"All this waiting is pissing me off." Bark barked. "The runt better not have let that gem snatcher get away."

Script sighed. "I highly doubt that Tails could be outrun."

"Well outrun, no, outfoxed?" The bear laughed at his own joke.

There was somewhat of a sigh as three Mobians came back through the brush. "Man, at least when Script makes a lame smartallic pun, it's not that terrible." The albino mouse whined as he, the fox, and the weasel returned from their trip.

" 'Bout time..." Bark grumbled. Before seeing the new Mobian that was with Tails and Jerome. "Looks likes you gave him a good asswhoppin'."

The albino mouse shook his head. "No, it wasn't us, it was the one he exchanged the gem with."

"He lost the gem!" A female voice shreeked. The red female fox, Fiona, jumping off of a nearby branch and catching the weasel off gaurd. She pushes him into a pin with her pole into a nearby trunk, causing Nack's hat to fall off. "You have doomed us all you fool! How dare you show your face around here."

The thief acked as he squirmed, trying to free himself. "Someone... Get this crazy sheela off me."

Miles put a paw on her shoulder. "Ease up, the Emerald wasn't protecting this forrest, it is that giant tree. However, it is important that we get it back as soon as possible, and killing each other won't help us."

The yellow flying squirrel, gives a little nod after thinking a bit. "Ya, you may want to let him go." Ray states.

"Why should I? It's his fault we are in danger! How do we know this isn't some trick? All these guys could be working together to con us." Fiona growled.

The two tailed vulpine sighed, would she ever be convinced? "Fine, we'll get your gem back, but we can't do it without the help of the others."

Fiona stepped back off of her pin, still eyeing the purple one with extreme caution. "Fine, but he stays here, and for trade you get to choose one of your other friends to go free." Ray gets another set of vines and ties up the wheezing weasel before he had a chance to get his bearings.

As he looked amongst those that were tied up, Miles had to think for a bit. If he only got to choose one he'd have to make sure he didn't mess up, cause the decision could be a major one that would maintain their survival. Script and himself were both skilled with electronics, and he was good with machanics, so Rotor would be retundent. Grif, no offense to him, but outside his town he was looking like a fish out of water. The goat probably needed time to cool off anyway.

"We'll take Roy." Miles stated. With him they'd be able to mend up any wounds they might recieve. Hopefully that wouldn't be necessary, but there was always the possibility.

With the decision made Fiona had Ray release the prisoner kangaroo and the yellow rodent helped him up and gave him a shove in their direction. "Krikey. Ease up.. I hadn' been standin' in awhile."

The reddish vixen came over to the group. "You should be able to handle two prisoners on your own Ray, I'm going to go with them and make sure they don't go running off with the gem."

Ray looked worried. "Y-You sure Fiona? I mean, they could try something anyway, they outnumber you."

"If I don't come back in the next three days, kill them." Fiona said, glaring at the squirrel to not argue at the moment. She knew he was not one to harm another Mobian, but they needed these strangers to know she meant business. This wasn't fooling the male fox though, he could see it in the yellow one's eyes that he didn't have it in him to do something like that, he knew this because he himself was not one to do such vial deeds either. That put him somewhat at ease, though he kept a poker face so that Fiona wouldn't think that he didn't take the threat seriously.

As an after thought seeing the unflinching male fox she turned to Miles. "You think three days will be enough?"

"It will have to be, there may not be a forest here by that time." He said somberly. "Lets go back to the girls, we got some planning to do."


As they walked through the forest, Tails found his mind wandering. It was hard not to since he as been having so many confusing memories of the past. That one vision of Cosmo was all he needed, and he remembered the Metarex, the Blue Typhoon, and the journey. However the only parts he could remember were those surrounding him and Cosmo. He knew Sonic was with him. Amy was there too... the others though, he knew there were many others. Damn... why couldn't he remember them?

Through all this thought, the others walked silently some looking over to the quiet fox, Jerome and Script especially. They could tell there was alot on his mind, and that it was probably best just to leave well enough alone. However the vixen who was blunt and unknowing, made a burst.

