Okay, so I've been busy lately, both personally and in my writing (hence the reason for the laxness in my other fics), but hopefully this little bit puts a smile on someone's face... :)

Disclaimer: As I've said in every post I put here, the CM folks ain't mine. Not for lack of wanting, either.

It's just a list.

A simple list of names on speed dial, presumably in no particular order.

And yet, there is an order to it.

First on the list is always the guy in charge. The one who fills out the evaluation reports. The one who never sleeps, even though everyone else has taken a fifteen-minute catnap to recharge the batteries. There's always a frontman in every organization, and your number one is top-notch.

Second one is the face. The person who's always wrangling those with itchy fingers and little notebooks and cameras that take the wrong shot at the wrong time. There's no work without her, and she's usually the first line of public defense should something go wrong.

Third is the counterpart. It doesn't matter whether this is the girl who speaks six languages or the guy who breaks down doors or the walking encyclopedia. Everyone's got a friend here; and of course in the realm of the list friends come first.

Number four is the one who didn't make the number three slot. C'est la vie, that's life, but you're still special.

Number five is the Grand Poohbah of All Things Electronic. Without her, there would be no files, no records, no reliable person who can crack court documents and even commit minor cyber-felonies for the benefit of tracking someone down. Five's an important number—it's the one in the middle, the lynchpin, the one you need to make the whole process work.

Number six is the new guy. Likeable, respected, even revered. But not enough to move him higher on the list. Again, that's life.

Number seven is a tossup—it's either the spouse, the kids or Mom. Even money says it's Mom.

The other three spots are blank. This makes sense considering the odds of having a life outside of the job are on par with winning the Lotto in about forty-eight states on the same night.

Such a simple list.

Who would've thought it could say so much?