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Milly smiled and ran her fingers through her hair as she snuggled into Dean's body, their skin brushing against each other's. He draped his arm over her and nuzzled her neck with his nose, chuckling when she ran her thumb over his peck. It had been nice to be with each other without anyone else getting in their way, and Milly really didn't want it to end and honestly, neither did Dean.

"So far we haven't actually done any hunting…it's been two weeks and we've been traveling around 'sight seeing' and 'breaking in' this backseat." Milly told Dean with a content laugh.

Dean chuckled again. "Did you just use your fingers as 'quotes'?"

Milly nodded as she grinned and looked up to catch Dean's eyes with hers. "You want me out here with you for more than just sex, right?"

Dean stroked her hair. "Of course I do, Mill—I actually have a hunt found if you're interested at all."

"Really?" Milly asked excitedly, her eyes lighting up. "You're not just saying that cause I tried something new this time?"

"As wonderful as that was, no—I know how much you've been itching to test our partner skills." Dean told her, kissing her softly. "And of course I mean our hunting skills—we have the bedroom ones down."

Milly smiled and shifted in the seat a little to kiss Dean with a better angle and better leverage. He welcomed it because he was pretty sure Milly Grace Auburn was his perfect future and though it freaked him out a little bit that he felt that way, he was willing to push the fear aside for her. In fact he wasn't the only Winchester that was feeling that way about an Auburn—Sam was pretty much feeling blessed every day he spent with Lacey.

"This is going to be a really fabulous summer as far as I am concerned." Lacey told Sam, leaning her head on his bare shoulder as they sat in their swim wear dangling their feet in the pool at Sam's house. "I mean I miss my sister and I'm sure you miss your brother but come on—we get to do whatever we want!"

Sam smiled at her fondly. "Yeah…even if I have to see more of Matty and Tina."

Lacey laughed loudly. "Come on Tina's only staying until Billy leaves for college. Then she's prolly heading up to go and make Dean crazy while he hunts with Mill so you really only have to see her before she leaves."

"That's still seeing her, I'm pretty sure." Sam replied with a sigh but he laughed when Lacey reached down into the pool and splashed him.

Lacey grinned. "Now there is the Sam Winchester I wanna be spending my summer with!"

Sam retaliated by playfully pushing Lacey into the pool, sliding in after her and splashing her as she came up sputtering a little. They started to splash each other more as they laughed and told each other to cut it out, and John leaned on the doorframe and watched them. He wanted more than anything for his sons to be happy, but he was starting to get worried about Sam's emotional attachments…John needed Sam to hunt and help avenge his mother's death. John knew that Sam was happy with Lacey and Lacey was happy with him, and John even wanted the two to have each other because he understood love…but John Winchester wanted his son to hunt—not waste his time on college.

"You are such a jerk!" Lacey announced playfully, smiling and wiping the water off of her face as John went back inside the house and Sam stopped splashing her. "But for some reason I love you."

Sam smiled at her and kissed her swiftly, both of them treading water. "I love you too even though you insist on making me deal with Tina."

Lacey rolled her eyes. "You love her and you know it. You're just worried she'll initiate another 'Stalk John Winchester Day' this summer while the weather's good."

"She'd never do that without Milly present." Sam told her, more for his own comfort than for truth's sake.

Lacey laughed. "Oh she wouldn't? This way he's only shared two ways instead of three."

When Sam made a face Lacey kissed him again, both of them gliding over to where their feet could touch so that they could stand in the pool and kiss each other at the same time. Sam held Lacey close to him because he never wanted to let her go, but he was starting to get the feeling that this wasn't going to last and the feeling was making him really upset. Was it selfish of him to ask her to turn Harvard down? Of course it was…and he knew it but it didn't stop him from thinking it.

"I swear to God Bobby if you touch that!" Lauren exclaimed and just to annoy her, Bobby picked up the vase and moved it back to its original position. "You have a death wish!"

"You know for once I thought we were on the same page but now you're getting upset about the little things that don't even matter! Our daughter is out hunting!" Bobby yelled.

Lauren took a deep breath. "Yes, I'm kind of quite aware of that, thank you. She and Dean will call us if they need us."

"Why don't you care, Lauren? I mean she's your favorite and you're still off letting her have sex with some boy and put her life in danger!" Bobby cried out. "At least Lacey and Sam are supervised at John's!"

Though they'd made a little progress for a while, Bobby and Lauren had pretty much been doing nothing but fighting with each other since Milly and Dean had taken off to hunt. Bobby saw every dream for his daughter die, and yet Lauren still seemed to think it was Milly's choice and she supported what her daughter wanted to do with her life. Lauren was pretty upset with Bobby because he didn't seem to understand just how much she did care about her eldest daughter—about both of them—she just simply wanted them to choose their own paths as she and Bobby had.

"I swear to God, Bobby if we talk about this one more time…" Lauren warned him.

Bobby made a face and headed out the front door, both of them very used to this by now—every time they fought Bobby was out that door and Lauren was about ready to cry. In less than three months they were going to have another baby and neither of them wanted to bring that baby into this kind of environment—especially when it was starting to look like they weren't going to be staying together. If the fights kept on like this they were pretty sure they knew where they were going to end up.


It had been three months since Milly and Dean had headed out on their own, and they were a little surprised at how perfect a demon-fighting team they really were together. Milly was pretty fabulous with the research part and Dean was great at the actual hunting/fighting part, both of them dabbling a bit in the other and so it came out really well balanced. Dean smiled at Milly when he saw her draw the salt circle and he found himself wishing that nothing would break them—they were perfect the way that they were and though he'd never admit it…that was how he felt.

