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Kyla and Kalli Morgan, Ellen Harvelle's nieces, have just met the Winchesters. When Kalli and Sam form a friendship and the Morgan twins and the Winchesters start hunting together, what comes from it? And How does Ellen feel about it?

This is a Kyla/Kalli Creation

Kalli and Kyla were in the Challenger, driving out to the Roadhouse to visit their aunt and cousin. Kalli was driving, as usual, and Kyla was petting Milo, who sat nestled in her nap, yawning a bit.

"I love this song." Kalli said as 'I'll Look After You' by the Fray came on.

Kyla smiled. "Yeah, but let's see what else is on."

Kyla switched to a different station, coming across the beginning of 'Your Body is a Wonderland' by John Mayer played.

"This song is beautiful too." Kyla said.

Kalli sighed, and reached over to switch the station back, and sang a little before Kyla reached right over again and switched it back.

"Who's car?" Kalli asked.

"Who's older?" Kyla replied.

Kalli shot her a look and then switched back to the Fray.

"My car, my rules." Kalli said.

Kyla sighed. "Does being older count for absolutely nothing in this world, anymore?"

Kalli laughed. "Not in my Dodge Challenger it doesn't."

"Fine. When this song is over though, I get to pick the next one." Kyla said. "It's called compromise."

Kalli laughed. "I can deal with that."

"Good, because compromise is the foundation of every happy and healthy relationship. Communication is key, and fighting, though sometimes helpful with feelings and stress, doesn't solve any future problems, unless it's dealt with." Kyla said.

Kalli sighed. "Not more of that jargon, Ky. It's like me telling you that unless you know how to determine which sources are legit and not, and to note when things are on and off the record, your story could very well not take, not be printed, and you could end up in the middle of a nasty lawsuit."

Kyla smirked. "Fine. I just--I want to use all this knowledge on someone. I guess it helps to know how to talk people down though. You think there will be any hot hunters at the Roadhouse today, Kalli-kins?"

Kalli shrugged. "I dunno, Ky-Ky. I don't really pat attention to how hot the hunters are."

"Like Mark. A bit too shy for my taste, but he was attractive." Kyla told her.

Kalli smiled. "Yeah, I guess."

They pulled into the parking lot of the Roadhouse and got out of the car, Milo running around in circles trying to catch his tail, before he stopped, totally alert as Jo came out, annoyed.

"Another friendly mother/daughter fight?" Kalli asked.

Jo nodded. "Yeah."

Kalli sighed and walked into the Roadhouse while Kyla rested a hand on her cousin's shoulder.

"You wanna talk about it?" Kyla asked her. "Sometimes mothers lash out because they're scared, and they don't know how else to deal with it."

Jo smirked. "You're impossible."

Kyla shrugged. "I guess. Are there any hot hunters in there today?"

"KYLA!!" Kalli called, and Kyla shrugged, going inside and smiling, hugging her aunt as she embraced her.

"There's my other girl!!" Ellen said, and Kyla smiled.

"Yep. Mark here?" Kyla asked, and Kalli hit her arm.

"She's a kidder." Kalli said, laughing a bit.

Ellen smiled. "Mark's in the middle of a hunt actually. In fact, I have one you two may find interesting."

Kyla and Kalli beamed as Ellen pulled out a file and handed it to them.

"I pulled up some things about a vampire clan that's been taking local college students and turning them. Not the normal, hit and run killings. I figured you may want to stop them." Ellen said.

"That's the coolest thing you have?" Kyla asked, and Kalli stomped on her foot. "That's cool."

"We'll get right on it." Kalli said.

"I could use a beer first though." Kyla told her.

Ellen nodded. "Two beers, coming right up--on the house."

Kyla beamed and turned to see two men coming inside, and elbowed Kalli.

"The shorter one is damn fine." Kyla whispered, and then checked out the other one. "The brunette isn't that bad looking either."

Kalli blushed, because she'd been looking at the brunette, but she shrugged and then Ellen got up and went over to them, hugging them.

"Well hello boys!!" She said.

"She knows them?" Kalli asked.

It was Kyla's turn to shrug, and then Jo came inside and smiled.

"Dean! Sam!" She exclaimed, and hugged Sam, and then smiled at Dean.

Kyla choked on her beer, and then turned around and looked at the counter.

"Ewww. Dean Winchester. I feel gross all over." Kyla said, and shuddered a little, Ellen going back behind the bar and smiling at her, then looking at the boys.

"So, what brings you to the Roadhouse?" Ellen asked.

"Actually, there's this clan of vampires that's turning people, and Sam and I would like to know more about them." Dean said with a chuckle and Kalli smiled, but Kyla spit her beer out.

"You okay?" Kalli asked, and Kyla nodded.

"Here." Dean said, and handed her a towel, which she took rather violently.

"Thanks." She told him, but everyone knew she didn't mean it.

"I'm Kalli, and this is my older twin sister, Kyla." Kalli said.

"And we actually have the vampire case, so you don't have to worry about it. Come on, Kalli." Kyla told her, grabbing her hand and dragging her out of the Roadhouse.

