Piano Man by: Angela Tenshi

Authors Notes: Perhaps spoilers till trio in season 4 but nothing major to spoil anything else. Also, I know I'm borrowing a plot device from SG-1 1969 and SGA Last Man ... sorry.


They were anxious to get on their way after the painfully long 24 hour quarantine process finally came to an end. Hearing Sergeant Harrimanâ–“s voice pass through the gate, Sheppard powered up the puddle jumper and went into the gate.

Sheppard was expecting to see General Landry greeting them from the control room, so it was much to his surprise when they arrived in room barely big enough to hold the puddle jumper that appeared to be made out of ice.

"What the hell happened?" Sheppard demanded looking over at Rodney who stared opened mouthed at the ice face in front of him.

Seemingly ignoring him, Rodney jumped from his seat and ran to the back of the jumper and opened the back.
A litany of, "oh no, oh no, oh no." could be heard coming from the back. Fearing for his buddy he looked back, and saw earth's Stargate embedded in a glacier.

When Rodney looked to Sheppard for his reaction, he said the only thing that came to his mind.

"Well, this can't be good."