Chapter 1

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Ten years had passed. Ten years! Sometimes Jareth wondered where the time had gone, while at other times he remembered every second since Sarah had left his life and kingdom forever...or so he thought.

Initially there had been no repercussions for him being defeated by the fifteen year old girl at his own game but after a period of two years The Powers had decided that he could not go unpunished. It was an accepted law that The Goblin King never lost, never. And yet he had. To a mortal girl! It was deemed unacceptable.

The Powers were the only people, if you could call them people, who had any authority over Jareth. They were mysterious forces of the highest authority, what they said was done and so when they decided that Jareth was to be reproached it was so. After the first four years of silence Jareth thought he had gotten away with it...that was when his magic was taken from him for four years. He spent a further year living in his own Labyrinth facing dangers untold and hardships unnumbered as Sarah had done so before (though for a much shorter time) to regain his powers.

"You can't be serious" Jareth growled. "I have had my magic taken from me and been in the Labyrinth for twelve months! Is that not punishment enough?" He was seated in his throne room arguing with a shadowy figure before him. He tapped his riding crop against one of his leather boots before standing abruptly. "So what is this new torture that I am to be subjected to?"

"Jareth don't over react" cooed the shadowy figure with a chuckle "This is the last task I promise"

"What does your promise mean to me? The whole of the Goblin Kingdom could burn and all you would care about is what colour smoke to be today!"

"Now don't act all ignorant Jareth you know we pick our colours at random!" It gestured to its emerald greenness happily. "I look good in green don't you think?"

"Bloody smoke creatures."

"May I remind you to whom you are talking?" The voice became icily cold and Jareth sat back down like a sulky school child.

"Fine, fine whatever 'The almighty powers' deem is right I shall comply"

"Good. You are to leave immediately." Jareth groaned "Silence! Since it was that particular mortal Sarah who beat you it is she alone whom can redeem you." Jareth sat up straighter and glared at the creature.

"Excuse me?"

"You will go to her in animal form, not your owl one that's a little too obvious"

"How will she know it is me?"


"Bloody smoke creature"

"Do you want me to vaporise you? As I said you will be an animal. The girl in question must call you by your real name and kiss you to release the spell."


"Sit down Jareth...Throwing things isn't going to help! Watch that Goblin! Jareth I'm made of smoke it won't work...JARETH SIT THE BLOODY HELL DOWN!" Once the trembling Goblin King was seated once again and the Goblin had been brought down from the ceiling the power continued.

"You WILL do this or lose your throne and magic forever not to mention be stuck as an animal."

"This is bloody ridiculous! Do you do these things just to torment me?"

"Yes...and for fun and giggles"

"I thought the powers were supposed to be wise."

"Oh we are Jareth. The next task will heal your mind and heart. Ten years is a long time to miss somebody for."

"That doesn't mean I have to be changed into an animal! What is this? A fairytale?"

"Yes. But we are generous Jareth. There will be times when you will resume your natural form but at these particular times you are not to alert Sarah of your presence."

After a little while longer of ranting and raving the impatience to see Sarah again won over the Goblin King's anger.

"So what animal am I to become?"

"If I told you that I would have to kill you!"

"I wish!"

"Shut up. See you soon Jareth. Be a good boy and hurry back!"

Jareth had just enough time to flash The Power his middle finger before he was transported into the mortal world. It was dark, cold and raining.

Sarah Williams had changed since Jareth had last seen her all those long years ago. Now twenty five her prettiness at fifteen had transformed into real beauty and her heart of gold had been upgraded to platinum. Free of the clutches of her father and stepmother Sarah had enjoyed the freedom of college, graduated, started her books and now felt her life was complete. She lived in a reasonable sized apartment and was a successful writer. All her dreams had come true.

As she walked briskly through the icy rain sheltered by a large red umbrella she thought about the date she had just been on. It had resulted in total disaster. Never again is Julie going to set me up with one of her work friends. Markus had spent the entire evening either staring at her chest, talking about himself or ,worst of all, picking his teeth with his fingernails and belching. Sarah shuddered. When he had bent to kiss her goodnight outside the restaurant she had ducked swiftly and rushed off with a cheery wave and a promise to call him. Not a chance. Sarah thought and sighed with relief as she spotted her apartment building. Crossing the street carefully she was heading for the door when a plaintive cry reached her ears.

