Title: Learning to live again!! (Part 2)

Author: lj user"gargyloveswolfy"

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Terminator (movie-verse 1984) and The Sarah Connor Chronicles do not belong to me. But, the liberties and story are mine.

Subject: What if...

A/N: You may not like this, but it's just something that popped into my wee ole' head. A continuation of a href"community./sarahcameron/43014.html#cutid1"Destiny Bites/a and a href"community./sarahcameron/43875.html#cutid1"Part 1/a of BLearning to Live Again/B; maybe multi-chaptered, maybe a series of stand-alone/one-shots.

A/N-2: Sorry it's been so long, I've had a long period of anxiety/GERD troubles, I wasn't even able to get online, much less on the computer itself.

lj-cut text"Part 2"

After finishing a double-shift and counting her surprisingly good tips, Sarah made her way to the hospital on her mo-pede that she had earlier retrieved from outside the bar she was in 15 years ago, after finding a spare set of keys she had on top of her chest of drawers in her bedroom after showering for the day. Cameron had still been out like a light all day and Sarah sat down next to her in her room, in a very uncomfortable chair. Sarah held Cameron's hand for awhile and eventually drifted off to sleep herself, at such the late hour of 8 at night.

All the dreams she ever had over the past 15 years of her life, transpired in reverse sequence, in a manner that undid any horror they had in them, but a new dream that Sarah had never experienced before happened. A perverse dream of sorts, since she had never thought about it, but she was focused in on Cameron's Metal Skeleton hovering over her, blue eyes shinning down into her own, that damnable eerie smile on the metal-plated head that all of them had. Except, the hand that should've been crushing her throat, wind-pipes, was cradling her head, while from what Sarah could see, the other arm was pistoning in a manner that could mean one thing...Sarah was struggling, but her own skin was coming up and off her and twisting around, in and out, of the metal skeleton...and in a slow-motion she saw as metal became bone, and muscle was forming, skin growing, and the Cameron she recognized came to be. Before she could move in her dream again, Sarah was awakened by the harsh morning light gleaming into the room at the early morning hour of 8, blinking into clarity, she saw Cameron watching her.

Sarah groggily had to go into the bathroom to relieve herself, but when she came out and washed her hands and splashed some water on her face...raising up that's when Sarah saw herself in the mirror, standing there in horror; Sarah ran her fingers over her face and neck feeling it as if touching to remember and to believe. Cameron was a flesh-n-blood human young woman and Sarah, herself, had reverted back to 21-years of age again, within a 12-hour period of sleep.

To be continued...