"So I'm pretty sure that this ghost of ours is gonna get lured here if you hit me." Milly announced. "We already agreed she was kind of vigilante—punishing men who hurt their significant others since she was beaten to death by her husband. So…you have to hit me."

Dean sighed loudly. "I don't want to hit you."

"Which is sweet and I appreciate it, but this is how we're gonna lure her here." Milly told Dean, wrapping her arms around his neck when he gave her a look. "And you're gonna have to make it look convincing."

"What about a summoning spell? I mean you are related to a guy who knows some damn good spells." Dean suggested, leaning in a little.

Milly kissed him. "Just hit me, Dean—you can make it up to me later."

Dean shook his head and kissed Milly again, both of them knowing they needed the ghost, and Dean with a trick up his sleeve as always. There was no way he was going to go through with Milly's plan, and somehow Milly knew that but she needed more practice with spells and they both knew that. Luckily for Dean his plan worked, and the ghost showed up when he lit the top of the picture of her and her husband on fire, sticking it into the flame in one of the candles for the spells, kissing Milly at the same time.

Dean smirked a little when she grabbed his hips and pulled her towards him. "Not the time, Princess."

"Dean…" Milly breathed as she felt the slight change in temperature around them and then looked at her breath as it puffed out. "Ghost."

Dean nodded and turned around, protectively getting in between Milly and the ghost and it made Milly smile at him a little. He was protecting her and she knew that she was safe with him and it was a feeling that Lacey was feeling with Sam too. They'd all known each other since they were incredibly young, and starting school up again—for Lacey it being her Senior Year—it was nice to know that even through the mundane Sam was right by her side. Sure sometimes John was going to pull him out for a hunt, but Lacey knew that everything was going to be just fine with Sam looking out for her.

"Another year, another teacher to hit on!" Matty exclaimed, sidling up over to Lacey and Sam and standing on Lacey's other side.

Sam and Lacey were holding hands and Matty knew not to try and get in between them. Even though Sam was the one that was normally picked on and everything, he had been getting a little more forward and standing up for himself a little more. Matty admired that and he felt like his best friend was in good hands, but at the same time Matty was still protective and he knew he'd always be that way with his Auburn Girl.

"So no more Miss Sweeney?" Lacey asked him.

Sam looked at Matty and raised one of his eyebrows. "Whoa, whoa, whoa—what?"

Lacey laughed and nodded at Matty's blush. "Yeah—he big time has the hots for her. He's like Tina in the respect that they go for people older than them."

"You know to be fair, Miss Sweeney is only 12 years older than me." Matty pointed out with a cavalier shrug.

Sam laughed loudly. "So that makes her what…30?"

"Don't judge me, Winchester—just keep the mouth shut and walk into the building." Matty replied.

Lacey used her free hand to hit him softly, and then she kissed Sam and they all went off their separate ways towards their respective home rooms. Though a little upset she wouldn't see Matty first period, she knew she had the majority of her classes with him like always, and with Sam in Advanced Science, she'd get to see both of her favorite men for at least an hour. So she settled down in her Art class and smiled at her new home room teacher, trying to make the best of a new year.

"You should be out any day now." Lauren told her stomach softly. "Maybe your arrival will make Daddy and I more keen on talking to each other."

Lauren and Bobby hadn't talked to each other for an entire month, and Lacey was getting a little annoyed with it, but she knew there was nothing she could do about it. When they didn't talk to each other they didn't fight, and so even though annoying, the silence was more welcome than the fighting. Still, Bobby and Lauren wanted to talk to each other, but they were fighting about more than just Milly and Dean being gone and hunting together—they were fighting about everything.

"Maybe it's time for you to come out." Lauren said dismally when Bobby came waltzing in through the door.

"Oh look, I'm home." Bobby said to himself, but it was loud enough that Lauren could hear it and he had intended it that way.

Lauren looked at the magazine she was holding and Bobby glanced at her and then went straight into the kitchen to make Lacey something to eat when she came home from school. It was definitely different just having one daughter to deal with, but soon there would be two kids again—one of which would be an infant. Neither Bobby nor Lauren had dealt with babies in a long while, and it was kind of surreal and they were going to need each other…if only the two of them could just get along.

"Come on, baby…can you come out now for Mommy's and Daddy's sake?" Lauren asked her stomach, and Bobby smiled at her lovingly from the kitchen for a moment, and then he went back to making some after school snacks.


Lauren went into labor exactly 17 days after the due date—and for her it was definitely about time since the baby was at this point so late. The second she went into labor, Bobby was right there by her side and she was pretty certain that he was always going to be there for her when she needed him most—fighting or no fighting. She just tried to stay calm and focus on the fact that the pain just meant that soon she'd have a bouncing baby and that got her through the car ride—that and reminiscing about how perfect Bobby had been when Milly and Lacey were born as well.

"You know part of me is really excited, and the other part of me isn't." Lauren told Bobby as Milly and Lacey helped settle her into the hospital bed.

Bobby smiled at her and took her hand. "No matter what happens, Lauren…I'm going to be right here, all right?"

Milly and Lacey smiled at their parents and then Milly offered to make some phone calls. Lauren was thankful for the help and Lacey said she'd talk to John, Dean and Sam in the waiting room and let them know what was up. Practically the minute they had gotten into the car, Lacey had called Sam to tell him that her baby sibling was on the way, and he grabbed Dean and John. Now Milly was calling Claudia, Tina, Billy and Matty, and they were all going to be there for the new Auburn-Singer arrival.

