A Second Chance

Summary: Harry Potter never went to his relatives. Why not? Because there was someone who took him away first. Someone who knew the future before it happened and decided to change it.

Before I even started writing Harry Potter-fics, I had the plot to one in my head that I never wrote down. Then I read the fic Déguiser by Batsutousai, and the fic came back to me. It's not like that fic, but you can see some patterns. Many thanks to Batsutousai whose fic made me remember.

Pairing/s: None.

Warnings: Dumbledore bashing, Gryffindor bashing, siding with Voldemort-fic, fake Prophecy, Smart!Harry and Dark! but not Evil!Harry. Oh, and there will be three Weasleys siding with Harry; the twins and Bill. Hope that covered everything.

Disclaimers: I will never, ever in my whole life be able to own Harry Potter /cries/ He belongs to JK Rowling and no one else.


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Privet Drive Four was a quiet, ordinary street with perfectly normal people. And since they were perfectly normal people with perfectly normal lives and perfectly normal homes, they were of course asleep as it was late at night. However, there were two people walking the street who certainly were not of the normal kind.

"They are the worst kind of Muggles you can ever meet, Albus!"

"Now, now, Minerva, let's not get upset. Harry will be safe with them…"

"Safe? Safe? They are monsters! They will never take care of him, they will never see him as their own child!"

"Minerva, you will wake him up."

"Shouldn't you've waited until the will was read?"

"Well, I know James and Lily. Either they have put Sirius or Remus as Harry's caretakers and since neither are fit to it…"

"We will wait until the will is read!"

Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sighed and looked at the stern-looking woman who by now was red in her face, and her pointed hat was bent awkwardly. The child in his arms stirred but did not wake up.

"He will be with the Dursleys until the will is read," Dumbledore finally said. Minerva McGonagall, deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as well as the school's Transfiguration teacher, looked at him for a while with her jaws clenched, and nodded shortly after a long silence.

The headmaster happily went and put down the small child on the doorstep. Quickly he wrote a letter and placed it on Harry's chest.

"Sleep well now," he said quietly to the child. "You will be fine here."


Two days later

McGonagall shifted where she sat. Truth to be told, she had never wanted to leave Harry there with the Muggles but the headmaster had given her no choice. She glanced over at said man and saw he was happily sucking on one of his lemon-drops as they waited for the will to start. There were some other people there, mainly from the Order as they had been requested to come but there was one person the stern-looking witch had not figure out who it was. The man, or woman, was sitting at the far back with a black cloak hiding everything. She wondered how he was connected to it all, to James and to Lily. It could not possible be-

The old goblin hawked, interrupted her thinking and said:

"As everyone has arrived, I will begin reading the will."

Everyone stilled. The goblin looked over at them all, rolled open a parchment and began reading:

"This will is created by James and Lily Potter, and is absolute. If we give everything to the Ministry, we give everything to the Ministry. No one can interfere.

"First of all, we will one thousand Galleons to Sirius Black, and wish him to buy many toys for our Prongslet. As Mr Black is not present, the money will be sent to his vault."

Many looked flabbergasted at this; was the goblin not aware that it had been Sirius who had betrayed the Potters? He should be ashamed of himself for letting that murderer have any money at all!

"We will another thousand Galleons to Remus Lupin, hoping he will buy some bloody new robes."

Remus almost looked like he was going to start crying again, but it seemed like the tears finally had stopped for him as he merely ducked his head and sniffed a bit.

"After this, the will of the rest of our things will be read," the goblin said. "I, James Potter, will personally read this."

The old goblin gently took up a glass orb, placed it on the desk and tapped it twice on the top with his finger. Immediately the voice of the now dead James Potter rang out:

"My name is James Potter and this is my and Lily's true will; the guardianship of our son, Harry James Potter."

This was the moment they all had waited for. Who would little Harry be with? Should he go to the Dursleys, Lily's Muggle relatives? Had he been appointed to either Remus or Sirius it had to be stopped; Sirius was in Azkaban and Remus was unfit to take care of a child. Could it be that they had appointed a good Light family to have the honours? Maybe even Dumbledore himself?

"The choice was simple," James' voice said. "However, convincing said man was easier said than done. I hope you are attending this will, you lazy ass. I'm talking about Diablos Potter."

Silence as horrified looks showed on some people faces, Dumbledore included. He was turning white in anger; that man should not be allowed into England!

"Yes, Diablos Potter," the voice continued. "I know we weren't the closest brothers in this world, but we weren't enemies either. Not after your last year at Hogwarts. No time to talk about old times, though. Diablos, I ask of you as my brother to take care of my son."

