Chapter 3

He would come back. He would come back. He would come back.

Temperance repeated the words over and over again in her head, but no matter how hard she tried to convince herself, she new he never was. He was gone and never coming back. Russ had left her… just like her parents had. But could she blame him?

For weeks he had tried to take care of her. For weeks he had tried to get her to talk. For weeks he had tried to do anything to make her feel better. But she wouldn't cooperate with him. This was all her fault. Maybe… just maybe if she had talked to him, told him she wasn't mad, he wouldn't have left her at this hell whole. This was all her fault! Russ had even told her he was leaven, but she did not believe him. Even now, she didn't believe his words. He would come back.


With her piercing blue eyes she looked up at the middle age woman.

The woman hesitated for a moment. "There is a family here… they would like to meet you."

"He's coming back," she told the woman sternly.

"I… Temperance… we've been over this a hundred times…"

She sent the woman a look that could kill. "He's coming back."

"Eh…I… I'll just go and get The Walkers…"

She watched as the older woman staggered towards the office door. With a heavy unconfident sigh the woman opened her office door, and in a bright cherry voice she said, "Mr. and Mrs. Walker we can see you now."

Temperance watched in degust as two strawberry blondes entered the office doors. At a quick glance she could tell everything about them was perfect. Their clothes. Their attitudes. Their smiles. They were the perfect parents, and yet she still felt something was missing. They weren't her parents.

Mr. and Mrs. Walker took a seat next to her and they smiled brightly at her. "You must be Temperance. We have heard so much about you."

She just stared at them.

"You're very pretty, Temperance."

She turned her gaze away from them and she suddenly found the outside world very interesting.

"She's just a little shy…" the middle age woman told the Walker's. Temperance smirked. The woman gave her a death glare as she moved towards the door. "Maybe, I should give you guys a moment alone."

Once she left Mr. Walker spoke up, "I heard you're very smart."

She didn't answer him.

Mrs. Walker sighed. "Look… I know you're upset, but we would like to help. I have always wanted children, but you see I can't…"

Temperance couldn't help but feel sorry for her.

"If you would like you could come live with us for awhile. We can be you're foster parents. I know we could never replace you're real parents, but…"

"He's coming back," she told them sternly.

Mrs. Walker smiled at her. "I wouldn't doubt that for a moment. But when he comes back… could you do us one favor?"


"Promise that you will visit every once in a while…"

Temperance smiled at them. They were the first people to believe that Russ was coming back.


"Bones…" his soft voice snapped her out of her thoughts, and she found herself staring at the pile of bones that laid on the table in front her. She took a quick glance around and realized that everyone had left for the evening and the only light came from the platform where she was standing. She silently wondered how long she had been day dreaming.

"…you ok, Bones? You don't look so well…"

"I'm fine, Booth," she lied to him.

He didn't believe her. "You sure?"

No. "Yes."

"Want to go get something to eat?"

"No," she quickly returned her gaze to the teenage skeleton. She had to finish this case. She had to.

"Bones…" she felt the back of his hand meet her shoulder. How did he get so close? "Come on. I'm taking you home."

"I don't want to go home," she told him sternly.

"Let's go get something to eat, Bones."


"Bones, you need –"

"No," she suddenly shouted at him. "I don't want to go home. I want to stay here. And I want to finish this case."

Booth stared at her, his eyes caring and soft. "I know you want to finish the case, but what good will you do if you're half asleep?"

She avoided eye contact with him because she knew he was right. He always was. "Fine. I'll go back home, but I'm arriving first thing tomorrow morning."

He smiled softly at her. "No one's stopping you, Bones."

She gave him a smile in return, but it wasn't fooling him. He could see right through her and he knew she wasn't ok. This case was tearing her apart. Oh, how he wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her everything was going to be ok. He knew something other than the case was bothering her. Why wouldn't she tell him? Why didn't she trust him?

"Can I go to a party this Saturday?" Temperance asked from the back of the car nervously.

Mrs. Walker smiled brightly. She was glad that Temperance was making friends. "Why sure, sweet-heart."

She sighed and slowly leaned back in the care. She had been nervous about asking them. It was her first party here and she was afraid they were going to say no. It had only been two months, but she was almost positive she had found home. Of course, it was her true home, but the Walkers were nice to her and she felt that they truly cared about her. At first she had hated it, but when she started to make friends at school she couldn't help but like it here.

She had so many friends now and two people that actually loved her. Two months ago she was a miserable wreck, but now she was actually enjoying life. Of course, nobody could replace her parents and she still longed for their return

"Thanks," she told them.

"Have fun, kid-o," Mr. Walker said from the driver's seat.

"So… where are we going for dinner?"

Both of the Walkers shrugged. "It's up to you."

"I don't know… you decided," she told them.

Mrs. Walkers face let up. "We could try that new restaurant up on Main Street," she suggested.

"Sounds perfect," Mr. Walker told them happily, and he quickly took a right at the stop light.

Temperance turned her gaze to the pouring rain outside. It was a miserable day, but The Walkers had insisted to eat out tonight. She laughed silently to herself; they probably just didn't feel like cooking dinner.

"Sweet-heart –!" Mrs. Walker cried out suddenly.

Temperance tore her gaze from the window just in time to see a pair of headlights in front of her. The last thing she remembered was Mr. Walker veering the car hard to the right, causing the car to careen down the side of a hill.