It had actually been pretty lucky timing that Milly and Dean had come home to visit—and to grab some things Milly decided she needed from home—and then Lauren's water had broken. Mostly it was just nice to have everyone together, and that put Lauren's mind at more ease as she thought about having to push out yet another little person out of her. None of her children had been planned, and yet she felt blessed to have them, and she was rather excited to have another one…to figure out whether it was a girl or a boy.

"Mom isn't dilated enough to push or anything, so we're just going to wait for a little while and see what happens." Lacey explained, sitting on Sam's lap when he opened up his arms for her.

Milly came out and hung her phone up, sitting next to Dean and resting her head on his shoulder. "Billy is on his way with Matty, and Claudia and Tina will be here as soon as they can—they're in the middle of a hunt."

"I'm glad they're on their way." Sam said out loud and everyone nodded as he swallowed. "I know this isn't the time and it isn't any of my business but uh…are you two back together?"

Milly and Dean both looked at Sam and shook their heads—after the incident with the ghost and things getting a little out of hand, Milly and Dean had called their relationship quits, thinking it would be easier to focus…easier to save each other. So far it was working, but at the same time they missed what it meant to be a couple…missed the groping and the sex because neither of them wanted to do any of that without the title. Dean's most treasured relationship was over and now he was simply Milly's friend and he was going to have to accept that—and so was she.

"Wow…I never expected to be so nervous." Bobby told Lauren, a small smile on his face.

Lauren smiled at him. "Yeah well…we haven't had a baby in a really long time."

Bobby nodded slowly. "This is going to be something to get used to, that's for damn certain."

Lauren laughed. "Thank you—thank you for being here despite everything that has been going on lately."

"Of course, Baby—I love you." Bobby told her, cringing a little when a contraction hit and Lauren squeezed his hand rather hard.

He kissed her forehead when the nurse came in to check on her, and after Billy and Matty had been there for a good hour, Milly and Lacey were called back into the room to be there when Lauren pushed the baby out. The boys all waited outside in the waiting room for about twenty more minutes, and then Lacey and Milly came out with happy tear-stained cheeks announcing that they had a baby sister. Claudia and Tina showed up right when Lacey explained that Bobby and Lauren were narrowing down their top name choices, and everyone hugged.

"Another Auburn girl! Lauren has to be so excited!" Claudia said enthusiastically. "When do we get to see this miracle baby?"

"Soon, soon—I promise. Right now we're giving Mom and Dad space because they seem genuinely happy with each other." Lacey explained.

Milly nodded and smiled as Dean kissed her temple and squeezed her hand. "I just can't believe we have a baby sister!"

"I can—Lauren's always been a little vain…she had to replicate herself yet again." John said in a joking voice, and Lacey and Milly smiled at him.

They were allowed in to gather around Bobby while he held his little baby girl reverently, and they all remarked that she had Bobby's facial structure, but Lauren's beautiful eyes. Claudia and Lauren started to talk a little and cry together, Lauren glad that her best friend was here for the third time, and Tina and Billy held hands while they peered at the tiny baby swaddled in pink. Matty hugged Lacey and then Lacey took Sam's hand, Milly leaning against Dean as John tried hard not to cry. Lauren and Bobby were the closet friends that he had and with Bobby occasionally shedding a proud tear, it was hard to keep it together.

"Looks like there is yet another Auburn girl in the mix then." Dean said and ran his fingers through Milly's hair absent-mindedly. "You two are less unique."

Sam rolled his eyes as Lacey and Milly smacked him softly. "They're just more blessed is all, Dean."

"She's gonna grow up beautiful like the other Auburn girls before her." Tina said proudly.

"What did you decide to name her?" John asked finally, the words finally forming for him.

Bobby looked up at him and smiled. "Emily Joy Auburn."


"I almost want to go home." Milly said softly.

"What?" Dean asked her.

Milly looked up when she realized he could hear her and gave him a smile. "Nothing."

Sometimes Milly missed being home with her family—especially because she had grown so attached to her youngest sister already—but she missed her family so much more now that Dean had a new flame in the picture. Flame…Milly would actually love to set fire to Cassie Robinson but what could she do…Dean seemed head over heels for her already and it had only been four days.

"You're going out to see her again?" Milly asked Dean skeptically. "I thought after your fight yesterday you wanted to move on to another hunt."

Dean smiled at her a little. "She and I are moving past yesterday's fight."

"Well have fun—I'm just going to go ahead and hang out at the bar." Milly told him with yet another fake smile. "Just uh…I'd like to sleep tonight."

Milly really didn't like talking to Dean about his obvious sex life and so she just kind of eluded to it and he knew what she meant. In fact Dean knew it was pretty hard on her and he tried to make it easier on her but it was hard—the history that they had was too much to deny at this point and though he didn't want Milly moving on, he knew it would be healthy for her. Needless to say they weren't the only ones not having a good time with all of the new arrangements.

Lacey wasn't having a pleasant time at all when it came to her life—she and Sam were continually fighting about Harvard even though they seemed to move past that sometimes…which was more than could be said about Bobby and Lauren. All they could do even with Miss Emily Joy's adorable demeanor, was fight, fight, and fight some more. It was getting to the point where Lacey was just hanging out with Matty because she didn't want to be at home and yet sometimes she couldn't run to Sam.

"It's hard, Matty…he used to be the one I could trust enough to run to." Lacey explained, snuggling into Matty as they sat on the couch in his living room.

Matty nodded. "Yeah I get that, Lace. I think maybe you guys taking a break in college could be a good thing."

Lacey sat up and made a face. "Who said anything about a break? Has he talked to you and you haven't told me about it?"

Matty sighed loudly. "No he has not talked to me—Sam Winchester talking to me…that's pretty funny, Lace."