The silence only was for a few moments before half of the Phoenix-Order started shouting. The goblin held its' hand up and pointed at the orb. They silenced. James' voice came back:

"You will also be given all of our vaults and houses as well as the honour title of Head of Potter House. Take care of our Prongslet, let Paddy and Moony visit often and don't snap at them. I wish you luck, and say hello to all the lads in Rome!"

The will ended and the goblin spoke up:

"Mr Potter? If you would come to the front, please."

The figure in the shadows stepped up, pale hands coming up to pull the hood back. Diablos Potter slowly walked up, his raven hair making his face look white and his eyes red like a devil's. The old creature gave him a quill and said:

"Sign your name here and we will arrange everything."

If looks could kill, Diablos would have died a few dozen times. He signed the parchment and said out loud:

"Where's Harry?"

"He is with the Dursley family," the goblin supplied. "Professor Dumbledore saw it fit to let him be there until the outcome of the will."

The man turned slowly and looked at the headmaster. The lips turned into a sneer and even the headmaster leaned back as the young man spoke, voice full with hatred:

"You placed my nephew with magic-hating Muggles?"

"Don't speak of things you don't know now, my boy…"

"Call me boy again and I'll slit your throat."

Diablos left the next moment and the dumb-founded Order just sat there. No one noticed the smirk the goblin had.


A knock on the door made Petunia sigh. She saw Harry reaching towards one of Dudley's toys and gripped the child's arm, hard.

"Don't touch that, freak!" she hissed and dragged him away. "Sit quiet, here and don't move one inch!"

Harry's wide eyes stared right back at her, fear evident in them. She ignored her nephew and went to get the door. She had not asked for him, she did not have to be nice to him. She opened the door and froze. Her mouth opened and closed.

"What's wrong, Petunia dear?" Diablos said. "Don't recognize me?"

"You!" she finally got out. "Get away from here! We want nothing to do with you freaks!"

"I'm here for Harry," the man continued, his red-tainted eyes darting to look over her shoulder. "Then I'll be off and never return."

She narrowed her eyes and looked at what she felt was the son of the devil. She was convinced his real parents thought the same, naming him like that. He was a danger. Yes, all too dangerous. You could even call him slightly crazy. But he had never lied to her. He had told her the painful truth and never hid his disgust against her with pretty words. However much she hated him he was the only person who had been completely honest with her. And he said he came for the boy, he came for the boy.

"Fine," she finally said. "Get the boy."

He stepped in without thanking her, but the Muggle woman never expected him to. Diablos soon found Harry and crouched down. Curiosity filled those emerald eyes and Diablos said:

"Hello, Harry. I doubt you remember me, but I'm your uncle."

"Un…cle?" Harry seemed proud he managed saying the word.

"Yes, uncle. Your mother and father are gone, and they said they wanted me to take care of you. Will you let me?"

He stretched out a hand to the child, who happily took it. Diablos picked the boy up and turned around to see Petunia. They stared at each other for a while, Harry in the wizard's arms while Dudley in the Muggle's arms.

"Get out," she said tiredly.

"With pleasure, madam", he said with a mock bow and moved out.


He turned to look at Petunia. She silently handed him a blanket. It was comfortably worn, and protected by magic.

"What is this?" he asked.

"The blanket the boy had," she said. "It says James Potter on it."

He clutched the blanket in his hand, and left with one last glance. Petunia sighed, and closed the door as Dudley wanted her attention.


Rome, Italy

"Oh, you're back Diab—huh? What's that?"

Diablos looked irritably at his fellow worker Salerna Maga. The wizard was tall, a head taller than Diablos with white hair and violet eyes, working as a teacher for the Aurors in endurance and flexibility.

"It's a child, Salerna," he said slowly, as if Salerna did not know what a child was.

"I know what a child is, brat. But who's is it?" the man asked, wide-eyed. "You don't have any kids."

"My brother had."

"And?" Salerna knew Diablos' brother had a child, but it could not possible be the child. Right?

"Now the child is with me."

"Why?" Somehow, Salerna was dreading the answer.

"Because my brother's dead."

The older wizard stared at his fellow colleague. He knew that Diablos did not smile, did not show any kind of emotions in front of anybody. But the blank face he kept on even as he told Salerna his brother was dead was disturbing. Diablos blinked at the now silent man and said:

"I'm going to take the rest of the day off. Harry needs to get familiar to his new surroundings."

"Are you alright? I mean, he was your brother…"

"If I'm alright? Don't know actually, but it doesn't feel any different."

Salerna stared at him.

"I'm going," the man with red-tainted eyes said and held the happily gurgling child a bit closer than before. The older wizard noticed, and wondered if the child could make Diablos more human.


Prologue done! Short but this is just the beginning. This I think will be a long-time fic.

Chapter one: How will Harry react on his more or less emotionless uncle? Will he succeed making Diablos smile?

Until later,