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Milly and Lacey Auburn are the daughters of Bobby Singer, both girls are best friends with Dean and Sam and have a thing for them, but what happens when it seems they have competition at school? Teen!Winchesters.


Milly tapped her pen on her paper and looked up at Dean, who had his shades on, meaning he was sleeping while Mr. Hanes was talking to them about history. Sighing, Milly took out a blank sheet of paper and wrote Dean a note, folding it into an airplane, and hitting him in the face with it while Mr. Hanes wasn't looking. Dean gave her a glare after taking off his glasses and opened it up.

You flunked Senior Year once.
You might not want to do it again, Deany.

Dean smirked, and then scribbled a note back.

If you're so on top of things, what has he been saying?

Milly laughed and wrote a note back.

I don't have to pay attention.
I'm exceptionally gifted.

Dean smiled at that and then put his shades back on after sending the note back.

Yeah, at taking off your clothes.
Now, I'm going back to sleep, Legs.

Milly just shook her head, and doodled some more on her paper, Billy sending her warning looks--neither of them needed another detention on their record.

Meanwhile, Lacey was sitting in her classroom, Matthew scribbling on her paper, since they sat next to each other at the science desk.

"This is boring." Matthew whispered.

Lacey smiled and replied, "But we have to pass this class, Matty. So pay attention...even if Miss Sweeney's voice is the most monotone thing you've ever heard in your 16 years of existence."

Matthew laughed a little, and Lacey nudged him when Miss Sweeney looked over.

"Is there something you'd like to tell the rest of the class, Mr. Smith?" Miss Sweeney asked.

Matthew made a face and shook his head. "Absolutely not. So if you wouldn't mind teaching us, you can go back to what you were doing."

Miss Sweeney gave Matthew a look. "See me after class, Mr. Smith."

Matthew winked at her. "Absolutely."

Miss Sweeney rolled her eyes as the boys in the class laughed, and Lacey laughed silently to herself and doodled a bit on Matthew's paper.

"You're an idiot sometimes, Matty, but I love you for it." She told him.

Matthew smiled. "Well of course you do. I'm a very loveable guy."

Lacey nudged him again, and they kept drawing on each other's papers, Lacey still multi-tasking enough to take her notes and retain the information she was receiving. Junior Year was going to be a piece of cake.

Milly skipped over to her little sister and Lacey smiled and shook her head when Milly unzipped her jacket.

"You know, by this point in your life, you shouldn't be hiding the bust you try to flaunt." Lacey said, but unzipped her own jacket, to reveal a similar shirt.

Milly smiled. "I think the only part of this year I'm looking forward to, is being Head cheerleader, part of the class cabinet, and...being in Homeroom with Dean!"
Milly practically squealed the last part, and Lacey beamed.

"Well way to land one of the hot Winchester boys in your class, Mil. I wish Sam would move his butt up a grade. He's smart enough to." Lacey protested.

Milly shrugged. "He doesn't wanna get beaten up. And to be honest, I don't blame him. Though I gotta say, the nerd thing is beyond hot."

Lacey nodded. "I have to agree with you. It gets you all warm inside."

"What? Men?" Matthew asked, coming up on Lacey's right.

"Well them too." Milly said, and shook her head smiling.

Billy joined them as they walked to the Parent Carpool Pick-up out front.

"We talking about boys again?" Billy asked.

"Well what else would we be talking about?" Milly replied.

Billy rolled his eyes. "That essay I won't let you copy?"

"Dean Winchester 2 o'clock." Lacey said.

Milly averted her eyes, and the two smirked as Dean strutted his way to his father, Sam following behind him, his books in hand.

"I'll be back!" Milly called, but Lacey was one step ahead.

"You need help with those books, Sammy?" Lacey asked.

Milly sighed and stopped walking towards them, Dean making a vulgar signing at her, as Lacey flirted away with Sam. Milly was about to sign something back when she saw her father pull up.

"Oh great. It's Dad's month." Milly groaned.

"Why such a long face? Your Dad is awesome." Matthew told her.

Milly nodded. "Well duh, he's my Dad. It's just...he totally favors Lace over me. That means my sneaking out is limited."

"But isn't Dean having a party this weekend out in the field?" Billy asked.

"Oh don't worry--I'm going. And if I'm going, then Mil is too." Lacey said, rejoining the group. "DADDY!"

Lacey ran towards him and hugged him fiercely, Milly showing the same enthusiasm. Bobby hugged his girls tightly, and then he pointed to the car.

"Your mother will drop by some of your stuff in a couple hours, and come Friday, you'll be staying at John's for a couple weeks." Bobby explained.

Milly smiled, and Lacey nudged her, because looking too eager was the last thing they wanted.

"Another hunt, Daddy?" Lacey asked as they buckled and Bobby started the car.

Bobby nodded. "Yeah, and we all know what that means."

"Play time with the Wee!chester boys." Milly said happily, but quietly enough that only Lacey could make out the words.

"What was that?" Bobby asked.

"It means hanging out with Uncle John and the boys." Lacey told him sweetly, and he smiled, and drove them home.

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