"I just—I don't want to break up with him! At the same time I'm not putting my future on hold just because he wants to go to Stanford!" Lacey exclaimed and then sighed and looked at the TV. "I wish my life was more like a movie."

Matty leaned his head on hers and decided that it was about time to change the subject and he didn't want to talk about himself so he thought about asking about her sister. He knew even that subject was testy because it would bring up Lauren and Bobby and things between them were far from peachy. Still, it was a better subject than college and Sam and so Matty was going to take his chances.

"How's Emily?" Matty asked her.

Lacey smiled a little. "She's like a perfect little angel. She's so quiet and well behaved and I think that's good for Mom and Dad…and I think that if Milly actually decides to go through with her decision to come back, then things will be calmer—she's even looking into college classes if you can believe it."

"Why would Milly come back? She loves being away with Dean." Matty said with a laugh. "I mean I expected those two to get knocked up and start a family off in the middle of nowhere and then one of them would get famous for something."

"Yeah except…Dean kind of has a new girlfriend and Milly feels kind of abandoned." Lacey explained.

Matty nodded slowly because he'd seen the looks on Milly's and Dean's faces when Emily was born and he didn't like that Milly and Dean and Sam and Lacey were having problems. He knew they weren't the only ones, but it felt like his little world he'd grown used to since Sam and Lacey started dating was kind of falling apart.

"Everything's wrong, Tina." Milly told her into the cell phone as she headed back to the motel room she and Dean shared. "Everything is just falling apart and I want to go home."

Tina nodded as Billy ran his fingers through her hair—unlike the others Tina and Billy were doing wonderfully and she had an apartment off campus with him and a couple of his college friends. She still hunted sometimes and Billy was none the wiser about what it was that she actually did when she was gone, and she was still there for Milly when Milly needed her. In fact Billy was always there for her too, but right now she really needed a female perspective, and she knew how bad Lacey was feeling about Sam so she went to Tina instead.

"Yeah…I just wanna go home." Milly admitted out loud finally.

"Maybe you should." Tina replied with a shrug. "I know I wasn't on board with that option before but Dean is moving on and he needs his space and you need to move on too, honey."

Milly wiped a tear off her cheek and sighed. "I don't want to leave him. I mean he's my best friend these days and I just…I guess I still need him."

Milly only half heard the next thing that Tina was saying because when she walked into the motel room Cassie was there. Everyone was clothed, that wasn't the problem—the problem was that Cassie was wearing Milly's shirt. It wasn't just any shirt either and Milly told Tina she'd have to call her back and hung up the phone, Dean getting up and making a face…he knew what the shirt meant to her…knew that he couldn't fix this one.

"Emily's sleeping." Lauren told Bobby, putting her hands in her back pockets.

Bobby nodded slowly. "She's pretty perfect."

Lauren smiled a little and then it faded. "I don't know what to do, Bobby…I don't know how to bring all of this up to Mill and Lace."

"I know they have a lot to worry about right now but I mean this is our lives too, Lauren." Bobby explained and then he swallowed slowly, trying not to show Lauren how much he hurt inside. "It's our lives too and it's best we go through with this separation."

Lauren nodded sadly. "Yeah…I know it is."


Lacey didn't like the look on Sam's face when she went to see him that afternoon and she knew that the next few days were going to be some of the worst days she'd ever been through. Milly had come home and wouldn't spill on all of the details yet, and now the school year was over and after a bittersweet prom and graduation, Lacey was getting ready to head on to Harvard. Nothing seemed to be going right but at the same time Lacey felt a little bit like it was a chance for them all to start over…she just wanted to still be able to start over with Sam.

"Sammy…" Lacey began, but she trailed off when Sam stood up and looked like he was going to lose it.

"Lacey I just can't, all right?" Sam asked her, his voice betraying his pain even though he hadn't wanted it to. "I thought that I might be able to do this but I can't. You can't expect me to sit around waiting for you and I can't pay for Harvard—I can't get a full ride there."

Lacey nodded sadly, trying to hold back the tears. "So you're breaking up with me then?"

Sam wished he hadn't nodded but he had and soon his arms were around her and Lacey started to cry as Sam breathed in the lavender scent of her hair and kissed her head. He loved her so much and she returned the feelings, but he was feeling broken and beaten when it came to what he wanted and what he could accomplish, and he believed Lacey deserved a better life. In all reality Sam was probably going to be forced to go into hunting and Lacey was better off going to a college that she wanted to go to and having the normal life that Sam wanted.

"Sammy, I don't want to break up." Lacey told him, kissing him when he pulled away and pressed his lips to hers.

John was about to come into the room and ask Sam a question, but one look at the tears streaming down their faces and the sad loving lip-lock, and John went back downstairs. It almost broke his heart to see Sam and Lacey so upset but in the long run John needed Sam to help him hunt down the demon that killed Mary, and not being tied to Lacey would make it that much easier.

"I love you, Lace." Sam told her, pulling away from her and then putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans. "You just have to go your own way, all right?"

Lacey could only nod and then left the house, heading back to her house where she saw Lauren helping Bobby pack up a few boxes. The sight made Lacey start to cry even harder and she ran straight up to her room, Milly looking up as she rocked her baby sister, Lacey's form flying past the nursery door. It was too hard for Lacey to have just lost her boyfriend and now also be losing her father because he was moving out.

"Let's go see Lace, shall we, Em?" Milly asked her youngest sister softly.

"You should go talk to her." Lauren told Bobby as she taped up a large box. "She'll be more receptive to what you have to say."

