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Chapter 1
The Boy in the Rain

Rain pounded heavily as it hit the soaked ground, hammering loudly onto the wet pavement. Dark storm clouds encompassed the sky, pressing down on the world below, illuminated every now and again by bright flashes of lightening as it continued its never ending quest to reach ground. It was a dark night, with no stars visible through the enormous angry clouds; and even the street lights faint due to the mist that had settled only a few hours earlier. All in all, it wasn't the sort of weather to be out and about in.

Footsteps rang eerily through the darkened street, as a hunched figure charged onwards aimlessly. After a few minutes, it paused, seemingly oblivious to the driving rain soaking it through to the skin, and sat down with a loud thud onto the damp pavement; head hanging, resting on clasped hands.

He was seething. There wasn't really any other way to put it. Green eyes glared at the stony ground beneath him, as though trying to burn a hole in it; blatantly ignoring the rain pattering against the glasses perched on his nose, blurring his sight. Massaging his head with two fingers, he tried in vain to get his muddled thoughts into an even semblance of order, but it was pointless. Arguments always left him like this.

His black hair was plastered against his face, and his clothes were now completely drenched. Shivers ran up his spine as a cold breeze chilled him to the bone. He knew that storming out of the house like that was a bad idea; now everybody would be worried about him and when he got back he'd get one hell of a telling off. Not to mention a nasty cold.

He sighed heavily, and wrapped his arms tightly around himself in an attempt to warm up. He hadn't really thought about what he was doing when he'd marched down the hallway and slammed the door behind him; only that he needed to get away form all the lies that everyone seemed to be weaving him.

He wished he'd brought a coat now.

Lifting his head up slightly, he decided to find out where on earth he'd wondered to. Last time his feet had taken him all of the way to the train station before he'd figured out where he was.

He'd gotten told off for that too.

This time there wasn't much to go by. He seemed to be in some sort of alley, but it was too dark to be able to tell much more. Fortunately, he hadn't been walking all that long, so he would probably be able to find his way back to the house without too much difficulty. Bringing his head back to rest on his hands, he caught a slight movement out of the corner of his eye. And froze.

Fear instantly spread through his body, immobilising him. Inwardly cursing himself, he remembered how bad an idea running off was, especially in his circumstances. Damn it, Dumbledore was trying to protect him…

The paralysis left with this angry thought, and he jumped to his feet. Drawing out his wand, he aimed in the direction that the movement had come from. Looking closely he could see someone standing there, watching him intently. The person moved slightly.

"Lumos." the tip of his wand lit up. He'd get told off for that too, but he didn't really care. He didn't stop looking at this stranger whom had so casually watched him in his moment of weakness. When he saw who it was, he couldn't help his jaw dropping open ever so slightly.

That stranger was drenched, like him. The clothes he wore; a faded red coat with a black top and trousers, were torn and filthy, hanging on his emaciated frame. He was leaning, practically slumped, against a damp brick wall. Aiming the light of the wand upwards, Harry gasped as he got a look at the stranger's face.

The boy's lack of nourishment was all too clear, his face sallow and his skin pale. Matted blonde hair hung limply on his shoulders, the remains of a braid just visible. But it wasn't this that shocked the young wizard. No. It was the stranger's eyes. They were golden, staring at him blankly. He forced his legs to move and cautiously approached.

"Hello." he greeted the strange boy, wearily moving ever closer. He didn't get a response, just another blank look. Reaching his hand out, he offered it to the boy in the gesture of a handshake. The blonde shrank back nervously.

"My name's Harry…" He said slowly, his eyes never leaving the stranger's face. A flicker of fear flashed in the boy's eyes as Harry stopped only a pace or so away. His mouth moved wordlessly, as though speaking was a struggle. Finally, he managed to stutter a response.

"E…Ed…" he promptly closed his mouth, a look of terror clouding his face.

So he's not completely mute… Harry thought to himself mildly. His heart went out to the boy, who didn't look as though he could be any older that 13, and he suddenly decided that he couldn't leave him there out in the rain. Not in his condition.

"Would you like to come and stay with me? You look like you could do with some food." Harry continued speaking slowly; it seemed to have a calming effect. The boy stared at him wearily before, ever so slightly, nodding his head. Harry let himself smile. Holding his hand out again, he took the boy's left hand and began, slowly, to take him back to number 12, Grimmauld Place, the home of his Godfather, and his current residence.

It took longer than usual. The boy seemed to find walking difficult, leaning heavily on Harry and taking breaks every now and again. However, despite the delay, they were soon there; even if they did now resemble drowned rats.

Approaching the gate of the currently non-existent house, Harry felt the boy let go of his hand. Turning around, he saw the now-familiar look of fear and exhaustion on his face. Not wanting to push him, he continued to where the front door would be, glancing back every now and again to check that 'Ed' was still there. Closing his eyes, he hoped the house's inhabitants would realise he was there…

BANG! The door swung open loudly, and Harry was suddenly bombarded with a mixture of screams, cries and raised voices, as he was embraced by a large woman.

"HARRY! What on earth possessed you? Do you know how worried we've been?" She asked angrily, but Harry could see that she was relieved. Pulling out of her tight embrace, he stepped back and looked at the people crowding behind her in the hallway. Taking a deep breath, he said simply,

"I've got something to show you."

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