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Neku stared aimlessly out at his hometown of Shibuya. Nothing had changed while he had been in the UG." Nothing has changed, not even the conversations people have with each other." The kids still loved Tin Pin. Women still fantasized over the Prince. Trends were still changing rapidly.

But he was wrong. Something had changed. He'd changed. The time he spent in the UG hadn't changed the RG at all.

It'd changed him.

At first, he had always seen Shibuya as a place full of worthless people who were just obstacles placed in his life for no reason. No reason other than to die eventually. That he'd be better off without them.

Then Neku had met Shiki, Beat, Rhyme and…. Him.

Neku felt himself stiffen and punch the wall, making a couple people look at him warily like he was prone to flipping out. Not that he cared. His mind was occupied on him.


"That bastard." He hissed quietly.

Joshua was his partner from the second time he played The Game to give himself and Shiki a second chance. At first, the twerp had been even more annoying than when he'd first met Shiki. That quickly changed though. "I thought he and I could relate to each other. I though I had a friend I could relate to…" He bit his lip and glared at the ground. "He USED me, that bastard." Neku hissed cursing words at Joshua's name as he continued to Tipsy Tose Hall. Someone ran around the corner and into him, but ran off without an 'excuse me' or anything.

"Watch where you're going!" Neku yelled. This idiot should walk right into heavy traffic. Doesn't even freaking apologize. But then he shook his head. It was moments like that that made little pieces of what he used to think about everyone else bubble to the surface before they sank back down. He of all people should know that life was incredibly valuable.

And yet he toyed with mine.

His mind; his life; his memories; his beliefs….. His emotions.

It enraged Neku even further.

As much of a snot Joshua had been at first…. Just a little bit of him grew sort of attached to Joshua. And then he found out Joshua had used him.

And then a little bit of him died on the inside.

Joshua had betrayed his trust. He'd betrayed his friendship. He'd lied to him. Used him; Taunted him; Teased him like a friend would; Watched his back when Taboo Noise snuck up on him; Had a couple of bowls of ramen with him. Sometimes Neku found himself wishing he was still in the second time he played The Game (1), but then he'd realize that he'd still be dead, Rhyme still would be a pin, and Beat still would have been a reaper if it went that way.

But something stopped Neku's musings as he reached the Udagawa Back Streets from Shibi-Q Heads. He could have sworn someone was following him.

He still went there. To the place where he'd died…. To Hanekoma's graffiti. Where Joshua had shot him.

Call him someone asking for unwanted trips down memory lane, but that spot was still one of his favorite places to go after school. Somewhere he could just be alone and think.

Neku sighed and leaned against the image of the black cat in the red sweater and pulled his headphones from resting around his neck to cover his ears.

He needed some time to not listen to anyone for a while. He just wanted to relax.

Listen to some music and people watch. That was a nice relaxing afternoon.

It'd be better if all the people here weren't Wild Boar skater freaks.

Everyone around here always wore these stupid full body outfits like they wanted to be painters or something when they grew up. Skateboarding Painters.

Neku could help but laugh at the image of Beat skateboarding with a paintbrush in his hand, signature 'face of disbelief' plastered as his expression. He'd have to tell them all about that one later.

Neku turned up the volume a couple notches when a group of teenage girls walked by literally fangirling over either 777 or the Prince. Aaaaaas usual. Some things, no matter how creepy, would never change.

It was moments like this that Neku was glad he wasn't famous. It wasn't worth the stalkers.

Oh Hey, Lucky Star was playing now. How ironic. Regardless, Def Märch actually was a decent band to say the least.


"What the?..." Neku paused his music to see if anyone was talking to him. No one was next to him on either side. His imagination?

Or a want to hear him.

As much as Neku hated to admit it, he wanted to see Joshua again. He wanted to be friends with him. He wanted to forget that Joshua had killed him, that Joshua used him all for a stupid game.


Neku stared straight ahead; past the crowds of skateboard toting Wild Boar freaks and tote bag carrying Natural Puppy lovers. He didn't see then. All he saw was that smirk.

That stupid smirk of HIS.

"… Joshua?"

That smirk turned into a full smile before Joshua turned, hands stuffed into his pockets as usual, and sauntering down the street.

So he's just leaving?! He calls out to him a just leaves? With Joshua, Neku never really understood what he was trying to get at. Joshua always hinted at things and left out little, but important details, or just answered cryptically to leave him in the dark. But did he have to ACT like that too?

Joshua wasn't leaving THAT easily. "Joshua! Joshua, WAIT!"

The more Neku ran after Joshua, the more he thought he was getting g closer to Joshua, only to realize that the other had in fact somehow ventured further away. Still Neku followed him; around corners; through crowds. He ran until he felt like his legs would give out.

But he lost him. He lost him at the scramble crossing.

"…. Of all the goddamned places…"

The Scramble was honestly one of the last places Neku liked to go to nowadays. After four weeks of having to wake up in the middle of a crosswalk, you start to become turned off to a place.

"Dammit…" He cursed under his breath. Joshua always DID love screwing with people.

Rather not standing in the place where he had to wake up in for four weeks, Neku discontinued his search for someone who was probably not him anyways and continued to Hachiko.

'I met Shiki here.' He thought. '….. I met him here too…' he grumbled and leaned against the statue. "You don't mind do you, Hachiko?"

"Hee hee. Unfortunately I don't think that this will be one friend that'll converse with you, Neku."

With a quick snap, Neku turned his head to the right. Who other than Joshua himself had knelt down next to him and had just the smallest smile to his face.

"… Joshua."

"The one and only, my dear partner." Joshua's comment only further widened that smile on his face. Could Neku really be blamed for feeling the need to punch that smirk off of Joshua's face?

When Neku removed his hand, Joshua clutched his nose. "OUCH. I'm bleeding you jerk!"

"I'm the jerk?! Oh you're killing me AGAIN, Josh." Neku laughed humorlessly.

"Oh gee, Neku, I'm so sorry that I killed you and made you play a game I was sure you'd win. In fact that very same game rewards the winner with their life back-- wow, you really know how to clock someone, Neku, It won't stop bleeding-- but you're alive now so what the hell's your problem?" The composer argued back as he tried to stop the flow of blood from his nose from dripping onto his shirt.

Neku grabbed the smaller boy by the shirt and shook him. "It's not. Only. THAT; you prissy little snot. It's NOT. ONLY. THAT."

Joshua looked insulted and absolutely confused. "What else was there then?" Joshua looked down when Neku's grip tightened shakily. Neku looked him in the eye and Joshua looked even more shocked. it may have been the blood on the other boy's face that marred that flawless, pretty ivory skin, but Neku couldn't recall Joshua even having a look like that.

"I thought you were my FRIEND. And you just plain USED ME. You don't feel any little bit of remorse for royally screwing with my feelings, do you?" it was Neku's turn to look confused when Joshua shifted his gaze away and to the ground.

"If I didn't feel bad about it; even the slightest bit of sadness, guilt, or remorse; if I didn't feel anything for you, I wouldn't have come back to talk, Neku. It was an... unforeseen miscalculation on my part."

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