Bobby nodded and headed up the stairs after his favorite daughter, stopping at the doorway when he saw Emily smiling up at Lacey and Milly stroking her sister's hair. Milly shook her head a little when she saw her father, and he nodded and stood next to the door so Lacey couldn't see him but still wanted to hear the whole conversation. He was worried about all of the stress Lacey had been under lately, and wanted to just scoop her up into his arms and tell her it was all going to be all right like when she was little.

"So Dad's really moving out then?" Lacey asked Milly.

Milly nodded as Emily started to play with the buttons on Lacey's shirt. "Yeah…he found a place in South Dakota and he's gonna go ahead and move out after you take off. Its just gonna be me, Mom and Em."

"Milly don't cry." Lacey said, the tears coming again. "I can't…"

"I'm trying to be strong here, Lace." Milly told her, smiling a little as she sniffled. "I'm just going to miss you so much and it's going to be hard not having Mom and Dad under the same roof anymore. And I mean look at Em! She's nine months old and she's already walking and trying to talk! We're back to three Auburn girls and you're not part of that three anymore. Who am I gonna fight with over Frank? Em doesn't want him."

Lacey smiled a little and kissed Milly's cheek, holding her sister close, both of them biting their lips so they wouldn't cry while Emily stayed fascinated by the buttons. Then Bobby came in and Lacey broke down again, explaining about Sam and about how much she was going to miss her father and for the next three days the four Auburn girls and Bobby spent time together and then packed up Lacey's graduation gift—a car—so she could head on up to Boston.

"Oh baby I am going to miss you." Lauren told Lacey, kissing her head and then turning to Bobby and smiling a little at how protectively he was holding Emily to him.

Lacey nodded and kissed her mother's cheek, hugging her sister next and then watching as Lauren took Emily from Bobby and let him hug his middle child fiercely. He was going to be closer to her than to Milly, Emily and Lauren, but at the same time he wasn't going to see her very often at all. Bobby was a hunter and he was going to do his hunting, and he was going to check in on his family but this was different now…Lacey was heading off to start her new life.

"I love you, Daddy." Lacey told him, kissing his check and holding him tightly. "You had better call me everyday."

Bobby chuckled. "You'll get sick of me calling you everyday, Sweetheart."

Lacey laughed a little. "Yeah, probably—doesn't mean you shouldn't though."

"I'll call you everyday." Milly piped in with a smile. "God knows I won't have anything better to do."

They all laughed and then watched Lacey take off in the car, Lauren extending another night's stay for Bobby, who accepted so that he could spend a little more time with Emily. As they all headed into the house Milly stayed behind and saw Sam coming down the walk and she nodded slowly and he looked crest-fallen—he'd missed saying 'goodbye' to the girl he still deeply loved.

"At least stay for dinner, Sammy." Milly told him with a shrug.

Sam raised an eyebrow. "You're not going to kick my ass or anything for what I did?"

Milly shook her head. "No…I know what it's like to simply run from the hard stuff."


Lacey's first day of school almost made her miss the first day she met her roommate, Sally Henderson. The girl was pretty fun if you looked past her craziness and her OCD, and tonight was another college party Lacey's friend Moses was already dragging her to. In fact the only thing Lacey was looking forward to was the call from Matty about how his date with Miss Sweeney had gone…as weird as that was for Lacey to admit out loud.

"It's called a coaster!" Sally exclaimed when she came out of her bedroom. "Do you want to leave rings on the coffee table?!"

Lacey sighed loudly and then smiled. "Sorry Sally, I was thinking about some things and didn't watch where I was setting the cup down—won't happen again."

Sally nodded and sat down on the couch after brushing it off first even though there was nothing to brush off. "Anything you want to talk about?"

Lacey shrugged a little. "One of my best friends is on a date with our ex-homeroom teacher right now."

"Wow!" Sally exclaimed. "I thought dating teachers didn't happen until college to get good grades from professors."

Lacey laughed. "Apparently this is Matty's experimental time."

"Well I hope it goes well for him. Where is Moses? If he doesn't get here soon then we're gonna be late." Sally said with a sigh. "I don't wanna be late again—I wanna get there before the beer pong starts."

"Oh but the beer pong is so much fun!" Lacey exclaimed, smiling when Moses came waltzing in their door.

"Yes but we won't get to see much of it because of Sally's OCD." Moses told Lacey smiling when she smiled at him and then wiped the look off of her face when Sally looked to her for support.

College was actually a pretty good experience for Lacey because she already had friends—she already felt like she belonged and she was doing well in her classes. She missed her family and she missed Sam, but she was moving on and she knew that her family was moving on too even though Bobby was now in South Dakota on his own. In fact Lacey was kind of hoping for a call from her sister too…her sister that was keeping a secret from her.

"So how was your third date with Miles?" Lauren asked as Milly came into the house with a smile on her face.

Milly shrugged a little and then did baby talk for her little sister. "I think I have a habit of picking men who don't put out."

Lauren rolled her eyes. "Come on, Mill stop joking around."

Milly laughed a little bit. "It was a very good date…he officially made me his girlfriend. It's kind of nice that Sam likes him too."

"Speaking of Sam…have you told Lace yet that you're friends with Sam still? That you talk to him still?" Lauren asked her eldest as she shifted her hold on Emily.

Milly bit her lip and shook her head and Lauren sighed as Emily started to say her father's name as she played with the blocks on the counter top. Sam had been so distraught about Lacey and about not getting to say 'goodbye' to her, and he'd been so understanding and helpful about the Dean situation, that Milly found herself not able to freeze him out. She felt bad that John wouldn't let Sam go to college and for some reason she felt like she and Sam deserved to be friends…and so she was keeping it to herself.

