This story takes place 10 years after the Kira case was solved and closed, when Light was killed by Ryuk. 7 years after Misa Amane committed suicide because of her lost love. And 9 year after Touta Matsuda married Sayu Yagami. Chika (our main character) is in the care of Sayu and Matsuda. And so our story starts in the city of Tokyo at the end of a long day at school...

"Okay class, remember your homework with you and don't leave your group projects here. If someone does not take them home I will be throwing them out," BBRRRIINNGGG!"Have a great weekend!" Chika got up from here desk and gathered her books together. It had been a long day but now she could finally relax.

"Chiiikaaaa!" She turned to see her friend running towards her at top speed, "Chika what are you doing this weekend, I'm going out of the city for the entire five days we have off!"

"Not much Hoshi, I'll probably just be staying home again."

"You never do anything on the weekends, and on vacations you never leave the surrounding country side. Remind me again, why is that?"

"Because of what happened to my mom when she was in collage. She really hates to travel."

"Oh... My LOOK at the time! I have to go, see you when we get back from Kyoto!" Hoshi ran down the street waving, turned a corner and disappeared from sight. Chika had dirty blonde hair, blue-brown eyes and fairly pale skin. Even though she was only 12 years old she was already in Grade 9. She had been bumped up two grades because everything she was taught, saw and heard about, got seared into her brain and she could not forget it. Chika often wondered where she got her intelligence from. It most certainly was not her father, or her grandparents. Some of it must have come from her mother for she had been a top student in collage, before her incident. And her hair... nobody on either side of her family had blonde hair. This was one of the reasons she was teased by her class mates.

Chika also had a secret that she had never told anyone. She could see the name and day a person would die, just by looking at their face.