Jareth couldn't believe it. He was soaked through but that hardly mattered. It's her! It's her! It's Sarah! Walking down the street towards him was the conqueror of his Labyrinth. He would have recognised those green eyes anywhere though she had changed a great deal. Her long dark hair curled softly around her shoulders and her face had lost all of its puppy fat. Her white shirt, black trousers and green sweater emphasised her eyes and figure beautifully. She crossed the street cautiously. "Sarah!" Jareth called desperately running forwards.


"Hello there cutie what are you doing out here in the rain?"


"No collar, oh you poor thing are you a stray?"

Jareth looked at the bent over girl looming over him and realised that the rain had stopped. No not stopped Sarah had just sheltered his with a large umbrella. He pawed her knee desperately.

Sarah, Sarah It's me!

"Tell you what kitty why don't you stay with me for the night then we'll see about finding your owners okay?"

"Mew" God Dammit! Sarah!

Jareth yelped as he was swept of his feet and into the arms of the girl he had dreamt about for so many years. Hey at least I'm touching her chest!

Sarah carried the cat up the stairs of her apartment and fumbled with her keys and umbrella. "God only knows why I' taking in a stray cat. I barely look after myself." Jareth found himself being put down gently on a sofa. Ah warmth! Hurrah! Wait...AH! Is she trying to suffocate me with that towel?

Sarah threw a towel over the cat and rubbed it dry before placing a saucer of milk in front of it with a smile. The cat however jumped off the sofa and ran towards the full length mirror on the back of the door.

Oh Holy Shit! Thought Jareth flatly looking into the mirror. A brown tabby cat with large yellow eyes and long whiskers stared back at him. Sarah watched it bemused. What was it doing? Jareth pawed the mirror and groaned when his reflection did the same. I can't stand cats.

"Well while you're here I might as well give you a name..."

Please say Jareth please!

"What about Tom?"

Oh god no.


Jareth you deaf woman Jareth!


Hey you're getting closer!

Sarah pondered for a while before grinning and stooping down to stroke the cats head. "Ludo"

The tabby glared at her.

"Okay okay! Not Ludo!"

Jareth, just say it! Jareth!

Sarah's grin spread. "Fine I shall call you Goblin!"

Goblin? What kind of name is that for a cat?

"Wait I can't call you Goblin, that's far too much of an ugly name for a beautiful feline like you."

I've still got it! Even though I'm a cat.

"Jasper. You look like a Jasper. Nice too meet you." Sarah held out her hand smiling. Jareth put his paw in her hand and watched as her eyes widened. "Neat trick! Now amuse yourself for a while Jasper I'm a very busy woman!"

Jareth/Jasper watched as she walked over to her desk and turned on the computer. Stepping hesitantly over to the saucer he sniffed it suspiciously. I guess I'll have to get used to milk and cat food. He shuddered and lapped at the milk. How uncivilized.

Jareth padded around Sarah's apartment for a while inspecting the furnishings. Quite good taste I suppose but surely she must get lonely in such a large apartment all by herself. I wonder if she has a boyfriend, or worse a husband or fiancée! Sarah watched the cat bemused. It looked like he was reading the titles of her books on her shelves but surely that was impossible, cats can't read. Sarah shook her head, picked up the phone and dialled. She gave a start of surprise as Jasper jumped onto her lap.

Who are you calling?

"Hello Julie? It's Sarah. Just phoning to say what an absolute disaster that blind date you set me up on was." She paused and Jareth could hear the squeaking of a woman at the other end. Jareth started purring as Sarah ran her fingers lightly over his head. It sent tingles up his spine and he wished that he was in his true form.

"I don't care how rich he is Julie he was a complete ass! No I did not kiss him goodnight! He had been eating garlic all evening for God's sake... The only interesting thing about him was that he had a mole at his temple which I stared at all evening!" Jareth curled up on her legs still rumbling with purrs.

"I'm not alone actually...No Julie I don't have some secret lover. I found the sweetest stray cat outside my apartment and we've formed quite a bond. No he isn't dirty and infected with disease he's gorgeous. Hey!"