"She's going to have your head on a platter, I hope you know that." Lauren told her.

Milly sighed loudly. "I know, I know—I'm supposed to be the big sister and cut him out of my life for the way he made her feel but…he's always been my friend and I've really appreciated everything he's done for me."

"I know honey. Hey, can you take your sister and then call your father in a little while? You know how he likes to talk to Emily before he goes down for bed and I need a bath—a certain little girl spit up all over me and I smell disgusting." Lauren said with a small laugh, handing Emily out to Milly.

Milly rolled her eyes. "God, fine I'll take the munchkin."

Lauren smiled and thanked her daughter as Lacey beamed as her phone rang: Matty. Milly would call when she was settled in from her latest date with Miles Burnett—a 25 year-old heir to a popular franchising company—and now it was time to listen to how Matty's date went. So Lacey answered the phone and ignored the thoughts that accumulated about how she needed to get back in the dating horse too…she just wasn't ready for that quite yet.

"Matty!" Lacey said happily, sticking one finger in her right ear to drown out some of the music around her as she headed outside to talk to Matty more clearly.

Matty smiled as he listened to the background noise. "Sounds to me like someone is at a party and I should let them go."

"God no, don't let me go." Lacey told him as she made it outside where it was quieter. "I want to know how your date with our ex-teacher went, Mister."

"It was actually wonderful—her breasts are real." Matty said with a smirk and a shrug.

Lacey laughed loudly. "So you got to second base then, eh? That's pretty awesome…and incredibly weird."

Matty nodded and then smiled. "I think you should try this whole moving on thing too, Lace. I know Sam hurt you but even Milly is moving on from Dean hurting her—in fact I saw her and her older man today. He's actually really into her and I don't think she knows just how much yet."

"You know speaking of Mill…she's calling on the other line." Lacey said and then looked up when she ran into someone. "Oh God, I'm so sorry."

"It's fine, really." The man told her, smiling at her.

"THACKERY!" Some college boys called out to him in loud hollers.

The man smiled at Lacey a little more and then looked to the boys. "I'll be right there! You okay?"

Lacey nodded as she smiled at him, Matty grinning on the other end. "Yeah…I'm great."


John smiled at Dean when Dean opened up the motel room door and then headed in and looked around at the mess. When Dean was hunting with Milly she actually helped to keep things pretty tidy and John sighed a bit when he noticed and recognized the crushed look on Dean's face. John only knew a little bit about Milly leaving him to move back home and then Cassie dumping Dean a good 10 days later, but that had been a while ago and Dean should have been over it by now.

"What kind of research have you done?" John asked Dean instead of getting into a heart to heart.

John had left Sam with Lauren, Milly and Emily, and come to help Dean with his hunt since Milly was still screening all of his calls. She didn't really want to have anything to do with him because she trying so hard to move on like he had, and he hadn't even told her about Cassie leaving. All he had done was lose himself deeper into the world of hunting and mope about because Milly had promised to always be there for him and he'd screwed that up by letting Cassie get in between them.

"I uh…I haven't done much in the way of research." Dean admitted slowly.

John sighed. "Come on, Dean…you need to focus, all right?"

Dean nodded slowly. "Yeah…let's head to the library and figure out what's going on from there—I'm pretty sure I know where to look."

John sighed again. "All right…spill already. Normally I would just let it go but if your mood is going to interfere with the hunt then you need to vent and you need to do it now."

The disappointment coming from John's voice was hard for Dean to stomach and so he just told his father he was fine and put on a face. It was different now that hunting was the main focus and John seemed to be getting more and obsessed with figuring out who killed Mary and Dean was going to have to accept that. Like everyone else, Dean was going to have to bury all of his feelings and pretend like nothing else mattered but what he was dealing with right then and there.

"Thackery and I have been on one date, Mill—one!" Lacey protested into the phone.

Milly smiled and pulled Miles' button-up shirt tighter across her chest as she tried to button it up, wearing his boxers as well, wandering through his house. She had been feeling pretty great about her new relationship and all she wanted was for Lacey to be happy too—for everyone around her to move on and be happy. At first Milly was going to spend the night with Sam watching some movies, but she'd left him with Lauren and Emily when Miles called to spring a last minute dinner on her—a dinner followed by a desert Milly enjoyed and an invitation to stay the night.

"So what? You're saying it went really well so what if I am jumping the gun a little?" Milly asked with a shrug as she headed down the stairs.

Lacey rolled her eyes. "You're jinxing it!"

Milly smiled and then held onto the phone instead of buttoning buttons. "You really like him…don't you?"

Lacey paused a moment and then smiled and nodded. "Yeah…yeah I really do."

"Well then I'm glad you're so happy." Milly replied with a giggle. "Oh I should tell you—Miles and I are sleeping together now…I have a drawer."

"Wow! You don't think you two are moving kinda fast all of a sudden?" Lacey asked her sister. "I mean it hasn't been very long."

Milly rolled her eyes. "Please, we're still in the dating phase—it's not like I'm moving in or anything."

Milly just smiled it off when her sister backed down and she took a deep breath and pushed every thought of Dean from her mind—that in itself was getting easier and easier these days it seemed. In fact Lacey was getting better and better at pushing Sam from her mind too…it was just the Winchester boys that were having problems letting go. For Sam he knew he'd never love anyone like he loved Lacey, and for Dean…Dean needed to have his friend back—his companion that cared for and understood him.

"How is Dad?" Milly asked after a pause in the conversation.

Lacey nodded slowly. "He's all right considering. He misses you, me and Em…he misses Mom too but he won't admit it."