"What's with all the silence, you best not be thinkin' about making a trap up ahead. It won't work."

Before Tails could pick his head up to respond in some sarcastic way, probably having picked up the bad habit from Sonic, a familiar southern accent stopped him mid breath.

"Hey y'all!" Bunnie greeted, when she noticed Roy she sighed a big breath of relief. "Glad to see y'all made-- well, some of y'all... where are da others?"

Fiona looked to the rabbot... "You... I know you..."

Bunnie looked confused looking over at the fox... "I have no ideer... neva seen ya b'fore in my life."

Suddenly the orange fox remembered. "It's you! You were the ones held in the cell across from mine! That day Robotnik took over... so it is true, these thugs are part of the Freedom Fighter band, the one that escaped on that day and left us to rot!"

"Just a hoo hah minute suga', we were 5 years ol' way back then, an' we couldn' go back an' risk ourselves gettin' caught."

Selim had had enough of that conversation. "We've been over this already lady, stop stalling us, do you want the Chaos Emerald back or not?"

Amy pipped up. "A Chaos Emerald? Here?"

Script came in, "Ya, turns out it was what was helping protect this forest till someone let a theiving weasel get their hand on it, apparently though Nicole can't get in here, she sent someone who was able to."

Bunnie sighed. "Nack... hadn' heard of that l'il ol' name since the Trouble on Angel Island back durin' the time we had ta' take on da Death Egg. Seems like foreva ago."

"I'd rather be fighting Robotnik now then this thing..." Jermone says somberly.

Script piped up. "I like talking about history and all that but we've got to get going or we won't have one left to discuss. We should get back to the wreaked truck, the item I was working on is there."

"Working on?" Miles questioned. "I thought you said it was finished."

"Um.. ya I said was... as in I'm done.. not as in I'm procrastinating..." He laughed a bit as he spoke making the fox unsure. "But it isn't one of those things I can test, really... unless I put one of us in danger."

"Great, and us without a gueine pig Mobian in the party..." Jerome says with a laugh.

The raccoon sighs "...and you call me a smart allic."


The group had made their way back toward the wreaked vehicle. The two tailed fox was relieved to be back with Amy, because he had alot of questions and he was sure she had more answers then the rest of them. He moved over to her as she was talking to Bunnie.

"Hey Amy, can I speak with you for a moment?"

Amy, who wasn't really talking about anything of major importance with Bunnie turned to see Miles walking to her other side, before looking back to Bunnie. "I'll talk to you later Bunnie."

"Jus' remember she's taken suga' fox." The southern Mobian laughs as she walked on ahead toward the rest of the group.

"Something on your mind Tails?" She asked.

"I said not to call me that... at least not for now." He reminded.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, I guess I'm kind of a flake... or so I'm told. So what is it you wanted?"

"I remembered something when I touched the tree... or someone... Cosmo... her spirit is that large tree in the center of the forest."

Amy paused a minute. "You can't be making that up... you wouldn't joke about something like that. You remember who Cosmo was don't you?"

Miles looked down and nodded somberly. "She was... a very close friend... I killed her."

"To save all of us." She reminded, "We're all greatful to you for doing that, for being that strong. It must have been a difficult memory to remember. It is for me, and I wasn't that close to her. But how can she be here, now? We are not even in the same place, Chaos Control had sent us back to this place, when we first came here you said this was where you were originally from in your youth. I finally didn't think you were crazy, it was the first time I had seen the Mobius you knew and talked about, as opposed to the one I knew."

"They are two different places entirely...? I thought they were the same ones at different points in time."

Amy thought a bit. "You know, I never thought about that possibility. Though I guess it could be possible." She then snapped up as if something had clicked. "Yes, I remember you planted a seed... and there was a little sapling you had in your lab. Though I never did see it after the day you hurt yourself." She looked to his hand. "I thought you got rid of it."

"No, I had left it, she told me she grew over the years."

