Chapter 3

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Sarah awoke in a strange bed. With a gasp she struggled into a sitting position and clamped a hand to her throbbing head. Holy shit! Either I drank a truly stupendous amount or someone's been banging my head against the floor... She took in her surroundings and frowned wondering where she was. Wherever it was it was certainly amazing. The room was richly furnished like a princess's chambers. Sarah's brow furrowed as she tried to work out how she had come to be in such a place.

Not so long ago

"Jareth" Sarah whispered looking down at the blonde whose head she cradled in her lap. "You can't be..." Her heart wrenched in agony and sobs wracked her entire body as she leant down to kiss him lightly on the lips.

"Jareth" she moaned holding him tightly defying anyone to try and take the man from her arms. "Jareth..."

Her head pounded and the room swam before her eyes. At the edge of her vision she saw a smoky figure emerge from the shadows. "Sarah" it whispered softly. "You have to let him go"

"Never" she cried clutching the Goblin King's unconscious form to her and glaring at the figure through her tears "I don't know who you are but I'll die before you take him from me."

The figure simply shook his head sadly and knelt beside her. "Sarah..."


The tears slid down Sarah's face feeling as if they were scorching her, she brushed them away fiercely her mind whirling. She blinked several times but the fog in front of her eyes would not clear. Sarah Williams fell into darkness.

Back to Sarah

Jareth! Ignoring the frantic thump thumping behind her eyes she swung herself out of bed and hurriedly pulled on the boots and flowing navy dress that lay across a chair not stopping to admire neither the rich fabric nor the elegant way it accentuated her curves and clung to her tiny waste.

Throwing open the door she hurried down the passageway stumbling as darkness momentarily clouded her vision.

"Miss? Miss! You should be resting you're not well!" A goblin scurried towards her.

"I'm fine! Where is he?"

"Where is who Miss?"

"Jareth, The Goblin King, where is he?"

"He lies in his chambers but...Miss! Miss! Not that way Missy down there!"

Sarah spun around clutching to the wall for support and headed down the indicated passage.

"Thank you!" she called as an afterthought yet the Goblin had disappeared.

Time seemed to slow down as Sarah raced along, her hair flying behind her and her heart pounding against her chest. Finally she spotted a door at last. Skidding to a halt Sarah stared at the dark wood and slowly gripped the handle. Jareth...

The door swung open without a sound. The curtains were partly drawn allowing a shard of sunlight to fall on the figure in the bed. Silvery hair spread across the pillows, sharp features relaxed, Jareth looked more asleep than anything. Sarah stepped forwards, feeling as if she was in a dream, towards the bed. A clock chimed making her jump and clasp a hand to her head. The pain hardly bothered her now, moving swiftly to Jareth's side Sarah leant over him and studied his face.

Neither a bruise, nor scratch ruined his perfect beauty. Brushing a strand of hair away from his pale face Sarah shuddered at how cool he was to the touch he was. So cold...

She stayed like that, frozen in time, for what felt like forever. She returned to times past remembering how he had taunted her in the Labyrinth, how she had rejected him, to when he had come to her during the night, defended her against Seb and finally how he had lain unmoving in her arms.

It's a crystal, nothing more. But if you turn it this way, and look into it will show you your dreams. Do you want it?

A tear slid unbidden down her cheek.

How are you enjoying my Labyrinth?

She brushed her fingers ever so lightly down his cheek, eyes full of anguish.

Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.

Leaning in she placed a farewell kiss on his cool cheek, holding back the flood of tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

It's only forever...not long at all.

She straightened and turned from the bed running a hand through her long dark curls, her thoughts in a jumble. How could this have happened? She sighed deeply and stepped towards the door.

Arms enfolded her from behind and she felt herself pulled against a firm chest.

"Precious thing, what are you doing?"

"Goblin King?" Sarah stammered cautiously touching the gloved hand resting on her collarbone.

"Who else my love?"

