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Part One.

Detective Olivia Benson sat opposite her partner, Elliot Stabler on what was an unusually slow night in the one, six squad room of SVU. Most of their cases were awaiting court dates and for once most of the paperwork was up to date too, all except for the last few pieces the duo were working on tonight.

"Hey, fancy like going out and getting some takeaway? If I look at this computer any longer my eyes are gonna drop out" Benson said, hoping her partner would say yes.

Stabler looked up form his desk "You know what, I was just about to ask you the same thing! Chinese or Italian?

" I was thinking more Mexican"

" Okay, the lady shall have Mexican and I will gladly join her, let's go!" with that both detectives got up and left for much needed refreshments, at this rat tonight was gonna be a very long shift.

"You know to say were in January don't you think it's been kinda warm?" Benson said staring up at the night sky.

"Er, yeah I guess so" Elliot replied, his mind in a slight state of confusion. Liv only ever made small talk when something was bothering her or the pair had had a disagreement over a case.

"You wanna tell me something Liv? You've not really been on this planet the last day or so, what's wrong?"

Benson looked up at her partner, those piercing blue eyes staring back at her. "I…I've been..er…" god this was difficult she thought, this was my one chance to tell Elliot and now looking at him, how could I, it'd break his heart if I….then his voice snapped her out of her thinking.

"What, what is it, oh you're not pregnant are, I mean not that it would be such a bad thing, if you really wanted it to happen but I can't see it-who's the father? What…"

"Would you shut up!! And keep your voice down, half the city heard all that! I am NOT, repeat not pregnant Elliot, stop panicking. I wrote my resignation out yesterday, Cragen's thinking it over, he hasn't accepted it yet. Elliot I'm leaving SVU".

Elliot stared back at her, a look of total disbelief on his face, that and the fact he couldn't quite process the thought of not having Olivia as his partner anymore. No this wasn't going to happen, Cragen couldn't accept her resignation.

" Liv you've tried this twice before and you never have, why should I think this time's any different? You can't go, what am I suppose to do if you go? Did you even think about what I might feel?"

Tears started to well in Olivia's eyes. She knew this was going to be hard but the look on Elliot's face was tearing her apart. " El all I do everyday is think about other people, after nearly eight years of dealing with distraught women and broken kids. I've had enough, it's over for me", tears were now streaming down her face.

"Olivia I won't let you do this. I am not going to lose because you're going through one those stages where everytime we get a tougher case that hit's you hard, you run away instead of talking and then threaten to quit. I'm not gonna lose you Liv, I love you too much, you're my best friend, soul mate-I can't let you throw all that away. You were born to do this job, you said yourself, this was all you ever wanted to do. It's what keeps you going, makes you feel alive".

The sound of desperation was clear in his voice. For, however much he hated the thought, Olivia might actually be serious this time.

Seeing him like this wasn't in her game plan, "look nothing's official and Cragen's not accepted it yet so how about I make a deal with you? If it all went through I would still have to work my notice, maybe in that time I could change my mind buy don't pressure me El or I'm gone tonight, ok?" deep down there was some truth in what Elliot had said, she wasn't 100 sure but feeling like this made the job tougher than it all ready was, hell she'd been through as much as some of the victims!

Relief had brought a sudden calm over Elliot, maybe he'd just said enough to make her stop this crazy thinking. "Okay, let's for now just forget this happened and get some food!" This was going to be hard.

To be continued…………