"So it's true." Amy concluded. "They are the same Mobius..."

Tails gave a nod. "So you were talking about me getting captured by the Sky Patrol, so do you know anything about what happened to me following that?"

Amy paused to think. "Well, after you were arrested for flying an unauthorized vehicle, I took a ride with one of them to the station. As I had said, I thought you were somehow connected to my future love interest as my tarot reading had described. They kept us seprate most of the time, however I did have a view of the interogation room entryway..."

As she continued to explain the story, the memories started to invade again.


"So 'Tails' do you have an actual name?" The Sky Patrol member asked with suspicion to the fox sitting across the table.

"Miles Prower." He said with a shudder, not having said that name in a long time.

The agent typed the name into a devise by his desk, a voice, which sounded oddly like Nicole's said. "Miles Prower not found in citizen database."

"Obstruction is a very serious offense Mr. Prower." He threatened, a hint of sardonicness emphisized on the suspect's name.

Tails pleads, "I'm not from here sir... I'm from Mobius, but it's not like this one. I was caught up in a white light which caused me to find myself here..."

Without another word the SP agent exits the room.


Amy continues, "So then I saw this man leave the room, as if he had heard something that had intreged him, and he got on the phone. Awhile later, after they had talked with me for a bit, asking if I knew you, and many other questions I wasn't very helpful with, these two characters came down to the station. One crocodile, and one chameleon mobian. It turns out we'd get to know them well later as well their names were..."


"Vector, and his name is Espio." The crocodile, who seemed rather friendly introduced themselves to the suspect.

"The naive introduce themselves to the susipicious first." The chameleon replyed.

"He's just a kid Espio, he's scared look at him. He looks lost."

"You'd underestimate him for his age, remember he was caught flying a vehicle in an unauthorized area, so he is definatly far more capible then you give him credit."

Vector leaned back in his chair and he put his feet up on the desk. "So is it true kid? Did you come here in a white light?"

Tails didn't like being called a kid, but since he wasn't really in a position to complain he gave a nod.

Espio looked up from his stance in the corner, but he did not uncross his arms or move from leaning against the wall. "Well, I guess maybe people might actually take us seriously now."

The crocodile laughed. "Don't be so optimistic Espio, that's not like you." He jibed, getting a dirty look in return.

The suspected fox was kind of getting annoyed, feeling he was being left in the dark of something very important. "What are you guys talking about? Do you know something about that light?"

Vector grinned. "Yup, you see a few of our friends were affected by a strange white light. It just came right out of nowhere. And poof they were gone, not only that but another one of our friends was made younger... he went from sixteen to six in all but a few seconds flat."

As if right on cue a buzzing was heard as a child be Mobian busted into the room. "Mighty? Mighty? Are you here?~" He called as other members of the SP ran after, yelling at the child bee. "You can't go in there."

"Charmy! We told you to wait outside." The chameleon huffed.

"Awww, I thought you guys had found Mighty, he's playin' hide an' seek." The bee claimed. "He's very good at it."

When the bee was escorted from the room Tails desided to share his experience. "Well, I think I was more like your friend... Mighty? I was captured and my friend Sonic was coming to rescue me, when I was taken by the light and found myself on that island."

The crocodile appeared excited. "We had started a detective agency, and our primary case is to find leads that might help us find our friend. The fact is you are our first major lead in his disappe-"

Suddenly a few suits bursted into the room, "This interrogation is over."


Amy scratched her head. "Then Vector, Espio, and Charmy were escorted from the building, quite annoyed. More intimidating Mobians entered the room as everyone seemed to be more attentive to the happenings in that room. Even those that were questioning me stopped. There were whispers that the prince's name was mentioned. I still don't really know what they ment."

Miles suddenly realized that they had arrived at the vehicle and that Script was already inside fumbling about for his gadget. He lectured himself in his thoughts for being so out of the loop while going back into the memories. Though, he guess it was important to know. He thought about what had happened in the flashbacks, the part that stuck out to him most was the mention of Mighty. Hadn't Fiona also had a friend by that name who had disappeared?

