested him so, did Kisame include his own flare into the kiss. He tugged on Itachi's lower lip, dragging him closer, and opening his mouth.

Itachi deliberately pulled back for a second, enough time for him to say that they were going to kiss again, now. This time, the act earned them cheers. Kisame had tangled his fingers in Itachi's hair, while the collar of his shirt was being tugged on and unbuttoned.

There was something incredibly delicious about the moment. Itachi knew his friends were watching, as was everyone else. There was no way he was going to stop now, not when his fingers had found the skin of Kisame's neck and elicited shivers. The response was just as passionate. Kisame was a great kisser. Itachi swore the bartender's mouth tasted like lust. His cheeks were burning and a moan rumbled in the heat of his chest, but that tongued urged him on and was too tempting to draw away from for a moaned breath.

The kiss has been more than he hoped for.

He initiated it and was left completely overwhelmed by it.

His lips were swollen and red when his eyes, clouded over, opened again. Kisame was smiling at him.



''Can I have your number?''

There was a soft laugh. Kisame was just as confident and brazen as Itachi.

''You asked the right bartender, then?''

''I did.''


You know, haha, Itachi was all seme in the beginning, until he dares Kisame, and voila, role inversion. Kisame did not even have to try - he just acted like himself. And Itachi, once again, succumbs.

I wish I saw that when I go to bars.