Amy was holding the can above her head, soaking herself in petrol. Benson and Stabler merely looked on in horror. Was she or wasn't she going to set herself and the whole place alight.

" Time to be with my brother, don't ya think?" Amy flicked back the lighter and exposed the naked flame.

"Amy!" shouted Liv.

Outside the rest of the team were still waiting patiently. Nothing had happened since Elliot had gone in there and they heard no signs of distress.

" Captain, is the fact that nothing's happened as such a good thing or a bad thing?" Before Munch could even say a word, Fin added, " and I don't need to hear another one of your theories John".

" Did I say anything?" Munch said in all innocence.

Cragen looked at them both "Actually it makes me nervous. Very nervous. Especially with those windows boarded up" then he looked back at the warehouse.

Amy looked at her and grinned again "Okay on three. One…two…" the whooshing sound of flames and an intense heat hit Elliot and Olivia as they dove out of the way.

"She didn't even get to three!" Benson screamed as she looked back to see Amy on her knees, totally engulfed in flames, and then she fell forward, lifeless.

By now the fire was beginning to take hold of the place. Elliot was practically dragging his partner along as she was having a tough time staying up right. The smoke was getting thicker and the heat more and more intense.

Elliot tried to free the door of the barricade Amy had put up but it was nailed to strongly. He went for the windows. " Liv, you're gonna have to help me here, okay?"

Olivia nodded. "Let's do it". She grabbed part of the wood that was attached to window and helped pull it with El. But it was too strong for her in her weakened state. She fell back. Stabler steadied her.

Elliot pulled her towards him, " Don't worry, just lean against me. I'll get us out Liv. Promise" Elliot flashed her one of those dazzling smiles of his and winked.

Fin looked a little more closely at the building and thought he saw smoke. No that is smoke.

Captain I think it's bad. You see smoke?"

Just then a large explosion rocked them all. The top windows blew out, covering them with shards of glass and bright orange flames burst through.

" Call Fire and Rescue now!" Cragen shouted as he, munch and Fin got as close to the warehouse as they could. They began to shout for there trapped colleagues, but got no reply.

Coughing and spluttering the duo got up of the floor and gingerly stood up.

"What the hell happened?" Liv looked at El.

" I have no idea but we're still alive! Come on I think that window was starting to give".

The sounds of the flames were so roaring that they couldn't here the others calling for them.

Olivia began to feel faint and breathing was becoming more difficult. Her body went limp, dragging Elliot's cuffed hand down with her.

" No Liv! Come on, you gotta help me fight this! Hell you're gonna resign remember? I'd rather you leave me like that, than in a body bag!" Elliot pulled her back up. " COME ON!"

The partners gave the window all they had and gave it one big pull back. The boarding came free of the window and they saw something they hadn't seen in while – daylight. Then Munch appeared.

"Captain, it's them, I see them!" Munch looked for something to smash the window. " Stand back" He hit the window several times but the metal pipe bounced right off. " What the?" he stood back in confusion.

Elliot began to laugh, " I don't believe it. Reinforced glass! Try the door. It's nailed up on our side but you might be able to unhinge it from your side!" he shouted to them.

The three detectives began frantically working on the door. It wasn't going to budge and they just didn't have the time to wait for Fire and Rescue. If they didn't get Olivia and Elliot out of there soon they were gonna lose them.

"Elliot? Just hang on in there. Try and keep yourself as shielded from the flames and smoke as you can and get away from the door. How's Olivia?"

"Not good. I think the smoke combined with her injuries…it's killing her Don"

Captain Cragen actually felt like crying. He hadn't felt this feeling since he lost his wife. No way was he going to lose Olivia Benson. She along with the others, were like another family to him and he wasn't about to lose any of that.

Elliot lifted Liv into his arms and gently carried her into a small corner which seemed well protected from the flames, which were now totally raging out of control. The partners sat down, still cuffed together, Olivia giggled and looked up at El.

Lifting up their cuffed wrists, "You know this is going a bit far don't you think. To stop me from leaving I mean"

"Sorry. All this is my fault. You should never have been put in this position Liv. He looked at her with those blue eyes of his, Liv? Don't go"

She smiled up at him "You know what? I'm going nowhere. I think I was a little premature-again. It's just, the way I was feeling. You know"

"You mean you're still my partner?"

