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Third Person--Sam

Sam was happy to have his wife back safe and sound, but he couldn't get over the fact that he had almost lost her. What she did was reckless, and he wished he had been there the whole step of the way--wished that he'd known what had happened.

Kalli was leaning into him, sitting on his lap, Charlee on hers. Charlee had been ecstatic to see her mother back safe and sound, and though Sam was also thrilled Kalli was safe, he was still upset that she had left in the first place and put herself into a life or death situation.

"So Jesse's really dead? This isn't some thing where he's really alive and someone's lying about it again is it?" Sam asked.

Kalli laughed a little. "Jesse's really dead, I promise."

"How did you guys take him out?" Sam asked her softly.

Kalli shrugged. "That's Kyla's story to tell."

Sam wasn't quite sure what that meant, but the tone in Kalli's voice made him stop asking questions about it. It was obvious that there was something that she was hiding from him. He wanted to know what it was, but he didn't want to alienate her at the same time.

"Charlee seems happy and healthy." Kalli stated, nuzzling her daughter's nose with her own.

Sam smiled a little. "You know, most days we're a very happy family."

Kalli laughed a little and blew on Charlee's tummy. "Most days? I agree with you. Most day we are. Then other days we clash over everything--at least we clash over hunting."

Sam kissed her head, and got off of the bed, leaving Charlee and Kalli to have their mother/daughter time, and went to go see Dean. When he knocked on the bedroom door, Dean opened it.

"Did she tell you anything?" Dean whispered.

"It's not like I can't hear you." Kyla said from the bed.

Sam sighed. "No one's telling me anything."

Kyla nodded sadly. "All in time. I swear, you guys need to be patient. We're not going to keep this from you forever. We just need time to take it all in."

Kyla got up and went into the bathroom after that, and Sam came into the room as she closed the door between her and them.

"She looks awful. She been like that all night?" Sam asked.

Dean nodded. "Yeah. I can't seem to get her to be happy at all."

Sam sighed. "This is a big thing for us all to get over."

"Yeah, but I think we'll all make it through. On the bright side, I don't have to deal with Jesse ever again." Dean said with a smile.

Sam gave him a look. "And your baby's okay."

Dean nodded. "Of course that's part of the bright side of things."

"Where do you think Kyle and Dad went off to?" Sam asked.

Dean shrugged. "To be honest? Beats me. I'm surprised they took off together in the first place."

Sam laughed a little. "Yeah. Who's your money on?"

"Dad." Dean said.

Third Person--Dean

After Sam left to go back and talk to Kalli and spend some more time with Charlee before dinner, Dean wrapped his arms around Kyla's waist as she came out of the bathroom and went over to the dresser, looking in the mirror.

"I look like crap." She said, leaning back into him.

Dean kissed her neck, shaking his head. "No you don't. You're beautiful--as always."

Kyla turned around in his arms and kissed him gently. "I'm sorry...for everything I've put you through."

Dean kissed her again, and shook his head. "Don't be."

He did want her to be sorry, but most importantly, he wanted her to be happy. It was agony for Sam and Dean to just sit there while their girls were a mess. They wanted to know what happened--they needed to know.

"I know you need to know." Kyla said, pulling out of his arms a little. "You just need to let me figure out how to say what needs to be said."

She left Dean standing there in the room by himself, unable to come up with the words he needed. He ran his hand down his face, and then went down to the dining room, Kalli serving the food onto the plates as Sam got Charlee into her high chair.

"You know, it's about time we all just kind of sat around and told each other stories." Kalli said, putting on a happy smile.

Dean knew that Sam too was aware of the looks that Kyla and Kalli were exchanging, but they forced themselves to smile, and nod. They all took their seats, and Charlee started talking out loud as she played with her food, making Kyla and Kalli forget about everything, and talk back, cooing and grinning.

"This is fantastic." Dean said, shoving some food into his mouth.

Kalli smiled. "Good. It's Chinese take-out."

"Kalli didn't feel up to cooking, and I don't blame her--a lot was taken out of us." Kyla said, eating some noodles and then stabbing a potsticker rather violently with her fork.

Dean nodded, and he and Sam both opened their mouths to say something, but one look from Kalli made them both stop. It obviously wasn't the time. Kyla got to say something about it, but the boys weren't going to be given any details. How was that fair? They'd been worried sick when they thought something had happened to them. They deserved an explanation.