Jareth had licked her hand and meowed softly at that. Hmm I think I make a rather good cat.

"I doubt that cats can ransack apartments Julie. He's just my little companion and I fully intend to pour my heart out to him, he's strangely intelligent I swear he was reading the titles of my books earlier." She laughed at something the woman said. "Don't worry I can always go and see my old psychiatrist if it goes too far. I'm not a cat molester it will just be nice to have some company while I work."

Darling you can molest me anytime!

"My publisher has been on to me for my new manuscript so I'll be working all day tomorrow. It's late I'd better go. You too. Night." She replaced the phone and tipped the cat gently off her lap.

"At least you're not white otherwise there would be hairs everywhere!" Jareth looked up at her and winked.

"It always creep me out when cats do that" He winked again "Stop!" He stopped.

"Right time for bed Jasper old boy I think." Sarah went around her apartment turning off lights and sighing slightly as she stared at the rain before pulling the curtains. Jareth sat on the sofa in the darkness for a while before slinking into her bedroom. She was wearing pyjama pants, a strappy top and was crouched before her bookshelf. She glanced up as he crept silently through the door.

"You're getting quite attached to me I think kitty cat. So what shall I read?" Jareth observed the books on the shelf and pawed at a small red book. 'The Labyrinth'. Perfect. What better way to make her think of me.

Sarah picked the book up and inspected the cover thoughtfully. "How strange..." she murmured "I haven't read or thought about this for...years I suppose" Jareth nudged her arm "Well I suppose I can tell you Jasper you won't think I'm insane" She picked up the cat and the book and climbed into bed.

Score! I'm in Sarah William's bed. How ironic...

"When I was fifteen and Toby was just a baby I made a stupid wish. I wished that he would be taken away by the king of the Goblins and he was. Of course it could have been my imagination like my father and Karen said it was but..." Jareth prodded her arm with a paw. "I swear it was real..." She was silent for a long, long time. Jareth felt himself getting sleepy but forced his eyes open and purred softly. She snapped out of whatever trance she was in and looked down at the cat. "To be honest Jasper I had a bit of a crush on the Goblin's King. Nut don't tell him kay?"

Jareth mewled softly and snuggled up next to her as she clicked off the light. He could feel the heat radiating from her body and felt the frustration of not being able to show whom he truly was well up inside of him. No matter how long I call or how loud I speak you'll never hear me. He glanced up at her and felt his heart soften as he looked into her sleeping face.

Sarah opened her eyes sleepily and shivered. She was cold, the warming presence of the feline beside her had disappeared. Moonlight fell through the window and lit her bed. Moonlight? I'm sure I shut the curtains. Rolling over she felt her breath catch in her chest at the vision before her sleepy eyes.

Platinum hair glinted silver in the soft moonlight. Jareth, King of the goblins was sitting on her window seat staring up at the large full moon, his long legs stretched out along the long seat and his black cloak draped over him. His shaggy mane shifted slightly as he turned to look at her. His mismatched eyes met her startled green ones and he smiled softly. Sarah felt her heart ache with longing yet he was so far away. The distance between her bed and the window seat seemed like a distance between worlds. Jareth lifted one gloved finger to his lips and silently told her to stay quiet. She did so, content with watching his every movement.

He was dressed completely in black like a cat burglar and Sarah couldn't seem to take her eyes off him. He stood swiftly and with a feline grace before closing the gap between them. Even through the dream like haze of sleep Sarah felt her heart rate double in speed and her skin tingle all over. He pressed his lips softly against hers in a quick kiss filled with longing and unsaid words, his hair tickled her cheeks lightly before he pulled back and one again smiled softly.

Her eyelids drooped against her will and Sarah returned to unconsciousness.

Jareth watched her sleep a little while longer before sighing heavily and returning to the window seat. He had been informed by a visiting Power that he would return to himself only at thirteen o'clock (one in the morning). He was not to wake Sarah and if Sarah woke up he was not to talk to her.

Someday, we'll be together love. He thought as he watched the sun struggle through the sky and stream through the window. In a flash he had once again become the tabby. Someday, someday soon. If only my voice can reach you.

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