I actually updated. I'm sure you can't believe it either. Excuse the change of pen-name, but I felt it was necessary – a lot has changed in the space of a year (or more).

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-Minabelle (listenserendipity)

It is common knowledge that fire cannot thrive without air, and similarly, the earth cannot grow without the air's abundance of nitrogen and oxygen ensuring the lush greenery remains just that.

"There's no need for words..."

Fire licks and bursts with energy upon contact with air, trying to drink in every last drop it can. Air wraps itself around the dancing flame, feeding it with cooling influence, all the while knowing inwardly that it is the catalyst for the explosion that both know will come.

Tentative touches and gentle caresses soon turned into something more mature, dare we say, more sinister? Trunks couldn't believe this was happening again, couldn't believe that once again, the embodiment of air, Son Pan was submitting to his advances and actually seemed to relish them. He stopped his mission to bring her to heights of pleasure that one couldn't dream of finding throughout the universe to look down at the girl pinned beneath his strong, Saiya-jin physique.

Her hair was splayed about her, the inches of thick, midnight ribbons teasing his hands with a softness that could only be attained through a Human and Saiya-jin hybrid. Her dark eyes were gently closed, her long lashes fluttering every so often as she tried to regulate her breathing through cherry red lips. Her cheeks were flushed, the healing wound below her eyebrow actually adding to her beauty, her character.

Pan opened her eyes to look quizzically at the Saiya-jin above her, but before any coherent thought could be formed, he leant back down, once again assaulting her lips with his own. His hands removed themselves from the tangled mess of her hair to cup themselves behind her back, intricately tracing patterns along the curve of her spine. Her back arched at the warmth emitted from his fingertips; the tingle of electricity working its way through every nerve, from the base of her skull down to the tips of her toes.

She felt the straps of her tank working their way down her arms, the cool breeze floating through the window making her shudder involuntarily, the tiny hairs on her arms standing on end, her nipples hardening instinctively from the fresh chill.

A murmur echoed throughout the room, a low rumble of appreciation coming from the Prince above her. Trunks was drinking it all in, both visually and mentally. He was under no illusions that this may be the last chance he ever would get to prove to the travelling girl beneath him that in fact, she could not continue without his touch, his presence... Perhaps more...? His mind was racing in the same way in which his breathing had deepened. Longer, louder, harder. Each breath he took brought him more of the fresh scent of warm rain, coupled with the young wind whipping about them from the open window.

A pile of cloth built up beside the bed, until both we entwined in the most natural way possible. Hands explored, grabbing, pulling, squeezing. A cacophony of moans, breathy groans and yelps of pleasure echoed around the four walls. Both were entranced with the other, neither quite believing the drastic change in both over what was in the grand tapestry of life, a very short time. More womanly, more manly... although Trunks couldn't help but hold in a gasp at the numerous scars littering Pan's body. Pushing thoughts he'd rather not have to the side, he broke away from her swollen, rouge lips and lowered his head to her chest, littering the heaving mounds with feather light kisses at first, before nipping, sucking and moaning his pleasure so that it rumbled through her chest.

Pan's hips bucked, striving to obtain the closeness she so desired from Trunks, her hands reaching around and wrapping themselves in the violet strands of hair framing his chiselled jaw line. Her ki flared around her, sparkling and snapping with royal blue energy, illuminating the room and casting shadows detailing the exotic dance she was partaking in. The energy smacking against Trunks was almost too much for him to bear. He growled, showing his teeth, pressing his face into the cavity between her breasts, struggling to maintain his composure. If she were able to look him in the eye, flickers of teal green would be evident, his aura starting to swirl around them both. He couldn't lose control now...

A feral noise spilled from his mouth, emitting a gasp from the dark haired girl, as she found herself flipped over with the type of force only their heritage would allow. She was dragged on to all four and squealed as she felt herself filled. Trunks stopped, trying fruitlessly to regain his composure, as the two one-time lovers found themselves bound into one once more.

Some say that fire has a unique dance, a rhythm like no other, an intensity that can only burn out of its own accord.

Some say that air is the perfect catalyst, ensuring that a flame is fed and would never burn out.

If one was to be watching from the gardens below, the burst of blue and yellow, combining to cast a royal green shadow oozing from the room, the light show would be nothing more than a beauteous spectacle, not too dissimilar to a firework display. A spectacle to which one could 'ooh' and 'aah', whilst wondering how it is possible for something so wondrous to grace their sight.

However, like fireworks, for some, the light show burned out far too soon.

Pan felt her body tingle, then tremble as her legs gave way beneath her and the guttural raw of a satisfied Saiya-jin male filled her ears. She crashed down on to the mattress, feeling the man above her follow suit, his head coming to rest between her shoulder blades. From the corner of her eye she spied not a smooth strand of violet hair, but instead the coarse radiance of the golden locks of a Super Saiya-jin. A thin layer of sweat coated both their bodies, glistening again the soft yellow glow emitted from Trunks. His breathing was deep, satisfied... even feral. She felt his arms wind their way around her stomach, pulling her closer (if it were even possible) to his form.

She waited patiently, sure of the onslaught of post-coital conversation that she expected from Trunks, but instead was met with slowed breathing and the gentle purring rumbling from his chest as sleep claimed him, yellow fading into purple and the grip around her middle relaxing. A sigh of relief wound its way from between her lips as she moved him cautiously in order to slip out of the bed and tiptoe over to the bathroom to freshen up and sit in cool, silent contemplation for a while.

Was this what she wanted to happen? After the event had taken place, she wasn't so sure. When the cool air of night turned into the warmth of morning and when luminous orange pierces the navy canopy, she was certain that whatever mindset possessed her to act in such a manner not too long ago would dissipate along with the stars at dawn.