Author: lj user"gargyloveswolfy"

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Terminator (movie-verse) and The Sarah Connor Chronicles do not belong to me. But, the liberties and story are mine.

Subject: What if...

A/N: You may not like this, but it's just something that popped into my wee ole' head.

The dream...the revelation...the stone-cold truth...the facts she couldn't ignore. It was John that brought Sky net alive, John's mere existence that brought the death and destruction of the world's humanity, and if John was to never exist than Sky net, the terminators, the nuclear bombs that would kill most of the world's population with it's sheer force and/or radiation poisoning.

She had awoken time and time again to this one particular inescapable knowledge, she'd go to sleep with it, and she was haunted with it for weeks/months on end. How could she wipe out the mere existence of her one and only child, the future's saviour of humanity?

It tore at her very soul when she had Cameron build her that gate back to just before the shit hit the fan. It was simple really, just before Reese turned the corner to 'stalk' her past self, she crept up on him and slit his throat with a machete she had taking out a display on a deserted street's army surplus store , than something kind of wonderfully horrific happened. She fell to her knees and started to weep-naked as the day she was born. Cameron was there, kneeled next to her-just behind her, and held her...just as naked.

Her past-self had to die, also. It was the one that traveled from 2008 that was left, with the memories and grieve of a son that was never born. The haunting waking-visions of the past fifteen years...both awake and the nightmares, remained.

When she came to her senses after having fallen asleep due to exhaustion. She found herself in a very familiar motel room, with Cameron looking down upon her. Sarah sat up and found blood puddle on the floor, followed the dripping up to Cameron's arm...Sarah sprang from the bed, grabbing a wash cloth and wetting it. She pressed down on the pressed down on the wound, panicked she looked around, and recognized the place/the bed. It was where John should've been conceived.

Her mind was fully awake now, she realized the situation as her eyes fell upon clothes that sat on the night stand next to the bed. She compressed the wash cloth on Cameron's forearm and got dressed just in time to hear the sirens. Cameron past out just before the paramedics busted through the doors. They started to treat Cameron before Sarah thought to not let them find out that the girl was not human...and then, she ran to the bathroom and threw-up after seeing human skin and bone that showed through the all too human blood of Cameron's forearm.

The End