"Of course he won't—she won't admit she misses him either." Milly admitted with a nod and then she squealed a little merrily. "Miles is the perfect man! He stores pie in the refrigerator!"

Lacey laughed a little at her sister's short attention span and at her food lust, while Bobby looked at his phone hard and thought about his latest decision. He wanted to, he did…he just wasn't sure how Lauren was going to react to him calling her to talk to her…calling her to talk to her and not to Emily. It was simply that Bobby missed her, and he was pretty sure he could man enough to admit that…so he dialed the number and held his breath a moment when Lauren answered it.

Lauren knew it was him from the caller ID, and yet she wasn't sure what to say either—she missed her husband, but things were easier for them when they were apart. There was no arguing, no misunderstandings…and yes, sadly no sex—Lauren missed the sex. Still, even though it hurt them to be apart because they still loved each other, they both knew that in the long run it was easier…that in the long run being apart gave them less to argue about and in turn wouldn't pull their kids apart with the fighting.

"I'll give the phone to Emily." Lauren told him.

Bobby just nodded, having enjoyed just listening to the sound of her breathing, and then went about his normal night routine with his youngest daughter…went about pretending that he was fine.


Sam was pretty damn excited when he got his letter from Stanford in the mail—he'd been waiting for it for a while now. He was convinced that he was going to be able to have his own normal life if he got into college, and with all the fighting going on in the Winchester house when Sam even brought up college when John was there, Sam was pretty certain that he was going to have to graduate and then go off on his own…permanently. Sam knew just how much hunting down this demon meant to John, and yet as much as he wanted to help avenge his mother's death, he had a feeling she wouldn't want him to give up on his own dreams just for that.

"It's now or never, Sam." Sam told himself with a sigh.

He opened up the envelope and read the letter out loud to himself, smiling at every word that came out of his mouth—he was in. All of his hard work in school had actually paid off and he was going to graduate and then he was going to go to Stanford…on a full ride nonetheless. Everything seemed to be looking up for him in those moments on his own and he knew Milly would share in the excitement…knew that Lacey would too if the two of them were speaking to each other at all.

Remembering that Sam had brought that upon himself, Sam started to feel bad again that he and Lacey were so separated from each other—so completely and utterly cut out of each other's lives. He missed her every single day and though some days were better than others, he knew that he was never going to be the same again…Lacey Auburn had once been the biggest part of his life and she'd always be in his heart no matter what. But as she had followed her dreams to Harvard, Sam was going to follow his to Stanford—no matter what John or Dean had to say about it.

"You here, Sammy?" Dean asked.

Sam was surprised to hear his brother's voice and stashed the letter before heading out into the hallway. "Yeah, I'm here. It's good to see you, Dean."

Dean smiled at his little brother. "I'm just stopping in to see how things are going with everyone…"

"Milly has a boyfriend." Sam informed him with a nod.

Dean rolled his eyes and waved it off even though his heart sank hearing the news. "I'm so not here to see Milly."

"I'm so not here to just lay around with you." Lacey informed Thackery, but kissed him with a grin on her face as he kissed her and shut his dorm room door.

Lacey wrapped her arms around his neck and then beamed when he pulled away and smiled at her and then kissed her again. It was nice to have a boyfriend and it was nice to be able to be with him and think about only him, and for the first time in a long while Lacey felt genuinely happy. Things had been going her way for a very long while now, and it was nearing the end of her Freshman year of college. She had friends, a boyfriend, great grades and fabulous professors, and she didn't feel completely cut off from home—it was almost perfect.

"So tonight everything is set to hang out with Moses and Sally." Lacey informed him. "Are Max and Dennis coming too?"

Thackery nodded and kissed her swiftly as she ran her fingers through his dark hair. "Yes they are definitely planning on coming. What movie do you have lined up this week?"

"Oh well this week is the fun week." Lacey replied, wiggling her eyebrows.

Thackery chuckled and Lacey loved it. "How so?"

Lacey beamed. "Well Sally and I went through all of our old movies and we pulled out three different ones—we'll all vote when we get there tonight as to which one is going to be watched."

"You also promised the boys pizza tonight." Thackery reminded her, hoisting her up and smiling when she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Well believe me—I never go back on my promises." She said, and leaned down to kiss him again, giggling a little when he backed up and sat on his dorm bed.

It was the first time that Lacey felt like she was actually starting over and her life was good, and she didn't want to trade the feelings in for anything. In fact Milly had been feeling that way too, even when she saw the Impala in the driveway of the Winchester house when she and Miles were walking by hand in hand—mainly she was glad that the tug on her heartstrings wasn't as strong as it used to be. Still, she didn't want to jinx anything by actually seeing Dean, so she tugged on Miles a little and he raised an eyebrow at her.

"I thought you needed to see Sam about something." Miles told her.

Milly smiled at him and shrugged. "His brother is home so I figure I'll just talk to him about it later. He never stays for too long—Sam's brother—and I think it would be best if he got to spend time with him."

Miles nodded and smiled. "You know one of the things I admire most about you, Milly, is your familiar devotion."

Milly kissed him softly and then they kept walking, her taking him to the park and praying to God she wouldn't have to see Dean—at least not while she was with Miles. Miles was incredibly perceptive, and he would know right off the bat within seconds of reading the sign language between Dean and Milly that they had a past and she wasn't completely over it. So needless to say Milly was more than pleased when Dean finally left and she hadn't seen him once—though he had seen her—and when he showed back up again under worse circumstances, she didn't have to see him then either.

"Sammy, what exactly happened?" Milly asked him, running her fingers through his hair as he sat on her couch agitated, Lauren putting Emily to bed.