"I'm going to go eat in the Living Room." Dean said, standing up.

Kyla reached over and grabbed his hand. "I'll explain after dinner. I promise."

Kalli nodded. "We just needed time to think it all over. Everything is more complicated now."

Dean sat back down and raised an eyebrow. Sam was confused too, but not saying a word. Even Milo looked up from his food bowl and raised one of his ears up like he was listening intently, and was also confused.

"How?" Dean asked slowly.

Kyla and Kalli exchanged looks again, and Dean nodded--after dinner he'd get all of his answers.

Third Person--Kyle

When John had decided to let Kyle tag along with him, it had been for ulterior motives, and Kyle knew that John knew that Kyle knew that. They had been sitting in silence for a while, both of them not really into listening to the radio.

"So you know?" Kyle asked suddenly, looking over intently.

John took a breath and nodded, his hands on the steering wheel still. Kyle nodded too, and picked some food out of his teeth.

"Don't tell the girls." Kyle said.

"It's not for me to tell them you're a mercenary, Kyle." John replied.

Kyle shrugged. "Even so, this is my plea to you not to tell them. I mean they know I have low morals, but this would break them."

"You needed to give Ellen money to support them and you're good at hunting. How is that having low morals?" John asked.

Kyle looked at him again. "You say that now, but when you're faced with doing a hunt for the right reasons and doing one for cash, and you pick cash...you tell me how your children would feel about you."

"What hunt isn't for the right reasons?" John asked.

Kyle laughed a little. "Trust me--there are hunts out there simply set up for a hunt."

John nodded, and they sat in silence for a little while before Kyle looked out his passenger seat window and raised an eyebrow.

"You know more than you're letting on, don't you?" Kyle asked.

John nodded. "I need you to talk to her."

"And if I refuse?" Kyle asked him, very seriously.

John sighed. "Your daughters could be in danger--as soon as that demon knows I have my memory back and I'm with my sons, he'll strike. She knows all the answers I need, and I need you to talk to her."

"Who says the demons haven't already gotten to her?" Kyle asked with a shrug. "It would prove her right, too."

John laughed. "You two both made conscious decisions to leave your children with their aunt. She made the decision to disappear and give the illusion she was dead, and you chose to take off completely--not counting the times you visited your children in secret."

"But if you know about her, they know about her." Kyle pointed out. "She can't seriously still be around."

John shrugged. "You know your wife's still around, and I know your wife's still around. So the demon knows she's around--she's fantastic at what she does."

"Wouldn't the demon dispose of her by now?" Kyle asked.

John shook his head. "She's the key. She knows the prophecy and the big demonic plans. Why would he kill her? How could he kill her?"

Kyle groaned. He didn't want to see his wife. It had been a few years since his last contact with her, and now he had to bring her back into his life. And if John was right...he'd have to reunite her with her daughters.

Third Person--Kyla

Everyone was silent during the duration of the dinner, and then they all got more upbeat and lively, playing with Charlee until she got fussy.

"I'll run her upstairs." Kalli said, picking her daughter up.

Sam followed after her to tuck her in, and Dean and Kyla sat on the couch. Kyla took his hand kissed it softly, waiting until Sam and Kalli came back and sat on the opposite couch.

"All right. Where do I start?" Kyla asked.

Dean shrugged. "The beginning?"

Kalli smiled. "Yeah. Let's start with what happened after we had him tied to that chair..."

"So you're just going to kill me? No explanation?" Jesse asked.
Kyla sighed. "You're threatening the very existence of our family."
"I'm not hurting you, Kyla. I wouldn't." Jesse told her lovingly.
Kyla smiled a little. "I know, because you love me. Still--I can't let you hurt the Winchesters. So tell me about your boss."
"I can't do that." Jesse explained.
Kalli sighed. "Look, we're not really into the whole torture thing, okay? So just tell us. Will it matter in the long run? You're going to be dead."
Jesse sighed. "I didn't want to do this, but I have no choice."
Jesse started chanting, and broke free of his restraints. He grabbed Kalli by the neck, and Kyla felt something inside her snap. It was like she was uncovering something that had always been there. She embraced it, and Jesse found himself being flown across the room.
Kalli held her throat and looked at her sister, Jesse getting up and Kyla waving her hand, Jesse being pinned there. When Jesse tried to retaliate by tossing something Kyla's way, Kalli embraced the inner psychic too.
"This is weird." Kalli said, Kyla letting Jesse's body crumple to the floor.
Kyla nodded. "Yeah. We can't do this."
Jesse heaved a little, coughing up some blood.
"So the prophecy's true." Jesse said, wiping some blood off of his mouth. "This isn't good."
"Prophecy?" Kalli asked. "What prophecy?"
"I'm afraid I have to take that to my grave." Jesse replied. "Now as fun as this was...I need to be going."
Kalli and Kyla exchanged looks and shook their heads.
"Sorry, Jesse--your time is now." They said together, holding their hands up.
They weren't completely sure how they were doing it, but they broke the bones in his body, swallowing as he screamed out in pain. When his body was limp, they took him outside and burned it, watching the flames.
"This isn't good." Kyla said, starting to break down.
Kalli nodded sadly, holding her sister close. "This isn't good at all."


