"Well, hello there."

I froze. The last time I'd heard that voice was a year and a half ago. I turned around.

"What are you doing in my house?" I demanded. Ian grinned. He took a step forward. I looked at the broom in my hands, then unscrewed the handle from the rest of it. "Get out," I ordered. "Ben is going to be home soon. And I'm sure he'll just love to see you again… And I'm sure Agent Sadusky would love it too." I said. Ian only laughed. Then, so fast I almost missed it, he whipped out and snatched a lamp from the desk beside him. I giggled. I just couldn't help it- he looked so funny holding an antique lamp in his hand like a club.

I swung the broom handle at his head. "Broom, meet Ian," I muttered. Ian batted it away easily. All I saw then was a blur of color. I felt the lamp connect with the side of my head.

Then everything went black.