The final match was about to begin, and the audience was ecstatic. Who would win, the strange albino or the Japanese tourist? The man with famous pop singers name or the boy with jet black hair?

"And now we shall decide who will serve first, gentlemen. Rock-Paper-Scissors!" Rock-Rock, Scissors-Scissors, Paper-Paper, Rock-Rock, Rock-Rock again. Rock-Paper! "And we have our server, Rock Lexuss! Let the match begin!"
Near bounced the ball once on the table and smacked it hard sending it flying across the table where it bounced on the edge and scored him a point. Taro starred for a moment then prepared himself for the second serve. Near repeated the serve but this time Taro was prepared, he leaned to his left giving it a gentle tap. The ball floated over the net because of the force Near had used to serve with. Luckily for Taro it landed just inside the net on Near's side where it bounced twice giving Taro a point.

"Are you ready to lose?" Near shook his head has he took up a stance in order to return Taro's serve. The audience sat and watched with baited breath and Taro served the ball. Each serve from both players was returned with full enthusiasim from both parties. Taro had such a look of joy on his face because his opponent was giving his all, or as much as you can give in a game of Ping Pong. Near too seemed to be enjoying himself, though he did not show it the way Taro did. The ball was sent back and forth in a flurry of eye blurring movements and taps so graceful that the ball would just seem to hang in midair, even if just for a moment.

"You play really well," Near seemed impressed, "but don't get to hopeful."

"Well with dinner on the line I better win!" With the score close to being even Near had just pulled ahead with only needing two more points to win, Taro needed four. Taro had the ball in his possession for the next two serves, if he was lucky then he would be able to bring the score up to a tie. But he could tell that his opponent wasn't going to let him score those points so easily as he had in the previous bounced the ball on his end of the table and then gave it a lite tap which sent it across the table in no great hurry, surprisingly Near returned with the same speed. This was a relaxed shot from both players who were now fully at the ready. Taro smacked the ball back across the net, Near returned it with ease and Taro almost missed his return. The wobbliness that Taro had returned the ball with gave Near a surprise and he missed. A gasp rose from the stands, such a mistake was lucky and unfortunate this late in the game. With his last serve Taro hit the ball. Chika looked on in amazement as Near countered the ball with one swift motion and it was sent easily over to the other side bouncing twice in, almost, the same spot scoring him a point.

"Hyuk hyuk hyuk! Looks like Taro is going to lose." Ryuk chuckled to himself enjoying a piece of information only he knew. Daril floated beside Ryuk showing nothing of what she thought. Near now had the serve,

"One more point and I win."

"Well that's one point you'll never get." Taro took his stance and prepared to receive. Near bounced the ball once on the table and he adjusted his hand grip until it was in a more comfortable position. He served with a light tap with the back of the paddle which gave it enough force to just send it over the net. Taro stepped to his left side and sent the ball back over hard, rocketing towards Near's face he ducked out of the way. A huge cheer went up, Near had won! He turned to Taro held out his hand,

"No hard feelings, you played a great game!"

"Hey thanks, you too." They shook hands and Taro walked away held high, not minding that he had lost to a great opponent.

"Taro," he looked around, "Taro, I can't believe you lost. But that means I don't have to take you out to dinner!" Chika grinned mischievously.

"Ha ha ha, no you don't HAVE to. But it would be nice." Ryuk looked disappointed,

"Is that it? I thought there would be fireworks or something, like they had back in Japan during festivals," Chika shook her head, "Well that's not fun, if they're going to celebrate afterwards it should be done with fireworks." Taro and Chika ignored Ryuk's complaining on the way back to the hotel for the reason that his complaints had turned towards the celebrations not including apples. When they got back Chika sat down at the desk and pulled out her Death Note.

"Oh, you're not going to write in that now are you?"

"Well I have to as we'll be going back to Japan tomorrow, and it's a long flight. I don't want to be caught doing any thing suspicious on the plane tomorrow."

"Why not?" Taro was a little confused, "One day of Kira not killing won't bother the police, will it?"

"It may not, but I overheard Near talking with a man named Giovonni about taking flight 783 tomorrow to Tokyo Japan. So I'm righting names now for all day tomorrow and a little into the next day as well, just in case. Besides I'd rather not right in it tomorrow anyway." Taro shrugged his shoulders and laid down on his bed,

"Whatever. Good night." He rolled over and turned off his light leaving Chika leaning over the desk with just the lamp for light. The sound of pen on paper could be heard long into the hours of the night.