Sam took a deep breath. "Dad told me that if I left to go to college I better not come back…and now Dean isn't even speaking to me. They both think I'm letting them down—they think I'm spitting in Mom's face for wanting a normal life…for giving up on hunting."

Milly nodded slowly. "Sammy, you have to live your own life, all right? I know it's hard and I know it doesn't fix the pain in your heart that the people you care about most are cutting you out, but it's not their life to live…it's yours."

Sam knew that Milly was right but it didn't curb the ache inside of him—it didn't stop the rage from building…it may have been his life to live but the people he wanted in it were gone and he didn't think he was ever getting them back.


"Wait a minute…what?" Lauren asked Bobby through the phone.

Things had been pretty normal paced all around—John and Dean were hunting, Sam was at Stanford, Lacey was at Harvard and though Bobby hated Thackery, the Auburn/Singer family was there for her, and Milly was working, taking a few classes and recently engaged to Miles. It was 2005, and High School was in the past…and yet some of the problems they thought they'd left behind were bound to resurface. Now Bobby had asked Lauren the one question she hadn't actually been expecting to hear him ask and she was completely caught off guard.

"I want to come and see Emily." Bobby told her again. "In a month she's turning 6 and I want to be there."

Lauren swallowed and nodded slowly, looking up when the front door opened. "Yeah…um…I'm perfectly all right with that."

"Mom! I brought Em home from school!" Milly called, Emily bounding into the kitchen to see her mother.

"Look what I drew today!" Emily announced excitedly showing her mother her picture.

Not only did Emily get more of her looks from her father, but she got his hidden talent at drawing and Lauren was always proud to hang up Emily's art work. Lauren beamed at her and then handed the phone over to Emily as Milly came in and sat down at the island counter and smiled as Lauren hang up Emily's picture. It was nice to be there and Milly didn't want to leave, but she was also rather psyched about what her new life was going to be like.

"You're staring at your ring." Lauren pointed out.

Milly shrugged a little and looked at her mother. "I'm freshly 24 and I'm getting married—in fact I got proposed to on my birthday in the most romantic way and I couldn't be happier."

"I love you too, Daddy." Emily told him and Lauren and Milly both looked over at her. "Bye-bye."

Emily hung up the phone and smiled at her mother and her big sister, Lacey rubbing her temples and sitting down on the couch as Sally put her hands on her hips. Lacey still wasn't at all used to having to deal with Sally on a more permanent basis, and wished that Sally would simply come out and say what it was she wanted to say. The two were interning at the same paper and lived in an apartment together, and it was becoming more and more clear to Lacey that as much as she loved Sally, she needed to hang out, out of the apartment with Thackery more—Hell even with Moses more.

"Feet, Lacey!" Sally told her when Lacey went to prop her feet up on the coffee table and lounge on the couch. "You could scuff it!"

Lacey gave Sally a look. "I'm wearing socks…all right, all right, fine."

Sally nodded and calmed down a little when Lacey smiled at her. "I'm sorry I'm so tightly wound today, I just…I have something to tell you that you're not going to like and I don't know how to tell it to you."

"Okay…just start at the beginning or something and go from there." Lacey suggested.

Sally took a deep breath as she nodded. "All right, um…I don't trust Thackery. He's been acting odd lately and I think you should be careful."

Lacey sighed because she was getting a little sick and tired of everyone telling her to be careful, but she smiled at Sally anyway and told her she would be. She got that everyone was protective of her and that they wanted what was best for her, but she loved Thackery and she trusted him. Still, on some level she was starting to get a little worried because practically everyone was trying to warn her about him. Her father warning her she got because it was just a father thing to do, but even Lauren had warned her about him and she was starting to get more annoyed than worried.

"I just wanted my two cents in the conversation—movie tonight?" Sally asked her.

"Did someone say 'movie'?" Moses asked them as he came into the apartment.

Sally sighed and rolled her eyes. "Don't you knock?"

"Don't you sleep during the day?" Moses retorted.

Lacey couldn't help but laugh a little at her friends and then promised them that there would be a movie that night—she'd just have to bring Thackery along because she didn't want to cancel on him. Moses and Sally agreed, and as they got on the Internet to find out what movies were playing near them that they could see, Milly snuggled into Miles under the covers and he kissed the top of her head. He was glad to have her by his side and she was glad to be by his side—she was happy and she really felt like her new life was going to be utterly amazing.

"I'm kind of hungry." Milly mused, smiling when he chuckled, the rumble shaking her whole body since her head was on his chest. "What?"

Miles stroked her hair and kissed her head again. "You always seem to be right when we're finished."

Milly shrugged a little. "One of my many adorable quirks, right?"

"Most definitely." Miles said, kissing her lips when she looked up at him and then gazing into her warm eyes. "Go get something to eat—and hurry back."

Milly kissed him swiftly and then grabbed his shirt and his boxers, pulling them on, and then headed downstairs to the fridge. She suddenly heard a ringtone she hadn't heard in a really long while, and she looked around for her purse, finding it on the couch in the living room. Rummaging through it she found it and she swallowed—Dean Winchester would never call her just to check in so it had to be an emergency…so she answered it.

"Hey, Dean." Milly said.

Dean smiled a little at the sound of her voice. "Hey, Mill. Look…I'm sorry to call you but I really need your help. I don't know what to do and…and you're the only one that I can count on."

Milly nodded slowly, taking it in and smiling at his voice too. "What is it, Dean?"

Dean took a deep breath. "Dad went on a hunting trip on his own and now he's missing…and I need your help to find him."

Note: Now don't worry, there was a lot in here and there will most definitely be flashbacks when 'Season One' gets rolling. In fact expect that chapter in a couple days. =D