"Yep!. That's if we get out of here though!"

Elliot gently cuddled Olivia. He still had her. They were going to be partners for years to come yet.

Cragen searched frantically for something to knock through the door, but found nothing. Okay. What to do next? He turned his attention to the car and then to the door. Well they do it in the movies! He thought to himself.

"John, go tell Stabler and Benson to stay well back from the door. I'm gonna drive the car through it"

Stunned "You're gonna what through what? That's really gonna knock your budget out this year cap" with that Munch went to tell them.

Cragen got in the driver's seat and Fin got in the other side.

"Can't let you have this much fun on your Captain!" Cragen smiled at Fin. If anything the pair felt like high school boys on a dare!

"You ready?"

" Oh yeah!"

Elliot was in shock, while Olivia was laughing.

"He's gonna drive the car through here! Wow I never thought I'd see that happen! Olivia giggled. Don Cragen always seemed the 'safe' type, nothing this risky.

"He obviously thinks the same thing I do. That you're worth the risk Olivia"

"Ah don't, you'll make me cry" She began to cough uncontrollably. Her chest wheezing from the smoke, her face grimacing from her bust ribs. "Elliot, I think I need a hospital".

Just then part of the roof came down and covered them in debris. Neither of them moved.

The screeched of tyres echoed and the smell of burning rubber filled the air. Captain Cragen pushed pedal to the metal and headed for the doors, he'd already reached 50mph, just as he hit the doors, Fire and Rescue pulled up.

"What the hell are they doing!" shouted out the Fire Chief from the cab.

The car knocked through the doors, sending them off their hinges and creating a way out. Cragen and Fin jumped out the car and went to their fallen colleagues aid.

"Olivia, get her out first" Elliot motioned Cragen to help Fin with Olivia.

"No I got you. Fin's got Olivia. Come on, this whole place is gonna collapse!"

It was like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie Munch thought. He saw Stabler and Cragen holding onto one another running from the building. Then Fin, holding Olivia in his arms, running after them. Just then a loud crash and a wave of dust surrounded everyone, sending the four detectives crashing to the ground, shielding themselves from any more debris. When the dust began to clear, munch and a bunch of EMT's came to their aid.

"Hey, you guy's okay?!"

All of them turned to Liv who was motionless on the floor, eyes shut. God please don't let all this be for nothing, everyone thought as the EMT's began working on her.

She looked so vulnerable. They put an oxygen mask over her face. She was breathing but it was laboured. The paramedics kept saying her name and talking to her whilst trying to get her to regain consciousness. Elliot stared on, willing his partner to open her eye. Come on honey you can do it.

Olivia could he voices and felt clean air filling her lungs as she breathed in. She opened her eyes with a startle and began to cough.

"Welcome back. You're gonna be fine Olivia" said the Paramedic.

She pulled the oxygen mask off "Elliot" she croaked.

Elliot was by her side immediately "Hey you. Don't scare me like that." He stroke her face and the kissed her forehead before the Paramedics loaded her onto a gurney.

The other Paramedics gave the Captain and Fin the all clear.

"You know you two were like Starsky and Hutch going through that door. With a little bit of Knightrider going on. The SVU dynamic duo and their KITT car to the rescue!"

They looked at eachother, smirked then both said, "Shut up John!"

"Why do people always say that? You know I find it all very…"

"John!" Munch shut up, he could take the hint.

As they wheeled Benson towards the ambulance, Elliot holding her hand all the way. Fin shouted after them.

" Hey guys! Race you to the hospital" as they got into a car, this Munch was driving.

"You think I'm gonna let Michael Schumacher drive back there? No way. You know when I saw you guy's crash through the door I had this thought…"


"I know – shut up". He said as he pulled away.

In the ambulance, Olivia and Elliot took a look at the now totally flattened warehouse.

"Wow, it's hard to believe we were in that".

"Yeah. Elliot?


" Can I have that Mexican now!" she winked at her partner and grinned that mischievous smile of hers as the ambulance doors closed.

The End.