"Found it, looks like it's still intact." Script said as he made his way out with a vest.

Jerome looked scepticle. "And that vest is going to help how?"

The raccoon chuckled. "I want it to be a surprise."

Miles sighed. "I don't think we can afford to be surprised right now, just give us a clue so we'll know if it works.

Script frowned. "Alright, Alright. Basically it is a vest which has a fluid in it that will trick Nicole thinking that it's a blood sample, from my studies she seems to take DNA from the host while injecting nanites into the victim. With the victim's data she will knows what actions it can and cannot perform. She sends these commands to the nanites that take root in the neural passages, or for plants acts as an artifical stimulant to receptors to cause the correct reactions..."

The albino mouse sighs. "Just get to the point already."

"I was getting there." The young Mobian shakes his head. "Anyway, the sample will go back into the storage file and it contains a virus which will cause her to crash."

Bunnie looks hopeful. "So ya' mean this can all be ova' wit suga 'coon?"

With that the raccoon laughs. "I wish I was that brilliant, however Nicole is a hard system to completely destroy with a meer virus. She was made to prevent such a thing. It'll probably hinder the local network long enough for us to take out the bunker from her control. If we can even do that."

"If we can't we'll just destroy the Bunker. We need to protect the forest from her control at all costs."

"But...we should find out all we can from it first, maybe we can find out more about her. Other server locations and such." Script noted.

With this they all started to head to the bunker in question, the whole way they all hoped that this device of Script's would work. And truth be told, Script did too.


The compound was quiet and orderly, and Mobians were moving about calmly, without emotion on their face. Not holding the slightest of care, worry, happiness, or sadness. They moved from building to building, doing tasks they were told to do. Keeping eyes for anyone that was not a part of them. Ready to take new groups into their cell of order. Just a few hours ago one such group came from the direction of where the Lower Mobians had escaped from. A good chunk of the escapees had made their way here so that they could prepare to be put where they would best function for Nicole. This was a good thing for the order, but there was no joy. Just function.

Things continued as this, until this day, when an exception to the order was thrown back amongst the classes of Mobians. There was an intruder approching the complex. And now their functions was to catch this exception and handle it before it stopped their entire purpose, the purpose of the program.

They all knew it was a raccoon, probably in his teens, he was heading toward the facility, perhaps lost, but they continued to act as if nothing was going on, continuing their functions, as they were not needed. The vessiles that were needed to change this interrloper were on their way.

The raccoon was ambushed by the Networking Pods, they did as they were programmed to do, a needle went into the Mobian injecting nanites and extracting DNA for records and as use for an address in which to direct commands toward this individual. Everyone could see it occur, a small part deep down throbbing in sorrow, but unable to get through to the surface. They were reminded when they were scared and alone, their memories of their freedom suppressed by the comfort of being part of the network.

Analyzation of the DNA commencing... processing....A..C...A...C...C...G...G...G... suddenly everyone in the area heard it, in their head. Not the strand makeup of their latest victim, but music, music that got louder and louder until the command was shuttered out and all there was was music.

Then they no longer saw everything as one, and each was once again an individual, free, as the virus caused Nicole to cut off the area in order to protect herself. Leaving them for loss before she lost everything.


The music rose over the lush green hills to the ears of the Raccoon and he couldn't help but smile. "It actually worked...! Try and take my DNA? You just got rickrolled, biatch!"

Jerome walked up behind him as the group came out of hiding. "Rickrolled? What is with you and saying random things that don't make any sense?"

The raccoon chuckles. "Its sort of an 'in' joke."

"You mean one of those ones that isn't funny to anyone but yourself?" The albino mouse laughs.

Miles looked out at the complex, and suddenly there was shouting and some loud sounds of discord. It was the sound of the Mobians who were once controlled now lashing out at the complex they once helped to maintain. "We ought to find that Chaos Emerald, this probably isn't going to last long." He looks to the group. "Bunnie. You, Fiona, and Script head along the perimeter and see if you can't find anything that that would hinder Nicole's network to this complex, if we're lucky maybe we could take it as our own."