Sam and Dean followed Kyla and Kalli out into the parking area, and Dean called out with a smile.

"We were actually really looking forward to this hunt." He said.

Kyla sighed and turned around. "Find something else."

"No offense, but the two of you look like you're gonna need the help." He said.

Milo came bounding around and starting nipping at Dean's feet as Kyla got up closer to him.

"Did you just make a sexist comment?" Kyla asked.

"Can you call off your attack dog?" Dean asked.

"Not before you take it back." Kyla said, getting in his face.

Dean smirked. "Oh, I get it. This is a set-up."

"A what?" Kyla asked.

"A set-up. You want me to think you don't like me, but you totally think I'm attractive." Dean chuckled. "And who wouldn't."

"Milo...you can keep attacking the man all you want." Kyla said, and walked away from him.

"I'm sorry about her." Kalli said. "Milo! Heel!"

Milo ran over to her, and she picked him up, walking up to the boys.

"Maybe you could help us with the case." Kalli suggested.

"Are you totally serious?" Kyla asked.

Sam smiled. "We don't have to tag along. If you guys want to do it yourselves, that's fine. Dean and I can always find something else to do."

"See, Kalli? They're fine." Kyla said.

"Yeah, but we totally want to do this hunt." Dean told her, mocking her.

"Says the manwhore." Kyla muttered, but Kalli heard and sighed.

"Let's go ahead and get out there." Kalli said, and went towards the Challenger before she saw the Impala. "Oh my God."

"Beautiful isn't she?" Dean asked.

Kalli beamed. "Yeah--but not as beautiful as my baby."

Dean looked over and smirked. "1970 Dodge Challenger?"

Kalli nodded. "Yeah."

"Beautiful." Dean told her.

"Stop hitting on my sister and her car, and get in yours already." Kyla said, and took Milo from Kalli, sending Dean a glare, and he shot her a look back, he and Sam getting in their car, and Kyla and Kalli getting in theirs.

"You could have been nicer." Kalli said.

Kyla scoffed. "To the man that can't commit because he thinks conquests are good for the soul? I don't think so. He doesn't deserve the respect of respectable women."

Kalli sighed. "If we have to split up at all, which will probably happen, you'll prolly have to get paired up with Dean."

Kyla frowned. "Why?"

"Because he looks like he's the one that fights things. And that my dear, is mostly you." Kalli explained.

"We'll see what happens." Kyla said, and nuzzled Milo's fur with her nose. "Won't we, Milo?"

Kalli sighed, and they drove for a long while, listening to music until they got to a motel. Unfortunately, they were all booked up, and the four had to share a room with two singles.

"Dean and I can take the floor." Sam said, and Dean scoffed.

"Speak for yourself, Sammy." Dean said, and claimed a bed.

"You are such an ass." Kyla told him, and Kalli stood up.

"You know what? I'm gonna grab something to eat." Kalli said, and she left the room, Sam following her.

"I'm sorry about my brother. He's a jerk sometimes." Sam explained.

Kalli smiled. "It's okay. Ky's a bit--she has a big thing for first impressions. As you can imagine, working through the Roadhouse, we know a lot about you, and Ky's big on--on men treating women well."

Sam nodded. "Well, Dean deserves everything she's throwing at him."

Kalli laughed. "You seem so much calmer than Dean."

Sam shrugged. "I guess. You seem more soft-spoken than Kyla."

"I guess I am. She's the outgoing one. I mean I'm out there, I just--she's the loud one." Kalli admitted, and realized as she searched her pockets, that she'd left her money in the motel room.

"Here." Sam said, pulling out his wallet and handing her money. "Don't worry about it."

Kalli smiled. "Thanks, Sam."

Sam smiled too, and they felt it--they were connected. They knew they could talk to each other.

"Sam! Sam!" Dean cried, and Sam and Kalli ran back to the room.

"Milo's harmless. He's not going to bite you. He's all bark." Kyla said nonchalantly as Milo barked at Dean, who was huddled at the head of his bed.

Sam snickered, and then coughed as Kalli scooped Milo up and set him on Kyla's bed.

"You--be a nice tiger." Kalli said, and Kyla sighed.

"Fine." Kyla told her, and Kalli and Sam set up their cots, rolling their eyes as another fight broke out.

"I was watching that!" Dean protested.

Kyla shrugged. "I have the remote."

Dean glared at her. "Switch it back."

"Make me." Kyla dared.

Dean got up and tried to take the remote from her, and ended up wrestling her, landing on top of her on the floor.

"Get off of me!" Kyla said. "Ow! Ow!"

Milo started barking ratehr loudly until Dean got up and held out his hand, which Kyla refused and got up, her face inches from his.

"Give me the remote, lay on your bed, and stop looking at me." She said, looking at his lips for a second.

"Yeah." Dean nodded, looking at her lips too, but Milo barking one last bark made them break apart, and Dean got onto his bed, crossing his arms over his chest, and acting cool.

"You guys done now?" Sam asked.

Kyla nodded. "I'm done if he's done."

Dean nodded. "What she said."

"Then goodnight." Kalli told them, and settled down on the futon, snuggling into her blankets.

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