Kyla looked at Kalli and then they both looked at Sam and Dean who seemed speechless.

"How psychic are you two?" Sam asked.

Kalli shrugged. "That's a good question."

"Prophecy?" Dean asked.

Kyla nodded. "Now we just have to figure out what that prophecy is."

Third Person--John

John had gotten pretty sick of sitting in the car by himself. At first he understood why Kyle wanted to go in by himself at first, but it had been too long. What if he'd been hurt? John realized then and there that he had been out of action so long that he wasn't going with his gut.

John got out of the car and grabbed a gun, slowly going up to the house. He looked around a bit, and then slowly opened the front door, sliding inside. He wasn't quite sure where to look first, and cocked his gun, pointing it at the stairs as Kyle came down, buttoning his shirt.

Kyle laughed. "Well, well, well. Don't worry John--I didn't do anything to her she didn't want me to do to her."

John rolled his eyes. "We have a job to do."

Kyle nodded. "I just had another job to do too."

John shook his head as a beautiful blonde woman came down the stairs, pulling her hair back. She smiled a little, and then headed into the kitchen after giving John an aknowledging nod. She poured three cups of coffee, and John spoke up.

"You're really his wife? You look so young." John said.

The woman smiled. "Thank you for the flattery. Being demonic helps."

"Demonic?" John asked. "I thought you were just the key."

"I am, but I'm a demonic key." She explained. "I age, just not like normal humans."

Kyle sipped his coffee. "You need to realize something, John--this whole prophecy? The girls prolly know about it. I'm sure before they killed Jesse, he told them about it."

The woman sighed. "That means it's only a matter of time before he's after them. Jesse was his number one. We need to get to the girls."

"I need more information first." John said, setting his coffee cup down.

She nodded. "All right. What do you want to know?"

John laughed a little. "A name would be nice."

She smiled. "Constance. Anything else?"

"What exactly does the prophecy say?" John asked.

Constance swallowed. "I can't explain it until I can tell the girls at the same time."

Third Person--Kalli

Everyone had been researching for a good few hours after Kalli and Kyla had come clean. Kalli dragged her sister off into the other room and they sat down next to each other, hugging.

"I don't understand." Kyla said.

Kalli nodded--she didn't understand either. Sam had told her about the Yellow-Eyed demon, and she knew about him too. She and Kyla had been through a lot of hunting. Ellen didn't know about this prophecy, and so where would they look?

"Should we go back to Jesse's? See if the demon found out he was dead yet?" Kyla asked.

Kalli nodded. "We probably should. Maybe if we face him, we can get him to tell us about the prophecy."

"What if we don't want to know about the prophecy?" Kyla asked.

Kalli bit her lip--what if they didn't? What if they were some part of a demonic plan that would end with world destruction? What would they do?

"There's really only one thing to do--find the demon and make him tell us. We need to know what we're capable of." Kalli said.

Kyla nodded, and they looked at each other for a moment, before both of their eyes widened a little.

"That feels weird." Kyla said.

Kalli nodded. "But familiar."

"And not Dad, Ellen or Jo." Kyla added.

Kalli got up quickly and Kyla followed her to the front door. Before anyone had a chance to knock, Kalli opened it wide, and John, Kyle and Constance looked at her and Kyla. Dean and Sam came to the door to see the three people on the dark stoop, and didn't understand why Kyla and Kalli looked so pale.

"You've grown so much." Constance said, her eyes getting wet.

"Mom?" Kalli asked as Kyla reached out to see if Constance was real.

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