Script kinda scratched his head. "Well I'm sure we could make it so she would not have it as a base of operations, however she is probably going to attack with her unnaffected forces even as we speak. She has control over technology as well as people, so I wouldn't be surprised if she were to attack with military machines... it's what I would do. I think I should look into where her other servers are as quickly as possible."

The fox could see his point. "Well I guess you should do that Script, while Bunnie and Fiona try to get as many Mobians as we can so we can get back to the forest. Bark, see if you can't find any machines in the area that would help us transport quicker."

"What about me Miles, what should I do?" Amy asked.

With all the major tasks taken, the vulpine thought for a bit, he was still quite clueless as to some of his past. His curiousity, along with feelings that it was important to be informed about it as soon as possible to secure his future. "You're going to help me find the Chaos Emerald, my guess would be we should start somewhere in the center and look out." He spins his tails and lifts off the ground, grabbing the pink hedgehog's wrists. "If it's ok with you, I suggest we fly in so I can get a good look at the area."

The female hedgehog gave a nod of concent and he lifted off with her in hand, the others following on foot, of course the flying fox was able to open the distance, though to get the emerald Tails figured that they may need a head start anyway, and hopefully everyone would succeed in their parts, before Nicole's backup arrived.


Though the power was out the complex was loud, as the sounds of Mobians could be heard outside. Tails and Amy made their way deep into the compound. The two tailed fox hoped that everyone else was doing alright, this seemed just a bit too easy for his comfort. The music outside had started its third cycle and though it was getting slightly annoying it was a good way to know that the area was still disabled.

"I'm nervous." Amy said as she looked out a window to see a group of Mobians tearing down the center peice of the complex. "I wish Sonic were here."

"So do I." The fox replyed honestly. "Maybe you could tell me more about my past if that helps you take your mind off of things."

Miles was tinkering with an electronic locking mechanism which had been shut down because of the virus, so he was attempting to break in using more direct means. Amy gave a nod turning away from the window, knowing that the recently freed and angry mob outside was not interested in them.

"Well, ended on the interrogation... didn't I?" She thought hard though her mind was mainly focused on her surroundings at the moment. "Well, after the interrogation, you were detained. Though, they worked a deal with you that if you worked for their Sky Patrol then you would not spend any time in prison. You agreed and so you worked with them for awhile. Of course they wouldn't let you have a plane, you being a flight risk, so you did most of the work on your feet. When you were off duty I'd come and visit you in your small apartment they gave you. You were never much of one for the city... you hardly slept there. So I let you move in my house, we had become good friends."

The fox let out a little hmm. "Well, I imagine I wouldn't like the city that much... the only city I knew of was "The City" which was Robotropolis. So whenever in such places I kind of on edge."

"At least you remember the reason." She said with a smile. "Well, you really contributed well to the Sky Patrol. They were escpecially impressed when you rescued Cream. That day they asked you what your favorite color was, and you said blue, though you didn't know why they would ask that question. They took the plane they detained from you shined it up and painted it a nice blue, covering up the green of the Battle Bird Armada. They gave it better weapons and really made it look nice. You really liked it, you kept the name that you had previously given it, the Tornado II."

The older Tails started to remember now, the blue biplane which had orange stripes down the side, airplanes were definatly one of his greatest pasttimes, and though he was somewhat disappointed that he hadn't created the machine himself, he took it gladly, and would customize it. He remembered having it able to transform. It was certainly an important tool he used in the past.

"We got to know Cream's family as well." She said.

"There wasn't much of one if I recall." The fox blurted out, and then realized that he started to remember a bit about the young rabbit as well, he mother's name was Vanilla and she had a pet named Cheese. It was a Chao. "Her dad..." He started to think aloud.

"His name was Peter, a pretty common rabbit name, he was part of the military, he had gone MIA, though most considered him dead. Noone had seen him, nobody knows where he is, even today we don't know." Amy looked down. "As a gesture to him you guys named--" She cut herself off.

