bTitle/b Dancing Around Ourselves (1/2)

"We danced all night, as the music played

The sheets got tangled in the mess we made"

(Bon Jovi – Hearts Breaking Even)

To him it was astonishingly endearing that she seemed to shiver as he ran the tip of his fingers up and down her arms, occasionaly scrapping it with his nails. Brennan let out a shuddered breath, closing her eyes when his lips, wet and warm, touched her neck, following a path down to her shoulder.

They had been nested against each other for quite some time, touching, experimenting each other with soft touches and kisses, Booth sitting on her bed and his back against the headboard, Brennan sitting between his legs, more than comfortable against him; he had wrapped his arms around her, as she lazily rested her head on his chest.

"Hey, don't you fall asleep. I'm not done kissing you," he said, touching her chin to make her raise her eyes and look at him. She was the most gorgeous thing at night, with sleepy eyes and messy hair, a smile on her face making her already rosy cheeks seem to glow. He couldn't get enough off of those soft lips of hers.

And, even though they had already been awoken for nearly 24 hours straight, he couldn't let go of her.

Even though stars didn't explode and the universe didn't seem to align in a cosmic event, or she even could say it was the best sex she'd ever had in her life, their first time was perfection.

Their first date was a ballroom dance class. Their first real date, although neither was aware of that being a date, it had all the requirements for it to be called so. It all started as an imposition Dr Sweets had put on them. Try to spend more time together in a social enviroment and do not talk about work, he told them.

Booth had remembered that she once told him how much she wanted to take dance classes, but was gawky and uncoordinated. He didn't know exactly why he had chosen such place, the countless times she had stepped on his feet were far too many for him to regret the decision.

Maybe that's why. Every time she stepped on his feet she smiled, graciously, apologetically, somewhat embarassed, a glint in her eyes. And every time he made her spin she would laugh out loud, beautifully, as only Brennan could do. The sheer glee on her face was worthy the probable soreness he was going to endure the next day.

And that beautiful skirt she was wearing. Knee-length, polka dot, matching the red high-heeled shoes and wavy hair in a ponytail, looking young and laid-back, flushed and slightly sweaty for the efforts on the dancefloor.

They tried to follow the instructor's leads, but more than often he caught himself staring back at her, strands of unruly hair falling against her cheeks, as she looked down at her own feet, to make sure she was doing it right. He was smitten.

"Booth, this is such a silly idea, we'd better give it up completely," she suggested, when the dance instructor announced that from now on they would practice some mambo steps.

"What? No way, Bones, this will be fun!" he said, grinning. Like hell he'd ever miss a chance of seeing Brennan shaking her hips to some mambo moves.

"This is going to be a total disaster," she said.

Booth laughed out loud, as the instructor started doing the first steps and she followed them, awkwardly. He did the same, realizing he wasn't doing much better than she was.

He looked down at her, feet moving the the rhythm of the song, eyes focused on following the steps. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one.

Booth held her hand in his, noticing it was slightly moist from sweat, taking her lead. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. And then their feet seemed to find their own pace. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. Quick quick slow, quick quick slow, quick quick slow. She stepped on his feet again.



Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. She dared removing her eyes from her feet and looked up at him, who was half-grinning in her direction. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. In fact, he was finding it all way too amusing, she thought.

"What?" she asked, accidentaly stepping on his foot, yet again.

"Geez, Bones! Ouch!"


Two three four, hold one, then two three four, hold one.

Right foot back, left foot replace

and right foot to the side

left foot foward

right foot replace

left foot to the side

And all of a sudden she seemed to be getting the hang of it. She was a beautiful sight, Booth thought, smiling broadly, following her lead. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. This was getting easier by the minute, if she would only avoid stepping on his foot.

Rocking hips, replace foot, side, rocking back, replace, side, rocking foward, replace and side. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. Everything altogether now, it was getting harder. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. She didn't step on his feet this time. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. Focus on the steps, Booth, or she might realize you've been staring at her this whole time. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. Yes, dancing with Bones was a nice thing to do, she's not as bad as she said she was.


"I'm so sorry, Booth!"

Dancing with Bones was very nice, when she wasn't stepping on his feet, he thought, grimacing. What the hell were these shoes made of, steel? She couldn't weigh that much, she's too thin. Booth felt like spinning her in a wild dance move, but he would't trust his ability now. Not when she was rocking her hips and griping his hand in hers, leading him and staring at his face, letting out a pleased laughter when she realized she could do it without glancing down at her feet anymore. Two three four, hold one, two three four, hold one. Booth felt as if his heart, instead of his feet, was skipping a beat now.

The thick and humid breeze from an early summer night enveloped them as they left the building. Booth felt alive, excited, happy for the lively activity they've just performed. Much better than bowling or ceramic classes, anyway.

Booth led her towards his car, as she talked cheerfully.

"I don't think I've had fun like this in years! That was awesome, Booth, I'm seriously thinking about enrolling in this class from now on."

He chuckled loudly, captivated by her energy.

"I'm serious! And why don't we do this together? Dr Sweets would encourage us when he knows we've found an activity that is not related to work."

"I don't know, Bones. My feet are hurting because of your stepping on them all night long with those heels. I don't think I can go through all that again."

"I told you I'm not a good dancer," she said, shyly.

"Not a good dancer? Ha! That's the understatement of the year! I couldn't think of anything that you'd do badly, Bones, but dancing? You suck!"

They stepped into the car and Booth drove off to her apartment, while they continued their conversation, cheerfully.

"Hence the dancing classes. And it wasn't all that bad. I mean, I can slow dance."

"Everybody can slow dance"

"Well, but I can slow dance very well. As long as my partner allows me to lead, of course."

Booth laughed out loud again, glancing at her. The streetlights as they drove by borrowed her a silver glow that suited her; in fact, as Booth was starting to realize, there wasn't a moment where he looked at Brennan and didn't think she was drop-dead gorgeous. But at this very moment, as she untucked her hair from the messy ponytail and shook it loose, leaving them wavy and beautiful, he found trouble breathing.

The ride to her place was quick and he followed her to her doorstep.

"Would you like some coffee?" she asked, slightly breathless.

"Coffee? Bones, come on! It's Saturday night, let's have a beer!"

Brennan smiled sweetly at him and rolled her eyes.

"Ok. Would you like a beer?"

"I'd love that."

He smiled broadly and followed her inside the apartment.