He spun her around and she found herself gazing up into to his miss-matched eyes, breathing in his scent and feeling his arms around her.

"Sarah" he purred softly "Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I thought you were dead!"

"Dead?" confusion crossed his face for an instant but the next moment he laughed. Sarah couldn't help but smile with him though she was puzzled. Jareth smiling, really smiling was something she had never seen before and now that she had she could have sworn that at that moment there was nothing on earth more beautiful. "My darling it would take a little more than that oaf to kill me, even if I was a cat."

"But you were so cold"

He raised an eyebrow at her still smiling "Forgive me if I am mistaken but it sounds rather like you were worried about me."

She sighed deeply and looked at the floor. "Of course I was worried Jareth. You were dead for god's sake!"

Placing a gloved finger under her chin he tipped her face upwards until they were once more locking eyes. "Say that again"

Sarah felt her heart pounding. Surely he could hear it. "Say what?" her voice trembled slightly.

"My name Sarah, I've never heard you say it."

"Well...Um...Jareth...I don't see why it's so imp..."

He efficiently cut off her words with a kiss. Pulling her closer by the waist he ran a gloved hand through her hair which was surprisingly untangled after she had been sleeping for so long. Sarah found their bodies pressed together and moaned quietly, Jareth took the opportunity and lightly slipped his tongue into her open mouth. His hand found a particularly tender spot at the back of her head and she flinched as pain shot through her scalp. Jareth broke away instantly.

"Sarah?" he growled leaning back and holding her by the shoulders.

"I'm fine!"

"You are not, let me see your head"

Slightly disappointed at the interruption in the kissing Sarah sighed and gestured to the part of her head which hurt the most. Jareth guided her to a sofa and pulled up a chair behind her.

"You just lean back and relax" he whispered in her ear grinning as she jumped slightly. Stroking a strand of hair away from her forehead he planted a quick kiss on her temple.

"Thought you were looking at my head" Sarah smiled.

"My dear you're so distracting" he leant over and nipped her neck "fancy a job in my Labyrinth? I find I've rather lost my touch recently" He was rewarded with a dazzling smile. Pushing away her hair Jareth placed his fingers lightly against her head and closed his eyes. After a while he winced.

"Do not move an inch"


"You're moving!"


"Ssssh! It's a wonder you're even conscious not to mention so cheery!"

He bent over and looked into her eyes. "Well your pupils aren't uneven and you're not vomiting everywhere so I think you should be fine. Why are you laughing?!"

"Sorry" Sarah gasped clasping a hand over her mouth and trying to still her shaking shoulders.

"Hmm... stay still a second...Still...that means no laughing."

Eventually Sarah was still enough for Jareth to run an ungloved hand across her head. Sarah felt the pain vanish but still didn't move just in case.

"You can move now" he smiled and sat opposite her "what were you so amused at Sarah, I wouldn't think you to be the type whom has dirty thoughts. But you never know, it's always the quiet ones."

Sarah blushed and shot him a look. "Not exactly"

"Do tell I'm intrigued"

"Well...from what I can remember from first aid training at school uneven pupils is a sign of brain damage or something like that am I right?"

"Something along those lines yes...why?"

Sarah giggled "Have you looked in the mirror lately Goblin King!" Jareth tried to look stern, he really did. He even raised an eyebrow ready to give her a disapproving look but at the sight of Sarah laughing freely he couldn't help but grin. He seemed to be doing a lot of smiling today and he was pretty sure it had something to do with the mortal with sparkling green eyes and dark hair that sat before him.

"You know I've never really thought of it that way before" Jareth stood and pulled Sarah to her feet. "Now we have business to attend to." Sarah's eyes widened dramatically. "No not that Sarah" he chuckled brushing back his blonde mane "you'll have to wait I'm afraid" her cheeks flushed once more. Thinking just how adorable she looked when embarrassed Jareth leant in once more to claim her lips.