"Named what?" Miles asked as the door opened.

"Oh you got it open? We should go in." She said changing the subject. With which the fox gave a nod, and started to walk in with her following. "Well, they let you go on vacation after a few months, though as what seems to happen whenever you or Sonic are around, trouble seemed to follow. Some of my past friends, yourself, and I were down by the beach in the Green Hill zone, not too far from a red bridge that was used to as the main road leaving Mobotropolis. Of course while we were there, it came under attack. The commotion easily caught our attention and you went off to investigate, I followed of course."


As he ran up the bridge vehicle lined the sides of the street, some sat silent while other honked their horns in impatience as this giant contraption blocked both sides of the roadway. Tails flew up and landed in the center of the stopped traffic to look out and see the round tank-like vehicle that was causing all of the ruckus. What was that thing? He thought to himself.

A laugh echoed out of a voice amplification device onto the confused motorists. "My... My, such rudeness to the genius who will one day be your leader." It goffed as a long hammer popped out of a hatch in the back. "Since you hate me so much for delaying you a bit, I guess I will have to just make it so that you won't go anywhere." The large devise swung down crashing into the concrete of the bridge. Tails held his ears as the loud cracking and squealing of the metal railings at the twisting from the force was almost unbearable. Chunks of the roadway crashed into the water below and the bridge was now missing a center portion, making the architecture useless for its intended purpose.

With that the fox flew ahead, uncertain but he needed to help all he could. As his eyes got in a distance where he could see in the cockpit he stopped in his tracks. A mustached man, wearing round glasses, his round figure matched that of the contraption he rode. A grin on his face as he looked out at the aggitated citizens who now knew they weren't going anywhere. Tails's head spun. Robotnik? It couldn't be... how could he be here?

As the sirens started to come into focus, it was obvious that the sky patrol had heard of this incident and were on their way. With that the fat vandel made his leave. "I, Dr. Eggman, will be the future ruler of your miserable little city." He called out as he lifted off and jet away with surprising speed and a deep resounding laugh.

Tails blinked as the contraption flew away. "Dr... Eggman?" He asked, trying to not laugh to himself at that weird name.


"Little did we know that would be far from the last time we'd see the doctor." Amy said as she stopped. The room had started to look similar to the one the older fox recalled waking up in. Dark green consoles lining the walls, however they appeared to lack any power, though it did make the room eerily silent.

"Please continue Amy..." The fox said as he looked about the room, he felt a familiar presence here, he couldn't place his finger on it though. But the silence was making him uneasy, and he'd rather hear anything then the silence.

"Well... obviously your vacation was cut short, and you were specially chosen to penetrate his secret base. However, Eggman wanted the Sky Patrol to investigate and concentrate on his base, while he went to a celebration being held in Mobotropolis. Apparently the royalty had recieved a special Gem and they were going to show it off... like royality does. Of course, at the time I didn't know it, but it was more then just a gem... it was a---"

"Chaos Emerald." The fox finished.

"You remember?" She asked.

"No, right there..." He pointed as a green glow sparkled out of a counter nearby, shining so bright you could almost hear it, like that corny ringing sound that bright things do in cartoons. It seemed to be in a hole that was made for it. Looking around, it seemed the the gem powered the whole facility. There was alot of security systems in place... they were deactivated of course, not only that but there were large implements that looked like they would have carried energy from the panel the emerald was placed in to the other machines about the room, and through the walls off to a distant nowhere. It was clear that this room was designed to utilitze the emerald's power. And lucky for them Nicole didn't have control of that power for long, if she had all this power to her systems who knew how much longer they would have been able to hold out.

Amy spoke as they walked up to the counter. "Lets get it and get out of here."

The fox gave a nod as he stepped up to the counter, staring toward the glow. He felt something crawl up the back of his neck as he felt they weren't alone. And as his hand touched the gem he felt a sudden blow to his side, and heard Amy scream.