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AN (sparkly): Ok so this is short again, but we had a bit of a problem with YotS, hence the reason for this being a day late (apologies for that), and I just decided to post it. Its John's point of view, he's obviously not really talking to Elizabeth, just in his mind. It's in season 3, back when John finally gets to kill Kolya. I thought he must have been happy to kill him. Right?

Causes of Pain

By: sparklyshimmer2010

That shot was the best shot I've taken, unlike that first time, but just as careful. I think I scared you when I went on that rampage, killing his men. And it was all because I thought you were dead. Thank god there wasn't any reason for you to be there today. That way you didn't have to see that wild look that must have been in my eyes again.

But now Kolya is dead and I'm sorry to say that I was happy taking his life. The anger burned inside once again. I try not to be that way, but sometimes I can't help it, especially when it comes to you.

I just hated the fact that he was going to put a bullet through you. I hated that McKay was the one that had to save you. I hate that he threatened you at all. When he took you near the gate, it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

And I know we're good friends, so I know it hurt you when he captured me and had you watch the Wraith feed on me. So I hate him for putting you in that position. Hell, I hated him a lot already for my pain. But do you know how many times I thought I'd never see you again because of him?

Like on the planet Dagan. I thought that maybe that time I would die. I should have killed him then. It would've saved us both some heartache.

But that's the funny thing. It all comes back to you. Not Rodney or anyone else from the team. I despised him so much because of what he's done to you. I don't know exactly how you feel about me, but I've realized that I love you, I think since that moment that damn iratus bug hooked onto my neck.

I hated Kolya with a passion, and I was glad to kill him. Now he'll never get another chance to hurt you or separate us again.