Ok this is my first EVER Indiana Jones fanfic so don't ball at me if I mess up ok.

Crys Johnson (A.K.A Crissy.J ) is a slightly gothic kid, she may seem like another street kid who's idea of a fight is one has a knife and the other's helpless, but she 'aint no city slicker. One night she's watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and suddenly finds herself slap bang in the middle of her own adventure, with Indy, Short "Shorty" Round and her new 'pet' Mountain Lion-cub, Kumi. Little does she know that she is the only one who can use a special pendant, but it will curse anyone else who will steel it. What happens when Indy gets cursed? Will Crys get home? Does she want to go home?…

P.S: Crys is a girl who lives in Newcastle (in England). And I hardly know any Ninjitsu ok.

(Crys' P.O.V)

It was a slow and lazy summers day. I was board, board, board. It was only the beginning of the second out of 6 whole weeks, and already I had done EVERYTHING, I had even finished my summer challenges. In my high school we get 2 projects from different subjects, 2 for science, 2 for PE (physical education), 2 for history and 2 for Literacy.

I was about to get undressed, put some P.J's on and chill on my bed, when my mobile started to ring. I answered.

"Hey, hey! Crissy.J." It was my big crush, Kirin. He was so cute, he had glass-green eyes and black hair. He wasn't Mr. Popular in the whole school, but he was always begged by pretty girls, from our year, to go out with them, but he never said yes. In case your wandering, all my friends on the street know me as Crissy.J. I don't tell anyone about my street life, to everyone else in school, I'm a quiet science geek with a knack for dance, drama and gymnastics. On the street, I'm a fightin' girl, totally cool, sk8er girl with some serious ass kickin' Ninjitsu moves.

"'Sup Kira?" EVERYONE on the street has nicknames taken from there real names.

"Well, there playin' a load of old Indiana Jones films at the movies. You wanna' come?"

"No thanks. There are many chores to do, even though I don't need to do them."

"They've got the Temple of Doom." I pretended to think haed about it,

"…Let me think… um… YEA!"

"Great. Afterward we can go for pizza. Meet you there at 9:00 PM… You don't have an early night tonight do you?"

"Na'. Mum's not ganna' be in 'till like 4:00 AM so no."

"See ya."


GOT IT. It wasn't exactly a big date, but it was kind of a date, and tonight I could ask him out as maybe more than a friend. He had to use the Temple of Doom trick on me, so it was obvious he asked me for a reason.


(On the way out of the cinema)

"I had a real, great time." I smiled at Kirin.

"Yea, me to. Sorry, well need to skip pizza, I've gatta' get home. Mum's doin' night shifts so I gatta babysit my sister." He waved good by.

I realised I had to tell him how I felt, so I ran after him.

"Kirin…" I was cut of. Just as I walked through the door, I was zapped by blue lightning like something out of Back to the Future.


I found myself laying on the floor of a cabin in some kind of ship. My head was resting on a rolled up piece of cloth. When I could eventually see, I saw a Chinese boy (NOT being raciest), around my age looking curiously at me.

"You ok?" He asked as he realised that I was properly awake.

"Yea I think." I sat up to take a proper look at were I was, but I felt so weak I just fell back to the ground, but I couldn't remember why.

"Don't try to move." Came a familiar voice, "You were in a very bad mine accident. Can you remember your name?"

"Crissy… Crissy.J, well that's what everyone calls me."

"Ok do you remember what happened? Or how you managed to just appear not long before the mine collapse?"

"No, not really."

"You'll be ok, you just need to rest and you'll be fine."

I looked at him, and sure enough, it was him. The man himself.

"Indiana Jones!"

"That's me. And this is Shorty." he pointed to the boy. "And Will, my girlfriend, is busy driving the ship." He said, pointing to the closed door behind him.

Just then there came a scream and the ship started to rock like MAD.

"Indy, there are sharks! They'r trying to eat there way through the ship."

Ok, now I'm in trouble…