The Power appeared in the throne room whistling to himself and looking around for the Goblin King. Last night had been pretty tense for the smoky figure, when he had appeared before the weeping Sarah he had been sure that the King was dead but luckily the damage that was fatal to a cat merely knocked Jareth unconscious for a short while. Sarah had looked pretty bad though. The Power paused in it's pacing. No doubt she was severely concussed or something of the like. He shrugged and picked up one of Jareth's crystals from beside the throne. As soon as she woke up the goblin he had on watch would alert him, unless he forgot that is, goblins did tend to do that. The power attempted to twist the crystal in his fingers like Jareth did but it shattered on the floor. "Dam" he murmered "Jareth's going to be mad"

"Honestly, the number you've smashed I should think you would be able to do it by now" Jareth appeared before him holding Sarah by the hand. She looked slightly shocked to find herself suddenly in the harsh light of the throne room.

"Ah Jareth, and Sarah too. I am of course delighted to see you my lady."

She smiled as he took her hand and brought it to his lips. "Um I'm sorry but I didn't get your name"

Both The Power and Jareth looked slightly shocked. "He doesn't have a name" explained Jareth "He's just one of the Powers which rule over all etc"

"Etc?" gasped the Power "You can't explain what we do or who we are with just etc!"

"I can and did" shrugged Jareth "I think it worked rather well"

"I do actually have a name as a matter of fact!"

"You do not!"

"Do!" Sarah watched the two of them slightly bemused.

"Do not, otherwise you would have told me by now"

"You never asked"

Sarah couldn't help but smile slightly "So what is your name?"

The figure swept a low bow "Farid at your service madam"

"It's great to meet you Farid" Sarah smiled "Sorry if I was a little...well...over emotional last night but it's not every day that you see a figure forming from the shadows"

"I quite understand Sarah"

"Over emotional?" Jareth raised an eyebrow at her.

"Never mind that now Jareth" Farid waved a hand dismissing the subject "You have completed your task and as I promised before it was your last. The question is what are you going to do now?"

"Kick Hogwart out of my office!"

"Hoggle!" admonished Sarah

"Of course"

"Well best of luck to you both I'm afraid you won't be seeing me for a while. Lady Sarah I do hope to be seeing you again soon."

With a final bow he was gone. Jareth immediately swept Sarah back into an embrace.

"You know he's right, what are we going to do now?"

"What do you mean?" Sarah looked up at him with a half smile.

"Sarah you have a life aboveground, family, friends. You can't leave that. I have a life here. I can't give up the throne how can this possibly work?"

"You mean you and me?"

"Of course"

Sarah reached up and brushed his lips with hers. "It will work Goblin King" she whispered brushing a strand of hair away from his temple.


"What girl wouldn't want to live in a fairytale land with a gorgeous King? How can you think I would choose the aboveground over the Labyrinth and you?"

Smiling Jareth crushed her against him "Are you sure?"

"Of course! I love you"

"I love you too" he grinned into her neck "but if you ever give me cat food again I will punish you"

The couple disappeared in a shower of glitter, leaving Sarah's laughter to echo around the room, back to Jareth's bed chamber.


Years passed and Jareth and Sarah's love only grew more as each second passed. Sarah could be stubborn and Jareth could be cruel and they fought at least once a month but they always made up which only made them fonder of each other. Spending so much time Underground changed Sarah and she became one of the Fay, a wedding for the two caused much happiness among the inhabitants. Two years later there was cause for celebration again when Sarah gave birth to their first child. Farid was of course made God Father, a fact which Jareth was secretly delighted at. Although the two kept a public disdain for each other they eventually became friends. Sarah did pop back aboveground every so often and her friends and family met Jareth. Karen fainted when she first met him such was her delight. Jareth can now change into a cat whenever he wishes as well as an owl and once, just once, he managed to persuade Sarah to try some cat food. She was sick, he was laughing for hours. Hoggle was made Jareth's political advisor after the fabulous job he did ruling the kingdom while Jareth was away. The Goblin King actually got his name right, but only once and when no-one was around.


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